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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Fun Pumpkins....

Okay, so here are some of the Halloween Pumpkin submissions from a pumpkin contest at work...

{the inside of a pumpkin...x-ray style!}

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Face Plant....or rather, Knee Plant.

Yesterday, I fell.

I fell hard.

Scene: mother in law's driveway. I was wearing some really cute pants, a black sweater, and black boots. {yes, the details are important.}

Gage & I were playing a quick few rounds of "kickie ball", and I was trying to keep Gage's ball from rolling in the street. So, I ran to the side end of the driveway trying to catch up to the ball. The heel of my boot caught on the part of the driveway where it starts to form the curb with the street. AND I FELL. But no, I couldn't just fall....I had to land on my right knee. Unfortunately for me---there were some stacked border stones that broke my fall. And by that, I mean that my knee slammed into the edge of one of them. Tore my brand new pants. My knee cap looks like I took a cheese grater to it. At first, I used the tree to pull up, but I was not sure that I could walk. It was bad. And worse---right across the street from the mother in law is one of the tee-off spots for a hole of golf. Some guy was there getting ready to tee off. I wasn't loud, and I don't think he saw me fall---but he was definitely all ears as Gage started throwing a fit because his ball was rolling down the street, and he's not allowed into the street. Oh what a fit, and there I am holding onto a Crepe Myrtle just trying not to scream & bawl!

So, Memaw got the ball, and helped me doctor my knee. My super-cute pants are torn & blood stained.
The knee:
Yes, I can walk on it. I think it was just the initial blow that was pretty intense.

Last night---oh, the swelling started. Slowly but surely.
Didn't sleep so well.

This morning---I feel like a truck ran into me. My arms are sore, my shoulders are sore, and my knee....oh, my poor knee. Luckily, most of the swelling is down. So, that's good. But it's sore to the touch, and sore to bend.

Falling at 31 years old is a whole lot different than falling when I was younger. Now I feel like a Big Mac Truck ran smack-dab into me.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chalkboard Fun

Did I mention how much I ***LOVE*** this chalkboard paint?
It's AWESOME! We just painted a chalkboard right on the wall.

These pics are from earlier in October...but, Hubby has started the process of framing it out with a wooden frame border which will be white. The white you see in the pics is just the white paint that was under the blue tape border...

Anyway...Gage & I both love it!

We got the paint at Home Depot or Lowe's. You can tint it, and it's so easy to use!
We heart Chalkboard Paint!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Pumpkin Boy!

...ummmm...when was this? 7 days ago? 8 days ago?

Once upon a time, we stopped by a pumpkin place, and Gage had a blast. How about that???

We were actually dressed up for something else, so here are pics from that evening...including out pumpkin-picking-out, which by the way: heels & pumpkin places don't really mix. Good times, I assure you...

My sweet boy...

At the pumpkin place...he was such a strong boy! But, he was on the go, so I have very few fabulous pics.

A good time was had by all.
In fact, we even carved 2 of the pumpkins the other night... {no, they didn't last once we put them fact I threw them away today because they were all rotten & caved in. Yum!}

Which brings me to a rather funny conversation...It just further proves the difference between men & women... or rather, the difference between myself & Hubby.
Lainey-Paney: Hey, did you clean up that pumpkin mess?
Hubby: Yes.
What I saw later:

By whose standard is this "clean?" Really makes you think about the definition of "clean," doesn't it? To me---no, this is not clean. To Hubby---the pumkin "guts" are thrown away, and the bowls containing said pumpkin guts were in the sink. Apparently that equals clean in his world.
Boys are so weird.

But, we've loaded up on pumpkins, so there will be more carving in our near future, I'm sure. More of the Halloween preparations await!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a Major Award!

Woohoo! Got an award from Cassie @

The rules:

1. Thank the person that gave you this award
(thank you, Cassie)
2. Copy the award
(did that)
3. Tell 7 things about myself that other's may not know.


7 things about me...

1. I want to be buried in my "good bra." You know---the one that holds the girls in juuuuust the right way so that they're pointing to Heaven & I don't look like a 10 year old boy laying in a coffin. Morbid, yes, I know. But hey---I'm supposed to list 7 things that people might not really know about there's one.

