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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pool Fun

Yes, we have a pool. Still, the kids like to go to the neighborhood pool at times. The kiddie pool there is perfect for Eliette, and so every now and again---we just go.

Spring 2015 pics....

 ...and clearly swimming calls for snacking. "Blueberries, get in my mouf!"

It was Spring and a little chilly, but everyone had fun.

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Field Day, Spring 2015

This boy LOVES Field Day.

Oh, good times.... If he could just stay little....get no bigger, and get no older. Time, please stand still! 

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Eliette's 2nd Birthday

Eliette's 2nd Birthday was a crazy-big party.
Did we go overboard?

Bounce House, Face Painting, Carriage Rides... It was awesome. It was a GREAT day! 

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Pipe Cleaners for the Win.


Mother's Day 2015

We visited Gammy for a bit on Mother's Day, 2015.

Yes, that's a terrible picture of me. I don't care. My Gammy is in it. That makes it better.

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Spring Camping.

So, last Spring, there was a camping trip. Not too far away. No girls allowed.

There are exactly three pictures of the event.
Because that's how these guys roll.
From what I hear, they had a WONDERFUL time.

So, speaking of wonderful things and kids and camping---have you guys heard of the "Every Kid in a Park" Program? for more information. Basically, it's a way to get our students and their families to experience the National Parks for FREE!


Petite Picasso.

We call this one "Toddler Pride." 
One day last Spring, Eliette found a marker. I saw that she colored all over herself. I cleaned up her hands, mouth, & chin. I saw no other damage....until I did. 
"Eliette, did you do that?"
She then perched herself up on the window seat and said, "cheeeeeese." She was so proud of her little self. 

Oh dear. 
Hot Mess Eliette. 


TXCRH Egg Hunt 2015

Oh, how we love to go to the TXCRH (Texas Center for Reproductive Health) Egg Hunt every year. How fitting, right? Hunting eggs.... Okay, I'll stop.

When you go through infertility, you are tested in so many ways. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, your marriage and relationships with others are or can be tested or stressed... It's just a hard time.

These people were so supportive, and so kind, and we are so very appreciative of how they've helped us. It's wonderful to go back!

Left pic: 2013, Right pic: 2015

We love Dr.M!

And we LOVE Dr. Juan C-P (as I call him)!
Eliette looks so serious in this next picture...

It's such a wonderful day for the children. We are so grateful to TXCHR for what they helped us achieve.

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