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Monday, August 22, 2011

Savoring the small things....

Today was quite a day....for me.
Gage seemed to do just fine.
Me? I cried more than I expected to.

I truly didn't expect to cry.
Wedding day: thought I'd cry. I didn't.
Gage's birth: thought I'd cry. I didn't.
First day of Kindergarten: thought I wouldn't cry. I did.

The crying began on Sunday, when I sat in the living room, sharpening Gage's #2 pencils. You know---the required #2 pencils. They do not come sharpened, so I had to sharpen them. My mind just started thinking about his little hands, holding those pencils that I sharpened for him, and writing letters, and building words, and then I was crying. He's just growing up so fast.

Monday morning came. I was fine.
Gage told me on Sunday night that he wanted bacon & pancakes for breakfast. What Baby wants, Baby gets. So, there I was at 6am about to cook up this big ol' breakfast. For those of you who really know me----this is a monumental task that I was ready & willing to do for this child. He woke up, and his tummy was "yuck." This coming from the kid who previously told me that he was NOT going to school. When I assured him that he was & that I was going to bring him to school on August 22nd, just like all of the other boys & girls, he promptly informed me, "Well, I won't get out of the car." {I thought to myself: Great. I'm going to be THAT mother who uses her foot to slide the wee-one out of the car and then peeeeeeels out of the school parking lot, letting the door slam as I go. That's my future.} initial reaction to his "tummy is yuck" comment was to think: Oh, here we go. He's going to pull that 'I'm sick, I can't go to school routine.' And then I thought a bit more about it, and I truly believe that it was just nerves. He was nervous! He refused to eat anything for breakfast, & so there it was: I was THAT mother who sent her kid to school with no breakfast. {...if you haven't noticed, THAT mother's a real f*ck up.}

Gage agreed to drink some chocolate milk for me.
He took his vitamins & took a bath.

He was ready to go & so was I.
...or so I thought.

Pictures from our morning...

And then we left for school.
I teared up driving down our street, but I didn't really cry.

We drive to the school. I park the car. We get out. We get the backpack, the lunchbox, the water bottle, the supplies, and the camera. Gage agreed to let me take a picture of him at his desk. I was consciously aware of the fact that his agreement with this will not last for years to come. As long as I can still get away with it, I'm going to.

So, we approach the school, which to me suddenly looks HUGE. My baby? He suddenly looks SO.SMALL. Like the school is going to somehow lose him. It's going to gobble him up.

We get to the door.
Super-Energetic-Greeter-Guy is at the door. He's probably a teacher or coach or something. I dunno. I'm new here. He's wearing a badge {not that I read it because hey, we've clearly identified me as THAT mother} and a school shirt, so he must belong, right?
"Hey man! Are you super excited about starting school!?!" (you could practically see him fighting back the urge to pull some air guitar moves.)
{that above space: intentionally left blank. fill it with silence.}
Now addressing me, "What? Isn't he excited?"
Me: "Not as excited as you are."

And then we moved right along into the building.
And that's when it happened. My sweet & savory moment. This huge moment that just HIT me, and it was so sweet, and so subtle, and I just want to remember it forever.

We entered this hallway, where I swear the walls were five times taller than my child. We found ourselves in a sea of shiny white sneakers. Gage switched his lunchbox from his right hand to his left, and he reached for my hand. He was quiet, and looking ahead, but he reached for me. He suddenly seemed so small and vulnerable in this huge elementary school, and he reached for me. He needed me. And in a split second, I looked down at that little hand in mine, and I thought back to the day he was born: he had little-old-man-hands. He wasn't born with those fat fingers. Those little dents that go in at the knuckles on baby hands? No. Not him. He had these long, skinny, old man wrinkly hands, and they were just Gage. Just perfect. So tiny, and yet, so perfectly formed. And now his hands are so much bigger and just so'little boy.' But, he took my hand, and he led me down the hall directly to his classroom. He knew where he was supposed to go, and when we got there, he let go of my hand. He opened his locker and got right to work unloading supplies, putting away his lunch and finding his seat.

Gage & his teacher, Ms.P

He allowed a photo.
He allowed a hug.
He did not allow a kiss.
None of that matters because the best part of my day was when he reached for my hand, and I was there. I just want to savor every moment of it.
After our 'goodbye,' I walked down the hall out of the building. I walked to my car which was hard to find though mascara & tears. I was suddenly overwhelmed myself with these emotions that I didn't expect to have. I was just in awe of this small hand-holding moment, when I knew that Gage needed me to help him navigate the unfamiliar, he trusted me, and I was wholly present in that moment to soak it all in. I am just so appreciative of this memory.

Gagie, I love you beyond measure.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


This little boy starts kindergarten tomorrow.

I can't believe it.

Wish us all luck.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4th of July, Part 6.

After all these posts, you are probably thinking that 4th of July was like the holiday that wouldn't end, right??? Well, lucky us because it really was a long, fun-filled weekend!

We went out on the boat 4th of July night, and took Chris with us.
The down side? The marina was COMPLETELY out of gas!
We didn't take gas with us because we thought we'd be able to fill up the boat at the marina. Stupid, stupid, stupid! So, I drive to the gas station to buy a gas tank & some gas. It was almost $15 for a gas tank that wouldn't hold $15 worth of gas! thanks.

So, we just had to limit our lake-touring-tube-pulling fun.
There was a little tubing, a lot of swimming, and the night ended with fireworks. I'd say it was a hit!

Pics from the afternoon & evening....

And of fireworks.
I have to say, the pics are not nearly as good as the real thing, but for some reason---I can't help myself. I take pictures of them....

And THAT was the end of 4th of July 2011.

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4th of July, Part 5.


