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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Road Trip..... (San Antonio this time.)

Around the end of June, beginning of July we all loaded up in the car and hit the road. In fact, it was the day after I drove solo to Austin, and returned home that same day. Then, the very next morning we loaded up and headed to San Antonio. This was actually an open-ended trip for us. We knew we wanted to start in San Antonio, but we were kind of planning and booking things as we went along... Weird, wild, and crazy bunch that we are....just flying by the seat of our pants!

We actually planned this part in advance, and started at the:

Let me tell you: My kids LOVED this place.

It's like a mini-Atlantis, right here in Texas. It's cheaper to get there, and cheaper to stay there, and it's cleaner and the staff is friendlier. I'm just sayin'.... {as a general rule, I've determined that the Bahamas just ain't my place to begin with.}

Anyway....this resort has swimming pools for just adults, down to swimming pools for the wee-ones. There are slides and lazy rivers. There are outdoor fire places and smores to be made over a big fire pit. There are lawns or quads for lazer tag, soccer matches, or live bands. It was just a LOT of fun. Not to even mention the gorgeous golf course that we overlooked from our balcony. So nice. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Gage and Eliette even enjoyed playing in  the pack-n-play there in the room. Goof-balls. We were all just glad that everyone was in a good mood!

That night, there was even some live music, dancing, and soccer on the lawn....our little family had a blast.

So, now that I've sufficiently gone on & on about this place, let me admit the error of my ways: I only booked us for one night at this hotel. Then, I moved us to a different hotel on the night that we spent between day trips to Sea World & then Fiesta Texas. I thought, there will be just too much stimulation after a long day at these other attractions.
I should have: just booked 3-4 days at this resort and we could have just blown off Sea World & Fiesta Texas. Gage and Eliette would have been JUST fine with that.
I'll know better for next time!

Tales from Fiesta Texas and Sea World coming soon....

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6/29: Road Trip!

At the end of June, I hit the road solo heading to the Austin area for Baby Sammy's shower. So fun, so glad that I went, and I was so excited Liz & Kevin! {I still am excited, but Baby Sammy's here now, so it's a different excitement. :) Welcome, beautiful Baby Sammy!} I'm so sad that I didn't photograph every detail of this shower. Everything was sooooo perfect.

Yay for Baby Sammy!
Yay for Mommy & Daddy!

And---either there or on the way home, I spotted a cool car for Gage. When you're the mom of a little dude who is very into cars, you do this: you snap pics of cars on the road just to show them. They love it.
Even now---I don't know what kind of car that is.
I don't know.
I don't care.
But I know that he knows, and I know that he cares, and it scores me points! Woohooo!


Fairy wings in every color...

Thanks to Target, this gal has fairy wings in every color! {Well, three color schemes, anyhow...and that's all they offered. She's got 'em all.} She randomly goes to her room and points to them and wants them on. I happily oblige, and she will wear them for hours. Sweet girl...


6/7/14: Busted!

Eliette, get out of the freezer!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boys Rock.

Being the mom to this handsome little devil just rocks!

"Mom, you'll never find the sniper."

Took me hours, but later in the day----I found him.
{Pics from June 2014. Still playing catch up.}


Monday, August 18, 2014

Lake Trip (The End)

Our final morning at the lake was misty.... but of course, there was a bit more fishing....

And this little cutie was all around and somehow into everything!

We had to pack up....and clean up....and head out.
This was the end to our FABULOUS lake house weekend....
{Not pictured: PawPaw & Darnin}

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lake Trip (Part Two)

The second day of our lake trip started with, "Is it time to go fishing yet?"
"No, not yet."

"Will you take us fishing now?"
"No, not yet."

"What about now?"
"No, it's time for breakfast."

And then, yes----it was time for fishing!

While the rest of us were fishing at the dock, Eliette was under the watchful eyes of her grandparents....
 Aaaaand, THIS guy:
 She was happily playing "Olympic Jumping Girl" with her hoolahoop rings....until Mommy showed up.

Seriously---these looks she gives!
I am happy to report that she returned to her joyful little self rather quickly...

Messy face and a bumpy head. That's perfectly okay. We will take her any way she comes!
What a fun girl....

When the boat arrived, these boys were more than ready to head out on the lake.

Being on the boat took Little Miss from happy to sleepy in about 30 seconds...

Otherwise, there were smiles all around!

It was a great little outing on the lake. We came back, rested a bit, a little lunch, & swam a bit....

Then we headed back out on the boat....

So much fun. We were all so tired though....
After that, we had a great steak dinner, and I believe we all turned it in pretty early that night....after smores of course. Made in the microwave.

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