2. My feet are usually cold & my hands are usually HOT. Like flashing hot.

3. I love "shopping" in my mother's closet, and she's lucky that I didn't take her strappy buckled Cole Haan heels when I left there...

4. I DVR Young & The Restless. I know it's sad & pathetic & what not. But I can't help my silly self! {shhhh....don't tell!}

5. I love hominy.

6. My favorite author is Dorothy Parker.

7. I would rather load the dishwasher than unload it.


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Colin & Melis!

Congratulations, Colin & Melis!
Happy Wedding Day!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.

First & foremost---let me say that I am supposed to be in Jamaica right now, but I am not.

So---Colin & Melissa: I called y'all this morning, thinking that y'all were leaving today. I'm a super sucky friend b/c y'all left on Tuesday. On the upside: I spoke with Allison, and your pets are doing well {as if you are reading this while in Jamaica...who am I kidding!?}.

Busy Bullets:

* No Jamaica. Life is sucking right now, eh?

* Still had the days off from work! So, what have I done? Busted my hiney at the ol' internship. I seriously logged some hours over these past couple of days.

* Dentist: took Gage on Tuesday. No cap. No bling-bling-silver cap. Wooohooo! That's the good news. The bad news: he had 3 cavities, 2 different kinds---aerobic & anaerobic. Why? "He has deep grooves" in his little teeth. The other bad news: the medicine they give him---supposed to make him sleepy & groggy, yada, yada. Um. How about no? Has the same effect on him as Benadryl...except---it was like Super-Benadryl. Benadryl on crack! He was literally bouncing off the walls. He was jumping up on the benches & jumping down. He could NOT be still. Luckily the orange scented laughing gas helped him calm down. For a while. And then---as they are doing his fillings, he'd randomly panic & freak out & just start pulling all this stuff off his face & out of his mouth. Then, I step up & try to calm him---step on some pedal & water starts squirting about. They were so patient with us. I couldn't do that all day every day. They truly take the cake for patience, and being upbeat, etc. They rock.

* Got pumpkins from a Rockwall Pumpkin Patch on Sunday night...

* Tuesday night brought the carving of pumpkins....after Gage & I had a long nap. Let me back up to Tuesday....the medicine that made him bounce off the walls---well, it made him an evil-demon-child when he was coming down off of it. Seriously. He was just....awful! And I felt awful for him because it seemed like he couldn't help it. He was just unhappy, unsatisfied even when I gave him what he demanded...we HAD to have a nap. We snuggled on the couch at 1:30 & woke up at 4. It was nice to randomly get a nap in the middle of the week!

* So---anyway, Tuesday night brought the carving of pumpkins & the frying of the pumpkin seeds. Yes, I fry them. In butter. Then I salt them. Then I eat them until I practically make myself sick on them, and I don't do it again until the next year. It's a sad tradition, and I do it annually. Can't help myself. It's like eating one of those Easter marshmallow peeps. They're so cute & fluffy, and then I have...oh, ONE of them, and I feel sick afterward. That's my Easter tradition....

* Got an A on my Monday night paper. Super excited about that.

* Think I got an A on my Thursday night test. She'll finalize the grading stuff soon.

* Got an online survey about how my experience was when my car was being fixed...gave the insurance co. a good review, but gave a rather vivid description of my driving experiences in my rentals (the 2nd one w/ the bad smell....yes, I assure you that my description included the phrases "hot flowers," & "snorting cigarrette ashes in a chicken coop." That was this morning. Got a return call from the car rental place this afternoon. I missed the call & the guy left a message. Talk about "service recovery!" We'll see what he has to say tomorrow...

* That's about all I know now...I've been super busy!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man.

Daddy took Gage to get his Halloween costume Saturday, 10/17. They said that is was a ZOO there at Party City.

Gage's 1st choice for Halloween costume this year: Crocodile Dundee. Can you imagine his disappointment when they just don't stock those character costumes from 80s movies?

So, he selected his 2nd choice: Spider Man!

And, I may be biased, but I think he's just the cutest little 4 year old Spider Man I have ever seen!

