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Friday, January 15, 2016

Pre-school Prep.

Big girls go to school.
Big girls can open their lunch containers.

...but my little baby is just barely two, and this mama worries about her not being able to open her lunch containers!

Okay, seriously....I really did worry about this, and I wanted it to be easy on her teachers... So, we started in June working on lunch containers for the end of August/September start to Mother's Day Out.
Worry wart? Maybe.
I prefer to think of it as---pre-school prep. ....and I'm pretty sure that the pre-school teachers would thank me for it.

We got these Sistema lunch boxes. The colored sides snap up to open, and down into place to lock the little boxes. Eliette can work them so they are PERFECT for toddlers. 
They are pthalate and BPA free, so that's good, right???

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