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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some-Bunny Loves the Trampoline!

Twas the night before Easter and all through the house---nobody was home b/c we were all out!
...and over with friends, enjoying their back patio and trampoline. Eliette LOVED the trampoline.

I look at these pictures and I absolutely cannot believe how this year has just flown by, and I'd give just about anything to live it all over again. ....even the rough parts.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fertility Family...and Baby Reunion!

Well...this was our second time to attend our fertility clinic's egg hunt and baby reunion. Hallelujah! It was wonderful. It *is* wonderful to be a part of this every year.

We are forever grateful to our two doctors (Dr.Marynick and Dr.Juan Correa-Perez) and their staff. Love them, Love them, Love them! LOVE that they host this every year.

{Above, that's all of us with Dr. M (Reproductive Endocrinologist), then E with Dr.Juan CP (Embryologist, aka: the baby whisperer) & then E with Dr.M's wife. E didn't want to let go! She gave her lots of hugs.}

With Jami, the Rock Star Nurse...

Oh, we had such a great time. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the chalk welcome, and all of the names and birth dates of the many babies they've helped to grow... I got E's on there!
Each year at the egg hunt, they have crafts, food, bounce houses, a DJ, contests/games, a little train & a petting zoo. It's so much fun for the little ones. There is even a princess walking around. Eliette wasn't too sure about her....

In this next picture---just check out that glare. Oh my goodness! I know that she's just really focused on dancing, but truly, it looks like she is so mad!

Oh, here's that sweetness we know & love!
There was so much to do, and Gage had a BALL with these {pun intended}.

We all rode the little train...Daddy's so tall that I was surprised he fit!

The grounds there at the Landry Center are so nice and we just couldn't help but snap a few pictures...

It wasn't long before it was time to gather for the hunt. Damon and I both wanted to be the one to help Eliette hunt for eggs for her very first Easter. We were discussing it, and I informed him that *I* wanted to do it. Of course, so did he. So, I had to point out, "Well, you got to hold her first when she was born." He said, "you held her for 9 months!" And that's when Gage chimed in, "I want to show her how to get the eggs." ...and so it was settled: Brother would be the one.

Waiting with Daddy for the hunt to begin...

So, Brother was going to be the one to help, until it was ACTUALLY time for the egg hunt. By then he couldn't be slowed down by a little sister who could barely walk, much less run. He was at the front of the group, and made a dash for the eggs as soon as it was time. I can practically read Eliette's thoughts in the above picture: "Yes, I'm very aware that you've left me behind with Mom and Dad {gasp!}."
Anyway, please know that there are few pics of Gage hunting for eggs because he was super-speedy and darting about.

"So, we pick things up, and put them in the basket?"
"Yes. That's the general concept."
"Great. Got it. Here's a leaf and a stick, and a bug, and what's that? A gum wrapper?"
She got 3 eggs and then wanted to pick up EVERYTHING. Then she'd dump her basket out and pick up the same three eggs again and again. Our egg hunt could have lasted all day!

Gage was pretty pleased with himself, but as the hunt was winding down, he saw that some of the smaller kiddos didn't have as many eggs as a lot of the bigger kiddos. So, with little prompting, he took some of his eggs and started tossing them out here and there for the little ones to find again. It was very, very, very sweet. Big kisses to that one, for sure!

It was just a wonderfully fun event. It's only our second time to attend, but we plan to go every year for as long as we can! Last year we had a wonderful time, but I was pregnant and anxious to meet Eliette. This year, not only was she here, but to be already walking and dancing and hunting eggs...I just don't think we had really thought about how far we would have come in a year when we were attending this in 2013. Life is just so....different. It's just so very different now.
Last year with Dr.Marynick...
(and please note that I still had 6 or 7 weeks to
go in this pregnancy. That belly got BIGGER.)
This year with Dr.Marynick...
 Last year...
 Gage last year...
This year...

 As I said...our life is just different now. The egg hunt was awesome, has always been awesome for us, and we are already looking forward to attending next year's event!

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