After the golf cart parade, we were invited to celebrate our friend Trey's birthday at his house. Little 4th of July baby! Ok...well, he's a grown man, but once upon a time he was a 4th of July baby!

My goodness, it was hot, but so much fun!!!

Trey & his beautiful wife, Annabeth...

Other pics from the party...

Oh, it was a good time!
After the party, we went home & rested up for the evening....

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4th of July Weekend, Continued! (Part 4)

Why, yes, this post is LONG overdue!

Every year, since Gage was a baby, we've gone to the little parade at the in-law's neighborhood. It's a celebratory golf cart parade for 4th of July. This year, Hubby's nephew, Chris joined us, along with Memaw & PaPa. Gage loves it because it means he always gets a bunch of candy. Good times.

It's always a fun time. Gage loves it.
Afterward, we went to Memaw's & Gage had fun playing with Chris & Memaw's dog, Happy.

It was a fun morning!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So ready....

...Ok, I've been a bad, bad, blogger!
Let me tell you: we are in the midst of painting Gage's room CAMO. It's labor-intensive & I'm a man down. That's right. Hubby's got tendonitis which means he is no help w/ regard to the task HE started.

I forgive him though.

I'm just READY for it to be DONE.

In the meantime, I am counting down the days until our vacation (ok, long weekend) HERE....

and here....

and here....

and here...

I need a vacation!!!!!
I'm just sayin'....

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Since I've recently posted about kid toy manufacturers:
"Now with 250 pieces!"
Sh*t like that printed on a box: Not so much of a selling point to THIS Little Mama. You print that on a package, and my brain deciphers it as "250 little things that you will probably step on, have to pick up yourself, and 1/2 of them will be lost in the first week, only to be found one at a time over the next 10 years" (& sometimes the abbreviated version of "You'll be picking this sh*t up for years").

I'm just sayin'....

And I also happen to believe that Legos should be made of metal, so that I can just run a hefty magnet over the carpet & general baseboard area of the playroom to gather them.
Just an idea....
...of course, then the mean little metal corners flying accross the room to the magnet...well, that's probably gonna hurt someone {me!} and I'd likely insist on a product recall...


Saturday, August 06, 2011

What I think: Not that you care.

Here's an email that I got from Fisher Price:

Voluntary Recall Information
Dear Fisher-Price Parents & Grandparents,

As a valued member of our email program, we’re contacting you directly with important information you may need to know. We’re voluntarily recalling the Little People® Builders Load ’n Go Wagon, in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada. We need to modify the wagon’s handle because children may be injured if they fall on it.

The affected wagon has a yellow handle and a Little People Builders decal on the side. You’ll find the product number – P8977 – on the underside of the wagon.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Because of our ongoing commitment to listening to consumer feedback and evaluating all of our products, we determined this corrective action was necessary.

If you have this product in your home, please stop using it and go to for assistance from our Consumer Relations Team and detailed information about how to order a free repair kit, or call Fisher-Price at 1-800-432-5437, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., E.T.

We’re committed to working hard to earn your continued support.


Your friends at Fisher-Price

* * * * * * *

Now, the part I particularly feel drawn to comment on: "because children may be injured if they fall on it." Really? You recall it because of that?
Gage has a rake designed for kid-use. I can assure you, we'd all get injured if we fell on it.
I commend Fisher Price in general for making toys that are attractive to kids: the annoying bright colors, brigt lights, blaring songs/sounds/noise that they make... And I commend their commitment to child safety.
I just happen to think that at times, things like product recalls because kids can fall on the item and that may hurt...well, I think it's kind of silly. Kids are going to fall.

The number one thing that's marketed to children & hurts like hell when you fall on them, step on them, swallow them, or are unfortunate enough to have thrown at you:

To the best of my knowledge, those little f*ckers haven't been recalled.

I'm just sayin'....


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Good Morning, Carol & Carol.

I got an email from Carol & Carol (coworkers at my old job, who I miss sooooo much!). They scolded me for not posting a picture of the shoes. I will do that. I've just been soooo busy!

So anyway....this morning, I'm "kickin' my shouts out" to my old morning crew: HEEEEEEEY!

When I googled the phrase "Good Morning Carol," the above picture came up. So Carols---Good Morning. This Bug's For You!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

4th of July Weekend...Part Three

We didn't boat EVERY day. We mixed it up a bit, but with this Texas heat, we had to incorporate water into the daily activities of the little ones. So, there was a lot of slippin' & slidin'. The boys had a BLAST!

And water in my weekend? Yes, I'll have mine frozen in a margarita. I 'help' Jessica decorate holiday cookies. Needless to say, when she opens her own bakery some day, I will NOT earn the position of a job in the kitchen area.

If you can't tell by the photo---I was already tired.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

4th of July Weekend....part Two.

Saturday morning called for more boating, right?
Boating requires a trip to the Bass Pro Shop, right?
{Ok, maybe not, but I LOVE the Bass Pro Shop so I try to work a trip in whenever I can. It's very odd that I would love that place....but I do. I love it.}

And clearly, the little ones love the place too.

If you haven't been to the Bass Pro Shop out here, they have this outdoor sandy area where the kids can play. I love that place too. Hubby doesn't have a lot of patience out there. It's sandy, it's hot, and it's not fun for him. But, that's okay. These guys LOVED it.

After that---tubing on the new tube.

Until the sun went down....

And then we headed home.
The fun photo?
Mommy's wind-blown boat hair.

{Yes, I am a fearless woman to post that picture on the internet. I don't care. I am who I am.}

So, that was 4th of July Weekend, Part Two. I'm telling you---we packed a LOT of fun into one holiday weekend. I still have so much more to blog about! And with blogging, I'm about a month behind. Ugh.... I'll catch up, I promise. I promise!

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