{pardon the reflection of me in the mirror!}

So, hopefully this year trick-or-treating will be more of a success. For those who know, Halloween has not been Gage's favorite thing....the whole "asking strangers for candy" has been....well, eventful! And when you think about it---of course it doesn't make sense! Stranger-Danger is crammed down his throat 364 days a year, but then one night a week we throw him into a costume & expect him to accept candy from strangers {well, Memaw's neighbors who Hubby is familiar with, but Gage doesn't know most of them as 'friends', you know?}...

Anyway....he's going to be Spider Man. He's had the costume for less than 24 hours now, and he's worn it for most of those hours that he's been awake! During the time he doesn't have the costume on, he told me he's just being "Peter Parker." Silly goose.

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Backyard Camping; Take 2.

So, we tried backyard camping in the past. It involved a hurried trip to the ER & Gage getting staples in the back of his head.

So, needless to say, he didn't want to camp out again for a whiiiiiile.

But, alas, he was ready to try it again!
So, what does Hubby do? Oh, he jumps all over the opportunity! He took the chiminea apart, turning it into a fire pit. He loaded it up. There was marshmallow roasting & plenty of smoky goodness. The tent was erected, and the sleeping gear was gathered. There was tons of backyard fun.

But this time...there was no me. Why? Because I'd worked all day & then some. I was tired, and pulled the ol' "This is more of a guy thing. You guys have fun." Right after that, I was the queen of the remote & adjusting my sleep number!

Rest assured, I was out there during the camping-prep time. The camping-prep time lasted hours. The actual "camping out" lasted about 20 minutes. Gage wasn't into the "night noises."

Here are some pics from the evening....{yes, Gage was super-dirty. I cleaned him up & put jammies on him before the sleepy time, but I don't have any pics of clean Gage from that evening!}


Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, Friday....

Well, we've made it to Friday.

I'm at home this morning.
My mother in law's very good friend passed away yesterday, so keeping Gage today would probably be just too much. Hubby had an early am appt., so I'm home for morning shift, and he'll be home around noon. Then I'll go to work...
Very sad.

Need to hit the grocery store this morning. We'll see if I can get everything (meaning me & Gage) ready with time to do that prior to me going to work!

Had a mid-term last night. Beware of all "open-note" tests. They are ALWAYS harder than the regular tests, and your notes are NEVER adequate enough! Yes, the test was hard. It's in my class that I think is hard enough. It's a Research II class, and you have to do these statistical analyses of data, etc. Icky-icky-icky.
But---it's over & done with. We'll just wait & see what the outcome will be.

It's cool here this morning. That's good.
It's also NOT RAINING today---so maybe the insurance company will have appraiser #2 out here----you know, since they've been putting it off due rain. Mind you---I made my initial report of damage on 9/14. We are 30+ days away from that now...

The interior of my home looks like a bomb went off. I would start cleaning---but I don't know where to start. So, I'll do what I can...after the grocery store. Why start now what I could put off until later, right?
{I'm just sayin'...}

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Rememberance Day.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, as proclaimed by Former President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Officially recognized in the United States in 2006, October 15th of every year is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss and Remembrance Day, a special day to honor and acknowledge babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, prematurity complications, neonatal death, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-SIDS, illness, accidents, and other tragic causes. Pink and Light Blue are the awareness colors.

We lost our little Masyn July 25, 2007. Well, technically, we lost her sometime before that, but that was the day. That was...the day.

I don't need a special day to miss Masyn, but it's nice to have a special day for families to know that they are not alone. Miscarriage...fetal demise...stillbirth...all things that are not pleasant to think about, not easily talked about, and yet are very very real. Sad, tragic realities that families are forced to face/endure/experience...whatever word you want to put there.

So...I've been there. If I could turn back time & relive my days of being pregnant and excited about Masyn, I would. If I could change the outcome, I definitely would. We've missed out on so much that just wasn't to be...

And I know that there are others out there who have faced this, are facing this, or will face this in the future.'s a day dedicated to this...and dedicated to the family's who have been there. We're not alone.

I miss my "what might have been" baby.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm not crazy.

Okay....maybe the fact that I even need to state "I'm not crazy" would indicate that perhaps I AM crazy, or a little bit crazy, or maybe it's just that my life is crazy.

