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Monday, June 06, 2016

2016 School Softball Game!

Well, I last posted about the 2015 school softball game.
Ummm.... #beyondbehind.

I will say this: at the 2016 softball game, there was no silent auction. What they had: spirit sales, and the 3rd grade class made sales and gave all of the profits to Gage's organization.  $290 from the 3rd grade class to Gage's nonprofit. How awesome is that? ....oh, and did I mention that he's not a 3rd grader? His schoolmates are so awesome.

We as adults can get so jaded about life and the world around us. We see the news and our political choices and lose our sense of optimism.... And then these kids come along with their genuine positivity and hope for the future. They have big ideas and no stifling limits or perceptions to box in their creativity. How you can not have a renewed hope when you see this in children?

Kids rock.