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Monday, December 30, 2013

Black Friday 2013

This was Eliette's FIRST Black Friday ever!

Did I take her out shopping? Of course....
"Hello, Northpark? You remember Eliette...."

{Sorry for the poor quality of the iphone pics. It's just the price we pay sometimes for the convenience of it all...}

All that shopping left this one a bit tuckered out...
{Thank you, God, for this sweet little being. I am just so in love with her. I could watch her sleep for hours. I could stare at a picture of her sleeping for hours!  When she is with her brother, I could listen to them laugh for the rest of my life...Thank you, thank you, and a million times thank you!}


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day, 2013

Sweet girl was ready to rock her turkey bow and get the party started...
Mommy on the other hand was tired! The day before I cooked all day and I cooked the morning of Thanksgiving as well. What all did I prepare? Dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, green beans with almonds, and mashed potatoes. Damon made the turkey.
We were spending the day with Damon's family, but seeing as I'm still on this MSPI diet for Eliette, I had to make all of my own food so that it wouldn't be contaminated with any dairy/beef/soy. It was a freaking BEATING to cook all of that and take care of 2 kids!

Pictures from the day....

Eliette was spoiled like crazy! Everyone wanted to hold her and feed her and entertain her. Gage? He didn't even want to be photographed! {That's his current phase...that's why his little face is is lacking from this blog! He will NOT participate like this mommy wants him to. It's hit or miss with him these days....}

We headed over to see my dad and his wife after lunch. My newest little brother was juuuuuuust about to be born....
"Check it! Little Bro on the way!!!!!"
I tell is just kind of crazy, right? I'm 35 years old and I've got two little brothers who aren't even in Kindergarten yet! Yes, life is kind of crazy. Crazy, but it works. We're like the real Modern Family.

Saw my Gammy briefly....hung out....went for a walk....Baby Chris and Gage played cars....then we headed home...

Oh! And we grabbed a newspaper on the way home: needed to see those Black Friday ads!

Yes, I AM one of those crazies who headed out on Thanksgiving night. I nursed the baby, kissed Gage's head, and headed out. I was in line at Ulta when the store opened. Why??? Because my FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner were listed as a smoking hot doorbuster. Doors opened at 8pm. At 8:03, I was checked out and heading back to my car.... Hot dog!!!!
That's one of my Thirty-One bags. It's actually sooooo full of shampoo and conditioner, that I could barely carry it. That's how I knew I had my limit: it was literally all I could carry.
That's happiness in a bag, my friends....

So that was it. That was our Thanksgiving. I was in bed by...10:30? 11? Not super late by any means!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013--School Style.

Yes, well the above pictures are from the school's version of a holiday feast...
Gage decided he'd be better suited to stick with what he knows...

This sweet boy was sooooooo excited that his mom and sister came for lunch. Or rather, he was excited that his mom gave his sister a ride up to the school so that he could snuggle her and show her off. I am sooo not kidding. As in love with her as we are (as parents), he matches that love for her, and he raises us a handful of giggles! 

Clearly, I had to make sure his sister was all dolled up for the occasion. 
She wore her cute Carter's turkey outfit and hat...

I think I'll just let his smile speak for him....

He loves's just that simple.
I think she's pretty smitten too.
...but all of that 'being cute and fun' takes a toll on a girl! wears a little girl out!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

What does the fox say?



Ahhhhhh, home!

So, the Bahamas trip came to an end, and it was just nice to get back home to our little one...While we enjoyed time away just the 3 of us, it was nice to be back home and complete again.

I have a fun little giggle video of Daddy, G & E from that night too....

Daddy gave Eliette a little bell from our trip. He's given her a bell from a previous trip, and so that's his new little thing with her...she'll get bells. Gage gets snow globes, and Eliette will get bells.

Sweet girl....she loves bells!

And I nursed her that night and almost cried because it was so wonderful to be home, feeding her, and free from the pump!

...and I appreciated every minute of it.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Bahama Mama: Part IV

I've got to seriously get this blog caught up and current!

I'm about to wrap up our Bahama trip....and I may end up leaving some details out.... but, just know that Gage said it was the best vacation ever, and the slides were amazing, and I had a really hard time being away from Eliette and pumping for that long!

(That picture above...oh, I just love it. I hate that it's kind of blurry, but I still love it...)

We headed into town one afternoon while there...
We saw this lovely church...

We also enjoyed the Pirates of Nassau Museum...

And we visited Pompey Square....
It was wonderful to incorporate a history lesson in a place that was significant to the lesson.

(Pompey was a 32 year old slave who led a rebellion.)  Pompey Square is now a tourist attraction in Nassau.

This is where I must leave you for now....
Nap time only lasts so I right!?!?

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