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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2015 Spirit Softball Game.

Gage's school has a spirit softball game in the Spring/end of the school year. It's so fun!

And this past year, the event also hosted a silent auction, with all of the proceeds to benefit Gage's little friend, H, who is still battling leukemia. (That's not him pictured above. H is a precious little girl who was too ill to attend the event.)

The kids made and sold bracelets and hairaccessories to raise money for H's medical costs. It was amazing to see these kids rally for afr

 ...and there was a flash mob. Loved it!

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Mooooore Splashy Fun with Friends???

...and then this happened. Oh.soooo.tired on the way home. We had a whole conversation about her napping once we got home. She never once opened her eyes. "No nap. Not nap." Sweet baby girl....


SprayPark Fun.

Oh that little tutu swimsuit. My mommy heart wishes it would just fit forever.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

We have a little girl...

She was so teeny tiny when she got here, and got smaller still. Then she grew...and grew. Now, as I type this, the picture above is about 6 months old, and all I hear these days are "she's gotten so tall." She's growing so fast. She's this perfect mess of crazy curls, dimple knuckles, sweet kisses, sweeter voice still, confidence, sass and giggle-y giggles. She's so much more than we could have dreamed of for our family, and we are just all in love.

We have a little girl.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Pre-school Prep.

Big girls go to school.
Big girls can open their lunch containers.

...but my little baby is just barely two, and this mama worries about her not being able to open her lunch containers!

Okay, seriously....I really did worry about this, and I wanted it to be easy on her teachers... So, we started in June working on lunch containers for the end of August/September start to Mother's Day Out.
Worry wart? Maybe.
I prefer to think of it as---pre-school prep. ....and I'm pretty sure that the pre-school teachers would thank me for it.

We got these Sistema lunch boxes. The colored sides snap up to open, and down into place to lock the little boxes. Eliette can work them so they are PERFECT for toddlers. 
They are pthalate and BPA free, so that's good, right???

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Front Yard Fun...

Oh, the Summer months brought outdoor sunshiney fun.

Why so few pics of Gage? Several reasons... he's getting older and more independent. He's able to branch out and get farther away from home and the lens of Mommy's camera. He's getting older and doesn't want his every detail of life shared with the world. This mama respects that. The day to day living of life and using this blog to keep up with friends and family---and because they ask me to keep posting and keeping a history of our little life...well, that is what keeps me coming back here to record the memories and share the memories and experiences. So...yeah. Here they are. If you notice less pics with him in them---just know that it's not because I love him less.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Itty Bitty Piggies

Cutest itty-bitty-pigtails I ever did see....

(May 2015)


Birthday Party Fun...

Who wants pizza and cake and trampoline fun? I do, I do!

Dodgeball is always a hit with these boys...

Why are all the pictures so blurry? Because these kids are FAST!
Oh, they had a blast.
Good times.... but these boys are growing up so fast!

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