Where is that padded cell that I've been looking for?

I'm not crazy.

Back up: got my car back yesterday. Wooohooo!
Went out this morning with Gage---trying to get all of our stuff loaded up so we could head off to school and start our day.
My door wouldn't open on my car.
The driver's side door---which was damaged in the accident---the handle would not open the door.
So, I get Gage loaded up, and I climb over from the other seat.
The door handle works on the inside, but not the outside.
Take him to the car place. No problemo: bring it back.
I had a 10 appt, so after that, I took the car back.

It opened right up for them EVERY TIME.
They looked at it---nothing noteworthy to report.

Written down as "operator error."
Are you kidding me?
No, no, I'm not crazy...I'm stupid.
I'm surprised they didn't cancel my insurance on the spot. {"Well, she's too stupid to operate a door. Why in the world would we insure her to get on the road and operate a car? There are way too many buttons & knobs for this gal to maneuver. Cancel her. Now.".....oh, yes, I can practically hear that conversation now.... not that I hear voices or anything...because you know, that might indicate that I'm crazy....}


I swear I need orange cones set up all around me.
Don't anyone trust me to watch your shit, operate your shit, or babysit your shit b/c I'm in no position to be entrusted with anything valuable at this time. My luck is crap right now.
Crazy, stupid, crap.
I'm just sayin'....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review! Alterna Hair Caviar...

No, I'm not getting paid to do this, and I didn't get any free shampoo/conditioner from the company. I got it from my mom!

This shampoo & conditioner was such a treat. I always looked foward to using it when I would visit my mom. It smells great. It feels great. Makes your hair feel great!

....and then I got my own. {thanks Mom!}

But...{yes, sadly, there is a but} I have really dry scalp. I just do. Can't help it. Loved this shampoo and conditioner at first. Now, not so much. Makes my hair feel great, but my scalp is getting dry again.

So, it's back to the TiGi Oatmeal & Honey routine for me. That's been the most helpful at moisturizing my hair & scalp, and it smells like cake batter. MMmmmm!


Monday, October 12, 2009


school Pictures, Images and Photos

I would like to inform everyone that I have class tonight.
I'm one of three students who showed up.

Lucky me.
I better have all the answers!
{at least a third of them, right!?}



My car is ready for pick up!
I can go get him! ...or her.


Oh, sweet car... I owe you an oil change. I've got a new registration sticker for you. Are you so excited? Oh, how I've missed you...and your heated seats...and your power windows...and the key fob. OH, SWEET KEY FOB. {why don't they give you a key fob for rentals? What the heck?} I've missed my steering wheel radio control and the automatic headlights. I've been lost without your navigation system {yes, sweet car, literally}...I've missed that sweet little button that just opens the gate on our mornings at Memaw's...I've been screwed up at the gas station b/c they put the tank on the OTHER side for those rentals...I've missed you so much!!!!!

And Hallelujah! ...the $495 deductible has been waived.
Perhaps a change of luck?
Please, please...let this bring a change of luck...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Rock Star

When Gage was little-little, we used to do Dance Club, USA in our kitchen..., he's decided to be a Rock Star!

Pics from last Saturday morning...'s all good. I'll be his groupie.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stupid. Stinkin'. Kia.

I hate this damn rental car.
It stinks.
Like you're snorting cigarrette ashes in a chicken coop.'s bad.

And clearly,the car place was very aware of the bad smell, because they clipped air fresheners into every air vent. You turn on the air, and it's suddenly floral on top of cigarrette smoke & chicken shit.

I am sitting in class right now, just certain that I super-stink from being in that car. Gross.Gross.Gross.

I'm just sayin'....


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Where's my 4-leaf clover?

You know that phrase, "If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all"?

Yeah...that's me these days...
How'd your day start?

Mine started with my kiddo whining as we're walking OUT the door because he wanted a JELLY sandwich in his lunch, and I didn't make that... {who knew? he never said anything to me about wanting a jelly sandwich for lunch! And, am I totally the horrible mom who would actually let my kid have just a jelly sandwich sans PB?}

So anyway...
As we're goin' down the freeway on our way to Gage's school, a light on the dashboard of the Kia Rondo comes on, and at the same time I hear & feel the flap-flap-flap-FLUMP-FLUMP-FLUMP of a flat tire.


