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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dress Up!

Dress Up with Mommy:
Dress Up with Daddy:
(Sweet Daddy, hamming it up to entertain Sister....)

Dress Up with Brother:


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This is how we do....

This is how we do: Costco
 This is how we do: Sesame Street

This is how we do: ALL DAY LONG. (And this is why I don't get much done, folks! The blue in these next two pics: my skirt. The gray in the two after that: my skirt.)

(No, that's not a very flattering image/angle of my don't care. She's playing peek-a-boo with Mommy. Sweet girl...)

This is how we do: Hugs

"I got you, suckah!"

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And Then What Happened???

So much, that's what!

Still playing catch up.... Only a month or two behind.

This Summer, there was PLENTY of swimming. I'm sure Gage would beg to differ. He would be in the pool 24/7 if we'd let him! He LOVES having a pool right in our own backyard. It's hard to believe that we've had it for two Summers now. It's like I don't even count last Summer because Eliette was born in May....and well....those first few months were not about swimming in my memories....

This Summer? Lots-o-swimmin'! 

Best thing we did for peace of mind: locking gate between patio area and pool area. Sister swims and then gets tired of it, and this is a great place to still watch Brother, but focus on blowing bubbles or playing with other toys...

 Fun with friends....
 Eliette---carrying goggles like a purse. She's just so fancy....
 "You already know...."

 "Donald Trump ain't got nothin' on me!"
(Not a good look, Sister.... But, you're so young that we will let the comb over slide for now...)

There was some non-pool fun too....

She has one of these swings on the front porch, and she got another one for her birthday. Now, she has one on the back porch too. Love it!

This child of mine: yes, she just might wear a tiara out to pick up the newspaper...

 And she thinks that every small flat surface is her own personal stage. She's a mess.....

She's dancing in that some-what blurry picture above.

So....there are some more pics from July 2014. Did I type "a month behind"????? More like two. Whatever....

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summertime Baseball World Series....

Gage played in his first World Series for baseball this past Summer. Yes, I'm that behind on blogging. And because I'm behind, this is basically going to be a photo-dump kind of session b/c I can no longer remember the game-by-game play-by-play recap to provide.

On Day 1, you check in. They INTERVIEW the boys based on information on the player's original-raised-seal birth certificate. It's pretty hard core.
"What's your mother's name?"
I love it! Haaaa!

This is some guy....some batting guy.... idk---I think he has a batting coaching company or something. He was a celebrity or quasi-celebrity. I have no idea. Gage knew who he was and wanted his pic with him. Okay..... {Hey, quasi-celebrity, if you see yourself here and get offended, lo siento.}

Mommy brought the spirit wear/spirit gear. My inner cheerleader was all over it....
:) Eliette and I clearly had to try on our headbands and practice cheering.

Gage even lightened up a bit and wore the go-team glasses. {Mommy's antics are proving to be a bit juvenile for his tastes these days.... whatever! We are making memories here!!!!! Though, in the future he may recall these memories as, "Remember that time you embarrassed me by....." }

The coach for our team starts and ends every game with a prayer. I love that.

Game play pics....

 Last day, last game. He was EXHAUSTED from playing several games a day for days....
Sweet boy. I LOVE the above pic of us. You're 8years old in this picture. I love it. I love you. I love that I can still hold you, even though you're about 2/3 of my size. I will scoop you up and pick you up as long as I can. I will carry you physically when I can, and emotionally forever! I am so thankful that God blessed me with you, and I am trying my best every day to guide and shape you into the person that you are, and the person you are to be....I try so very hard to raise you up to be a kind and generous person. I love you beyond measure! You make me so very proud so often. I can hardly ask for more, right??? Love you, Buddy.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The last bit of the beach....

{I use the term "beach" but it was hard to find much sand with all the seaweed on shore... But hey---we made the most of it!}

This picture above: I just love it. It's so very her. "Wait for me, Daddy. Wait for me, Brother. I want to go too."

This next picture? So very him.

 My handsome, adventurous boy!

{Look! Eliette's SMILING on the beach! I hardly remember this even happening. It was short lived, I can assure you.}

And that, my friends, is the end of the 2014 road trip from Dallas to San Antonio to Galveston to home.
The next morning we packed up and checked out and headed home. There was another stop at Buc-ees, and I remember a stop for Cinnabon. Then, we were home! While it's fun to go and see other places, it's also good to climb into bed at HOME!

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