Life Is Just So Daily

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I've got some thoughts.

I'm soooooo behind in blogging.
Like crazy behind.

So, my mom says, "just write anything! You don't have to go in order! I miss your blog."

So, here it is.
What's on my mind?
Nothing world-changing, I assure you.

I've been thinking about the Sylvanian Family toys that I had when I was little. I loved this little animal set. Loved them.
So now they have "Calico Critters." They look the same. Are they the same? I don't know. Am I seriously googling this stuff? Yes. Yes, I am. So, I google Sylvanian Family bc that's what I loved as a kiddo.
This a UK thing now?
Shipping on this stuff is going to be crazy expensive.
{Megan or anyone else going to the UK any time soon? I'll take a Sylvanian family, home, some little critter furniture, but nothing too know, choking hazards and all. Sister has recently swallowed a coin. Dont' worry---she made change.}

So, back in 1980-something when I was playing with the Sylvanian Family, I had a little critter house that was similar to this:

Well, let me show you how these little rodents are living these days:
The Jeffersons aint got nothin' on them!
They are clearly moving on up in the world!

I've debated about whether or not she would like something like this. Would she? I don't know...she seems to be more about princess dresses and Nerf guns. She wants to shoot "bad guys" just as soon as her nails are dry.

I had fun just looking at all of the little critter homes and beach houses and schools, and cars and furniture. Back in the 80s, they were lucky to have a tiny log cabin in the woods and some wooden log stools to sit on. Sure, they had the primitive furnishings, but they were just barely domesticated back then. Now they're chasing the dream, aren't they? Storing up Earthly treasures instead of hoarding nuts for the winter. I'm afraid their greed will lead them to their own peril, and now I've just sucked all of the fun out of these little toys.

In less than a minute all of that ran through my head.

I think she'll get a princess dress and a Nerf gun for Christmas.