So, where was MY 4-leaf clover?
He came in the form of some DART truck man named Lucio who saw us on the highway as we were taking the exit. He hopped off the highway & changed the tire. FOR FREE! His name is Lucio, and he was my 4-leaf clover today! Less than 20 minutes, and we were back on our way! It seriously took us longer to figure out how to get to the spare than it took him to change the tire. It was AWESOME!

What wasn't awesome: having to drive no more than 50mph on the highway with a donut on this rental car while I made my way to Gage's school, and then all the way back to the car rental place.

What wasn't awesome: spending FOREVER (seriously---over an hour!) at the car rental place while they switched out my Kia for an even smaller Kia.

What wasn't awesome: the fact that a light came on in the dashboard of the new Kia before I ever even got out of the parking lot, and they had to drive it over to some car shop to be fixed...and they had no other rentals at the time to give me instead.

What ISN'T awesome: whatever the hell that smell is. Seriously---this new rental car smells. I don't know WHAT the previous driver did in this car, but the car is STINKY. If it rains tomorrow, I'm going to be stuck in that car with the windows up! Yuck.

On another note: the roof. Um...yeah....about that. The insurance co. is going to pay & apparently "a check is in the mail." Sadly, the check is only to cover the damages to ONE ROOM of the house. Not the whole roof. Who does that? Who re-roofs just one corner of their house. {Oh, look at those shingles...gray...gray...gray...brown. Hmmm...that's odd.} Okay, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic (but really, would you have it any other way!?)... So anyway...what about the REST of the roof that also needs to be replaced? Well, they'll send another appaiser out, and that will be coordinated with the roofer, and that still has yet to happen. Did I mention that it's estimated at 17K to replace? Did I mention that? Did I mention that the check they've put "in the mail" is like a third of that? A third. Ugh.

Okay...I'm done ranting & raving. But seriously---if someone finds any luck any time soon---could you send a little my way? {don't anyone DARE mail me a rabbit's foot. icky. I'm just sayin'...}


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Big Brother!?

Gage wants a little sister.

He informed me of this Monday night before bed.

He also told me before his birthday party that he wanted a brother & a sister, and a baby for our house. That didn't happen.

A few nights after his party he asked, "why you didn't get me a sister for my party?"

This kid really wants to be a big brother!

But's not meant to be...yet.

Gage,'ll happen in time, if it is meant to be. God has a plan for us as a family, and we have to trust that plan. Some way---if we are to parent another child, it will happen.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Busy Bullets...

* Ruby's brother is safe & fine!

* The Kia Rondo is...okay. I've totally come to realize all the little things that I've been used to in my car, and take for granted. My car was supposed to be towed to the shop today. I'm not at home right now to know if that happened or not, but it was supposed to. I already miss it!

* I'm super sleepy today. Don't know what it is. I'm just TIRED.

* Hubby gave Ranger another haircut. Don't ask. Too short. "Hey, honey, use a guard next time, mmmmkay?" Seriously---my black & white dog looks black & pink. His little white hair is so short that you just see his pink skin shining through! The poor little dog needs a sweater. Poor little Ranger gets so cold outside! He is used to having hair.

* Gage didn't have school today. Fair day. Hubby & I both worked. We didn't take him to the fair. {Bad Mommy! Bad Daddy!}

* Hubby's feeling a little bit better, but still not feeling up to par.

* I need*need*need to go to the grocery store. Haven't done it. We're out of all kinds of Gage's "green yogrit," "square cheese," "cracker stackers," little marshmallows, Cap'n Crunch, truly the list could go on & on. Hubby went to the store on Saturday night...
"Oh, y'all went to the store?" {phone call while I was at work.} "Did you get any of the stuff on the list?"
"What list?"
"The one in the kitchen."
"I didn't see a list."
"Well, did you get cheese slices or Gage's yogurt?"
"What did y'all get, a bunch of guy stuff?"
"We got corny dogs and chocolate ice cream..."
"Yeah. Guy stuff."
"Well, we like it, and it's stuff you never buy."
Notice---no vegetables. no whole grains. I'll give them credit for protein & dairy...but, c'mon!

