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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Tease...

{REAL TIME POST! Woohoooo! Yes, I'm soooo far behind in blogging....but onto more pressing issues....}

What will Eliette be for Halloween???

...will she be a witch?

{Are you a good witch, or a bad witch!?} about a little monster zombie baby???

..."Mommy's Little Pumpkin?"

..."Bat Girl?"

...a skeleton?

Clearly, around here we consider Halloween a season, not just a one-day event.
So what will she be on Halloween night???
I'm not telling!

(Wondering about what Gage will be??? Yes, well, us too. Twas the night before Halloween, and Gage remained undecided. He had a hard time choosing what to wear, but he was still quite excited! He no longer goes along with whatever get-up Mommy assigns... so there's that. So opinionated these days! Where on Earth did he get that!?)

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Monday, October 28, 2013

9/7: Girls Night Out!

So....Eliette attended her first GNO (Girls Night Out) with Mommy back in September. {She kind of had to because of her food intolerances and the fact that I was working on a super strict elimination diet and not enough MSPI friendly breast milk at home to feed her. So, for quite a while there, Eliette went everywhere Mommy went. Lucky both of us!}

Girls Night Out....whatever shall she wear!?

We decided on this exciting number... {Thank you, Thank you to Kelly for the fabulous over-the-top bow. It was so much fun.}
"Girl, everyone is just going to LOVE this bow!"

So....we all met up at Bistro N. I had the salad. BOR-ING. If you go there, don't bother with a salad. Get something else...anything else, and add a side of fries. Their fries and dipping sauce are amazing. Tera and Leslie swear by the lobster or crab mac & cheese.... They have very good food...
Pics from the evening out....


...and of course we had to do a little shopping after that... Can you BE at Northpark and not shop?? I don't want to think about just seems wrong.

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β€œIt's all in the mind.”
― George Harrison


You're damn right it's all in the mind.
I'm just sayin'.


School Open House....

Shortly after school started this year, Gage's school had the meet-the-teacher-open-house type thing... SOMEONE couldn't keep quiet while in the classroom hearing about all of the exciting 2nd grade activities, and she had to be taken out into the hall....

As you can see, it didn't phase this little chatterbox, and she actually looks quite pleased with herself. Oh boy.... the school years are going to be fun!

Gage is a fabulous student with regard to ability and grades, but he doesn't want to be there at school. He goes because it's required by law that he get some kind of education. His favorite parts of school: recess, lunch, & library. {At least we have ONE thing in there that's somewhat academic!}

After the presentations, he got to hit the playground... Check out this new piece of playground equipment that I've dubbed "The Kid Flinger."

...and you know what??? They love it! Kids....

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Sweet girl!!!!

More September Pics.... {I'll get caught up one of these days!}


Just a random Tuesday....9/3/13

Pictures from just a random day at the Casa de Lainey Paney....
These pics were actually from 9/3/13.

We spend a little time playing.... This is Eliette and "G." {G is for giraffe!}

 {Nom Nom Nom!!! I'll eat your face off, G!}
 {Who saw that???}

How else do we spend our time???
Doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get this doll to nap. She's rather spoiled with regard to napping, and she generally gets what she wants.... She sleeps best on Mommy or Daddy's chest.

....and in the afternoon, we go get Brother from school. Oh, she loves her brother....
....and he loves her. We are so lucky!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Swimming with friends...

Several times this Summer Gage got to have some friends over for swimming. Ahhh, the good times for this little guy!
{who happens to be growing bigger and stronger every day!}

 Little Miss Eliette hangs in the shade....

Oh, it was a lot of fun!
(Pics from 9/8/13)

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