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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gage's School Journal

Gage brought this home from school. He'd been working on it at school. I thought it was interesting that he has Allen's name on the day they wrote about Valentine's Day. I suppose it was because Allen's birthday is 2/12, and Valentine's Day is 2/14. I suppose he was putting the two together since his birthday was right at Valentine's Day.

I just thought that was sweet.

His little writing.... he would rather write quickly and be done with it than patiently make each letter neatly. That's just him. On the go. Ready for the next thing. {wonder where he gets that???}

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Coolest/Dumbest Mom Ever.

"Gage, do you want to make smores in the microwave?"
{Yes, Mommy. That sounds like a lot of fun. Goopy marshmallow cream? Sign me up! You're the coolest!}
"Gage, why don't I serve this sticky treat to you in the living room. Would you like that?"
{Sure, Mommy. You're tops!}

WTF was I thinking?

Laine: 0.
Smores: 1.


Why I Quit Working Full Time

To spend more time with my kiddo.
To go to his school and volunteer, and do stuff like this: making our t-shirts for Field Day.

How lucky am I?

When they were dry (the next day), the kids brought them home in their backpacks.
I imagine the other kids (mostly the girls) folding them nicely and placing them in their bags.
My son?
Not so much.
It was a wadded up mess when I pulled it out of the bag.
Boys! ...but we love 'em, right???

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Our dinner, his dinner.

Gage is a big fan of the divided plate. As am I. I don't like for my food to touch unless they are things in my mind that go together. Some people just pile up a plate of this, that, & the other. Me? Not so much. But in the above photos---you can see: in my mind, the broccoli beef belongs on the rice. So that's okay.

In offering new things to Gage---we split it all up. He has: spring roll, beef, plain rice, rice with soy sauce, and broccoli. Needless to say---he hated the broccoli {because he seems to hate all veggies except green beans}. The soy sauce rice was "okay." That's about it. I think he had about 2-3 bites of the steamed rice. Everything else: he tried and didn't like it. He liked the spring rolls without the goodies inside. That's a crispy fried treat, eh? Just the fried part. Niiiiiiice.

On the up side: he's trying new things! Whooohooooo!!!!

School Lunch.

One day, before school was out for Summer break---I popped into the school to surprise Gage for lunch. It was a last minute decision on my part...on a day when my heart was heavy, and I needed a break from crying. Clearly, this little guy is my smile-maker. He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. He loves me on my good days and bad. And I love him more!

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Another Playground....

Gage likes playing on playgrounds. {What 6 year old doesn't!?}
We had our t-ball practice at a neighborhood park that wasn't our own. It was right next to the most perfect playground. Lots of trees, lots of shade, lots of fun!

Gage has decided that this summer, we are going to map out all of the playgrounds and parks in our town, and hit them all.

Won't that be fun?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Night

Gage, even still, I don't get tired of watching you sleep.
Hot natured during your sleep? YES!
Grind your teeth in your sleep? YES!
{...and that's going to be a problem, we already know.}
Sleep walk? Yes, on occassion.
When did that start? At the start of Kindergarten.
{story about that: I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard you crying. While in bed, I should have heard you crying from my left. Instead, I heard you crying from my right. Whaaat? I got up to investigate. I got to the living room and heard you crying---from the backyard. The back door was open. I found you standing in the backyard---crying. Just crying...and standing alone in the middle of the backyard. I walked you inside and we went to Mommy's bed. You climbed in, and I didn't hear another peep. The very next day: top latch-locks to all of the doors heading outside. Oh, it freaked us out! You could have gone out the front door!}
The sleepwalking has not happened for a while now.
And you meet the suggested age for sleeping on the top bunk.
So now---randomly, you will decide to sleep up there.

Anyhow....I still love to watch you sleep.
...and I still marvel at how fast you are growing up. 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Awarded for "Outstanding Character"

That's me & Gage, at his celebratory breakfast at his school. He was chosen as one of two students from his class to be recognized for having "Outstanding Character."
Could Mommy & Daddy possibly be more proud of him?

Gage can be such a creature of habit, or timid about going to other areas of the school outside of the normal routine. So, I took him into the library on the morning of the big breakfast (5/15). He was so excited, and he sat at a table with another kindergartener, and 2 first graders. Only two students from each class were selected, so it was a pretty small group. Gage was elated to be selected.

...and might I just point out to people who have known Gage for years: can you believe that this is the same child who used to shy away from people/crowds/cows/anything that moves?

He has truly, truly come so far from the shy little guy he used to be.

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"I can tie my shoes." by Gage

 Sweet boy, you learned to tie your shoes on 5/14/2012. You were so proud of yourself, and you thought you'd NEVER get it. .....but you did. 
{And Daddy: thank you for teaching Gage in a way that finally clicked with him....despite Mommy's best efforts! You are either a better teacher, or you just knew a way that Gage's brain would make sense of quickly. Me? Well, I tried. ....repeatedly. Thank you, Daddy, for teaching him!}

He repeated the process later that night, as he got his outfit ready for his important breakfast on 5/15. {To note, he laid out the & all. Morning of the breakfast, he chose a faded Toy Story t-shirt to wear. Go figure.}


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank You, Jessica{W}

Oh, Jessica, thank you so much for sending me these pictures when you did. What a comfort to my soul. In my mind, this is how I see him....and if I could go back in time and relive just more one more day as his Nana when he was this little...Oh, what I would give for that....