* I saw a nun in a brand new BMW today. For real. I thought, okay...maybe a Halloween event a bit early? I mean---the two just didn't really seem to be a typical pair, you know? So, I was laughing, and I called mom...she said, "God is good!" If she'd had a bumper sticker with that on the car, that would have just been the icing on the cake!

* School note: I have this professor who asks all these hypothetical questions in the process of giving lecture..."how do you...?" "what do you do when you have...?" But he sometimes doesn't pause between the then I'm sitting there generating aaaalllll of these answers in my head, but I am not sure if he's REALLY asking, or just proposing the question for thought. Geez. It's wearin' me out. I always have to have my answers ready just in case he's REALLY asking. What a mental whooping! {...keepin' me thinkin'...I suppose some would call that 'doing his job'. gah!}

Okay...I gotta run!

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Lexapro can help.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Have another.
"Hi, um, is this the doctor's office?"
"Yeah, well, um...I was just many Lexapro is too many? I mean...every time I got mad or sad or feelin' bad, thinkin' 'bout the things that I never had...yeah, I just popped another one. Just callin' to report that I'm FEELING GREAT! Who says that you can't live on the mountain top? I'm livin' on a pile o prozac, baby!" {okay not really, but these are the make believe conversations that mom & I have & just kind of ad-lib along the way...}

"I was about to cry about....but then I took another Lexapro. Now I couldn't cry if you punched me in the stomach..."

"What's better than Lexapro?"
"TWO Lexapro!"

Okay...this may be offensive to some. I certainly hope not. Hello. In my line of work, I am certainly a big fan of anti-depressants & I am very well aware that they help a lot of people. But hey---if you can't have fun with it, well....why the hell not?

My day...

This was the bulk of my day...
...but, the paper is done.
Ready to turn in.
Hope it's good because it's 20% of my grade!


Saturday, October 03, 2009

They're Breakin' Me Down.

My next car will be high-flippin'-lighter yellow.

For real, yo.

Someone hit my car AGAIN.

I swear, it's the color.
"I didn't see it!"
The official color name is "Quartz." Let's just say it's the color of pavement, which is apparently why nobody freakin' sees me, and they run into my poor little car.

Happened last night at a gas station. Guy backs up his pickup truck with some kind of wheelchair lift attachment thing on the back of it---right into the front side of my car.
Then the hiney hole, in his paint-falling-off-it beater truck has the nerve to say, "Well, I hope you have INSURANCE!"
"Sir, you just hit my Jaguar. I assure you, I have insurance. Do YOU have insurance!!!???"
{snotty, yes, I know. But screw him. He was ugly-talking...}
And, I was still pissed about the fact that I couldn't open my door b/c it won't open more than about 2 or 3 inches, and I had to climb out on the other side. Tool.

Here's my poor little beater car this morning...

I drove the car home because I thought it was fine. Hubby informed me upon my arrival last night, that NO, I should not have driven it because the tire is rubbing on something underneath. Lovely.

But...luckily, the insurance company has gotten me into a rental today so that I can go to work later. It's a Kia Rondo:

So, it's not a station wagon...but it's not a mini-van or SUV. What the hell is it? I dunno.
But...I have to admit---I'm not hating it. It's roomy inside. I can see out of all the windows and everything seems to be within my reach {yes, when you are barely 5 feet tall, these really are things that you pay attention to...}.

So, they'll be towing my little car away on Monday & get to work on fixing it.
Good times.

When I got home last night, I was just so.frazzled.
The roof.
The car.
Hubby's been sick.
I have a paper due Monday.
I had to work late on Friday night.
I have an extra shift to work this weekend.

On the up side...
My house was clean when I got home.
All the laundry was done.
The sheets were crisp & clean. The bed was made.
The house smelled lovely & so fresh.
Pizza was ordered for dinner.
I got to lay in bed & watch Grey's Anatomy, and then Private Practice, and then Melrose Place, all while sipping hot chocolate.
I was definitely well loved, right!?
Hubby was so sweet to just let me unwind & de-frazzle myself.
You know....after he laughed his ass off at our recent run of luck.

Ah...Life is Just Soooooo Daily.