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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Distraction? Procrastination?

What??? Yes, I know that I have a paper due on Thursday.
Of course I PLAN to start working on it....

...but I've been a little busy with....this....


You Gotta Lotta Crust.

or rather,
"Daddy, you gotta lotta cwust on your face!" in, whiskers. in, they scratched his little face Friday night, and Gage didn't like it.
"Owwww! Daddy, you gotta lotta cwust on your face!"

Oh, you've just gotta love what 3 year olds say.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sadie Bug Lady Bug....

So, Sadie-bug is now a year old. I mentioned that we attended her 1st birthday party last Saturday.

Well....if you don't remember from way back when, I must point out that Sadie is the 1st person Gage ever thanked God for in a prayer. we go, Sadie's taking the cake on another first.
She has been the first person that he's drawn a picture of, complete with eyes & everything!
"Gage, tell me about your drawing."
"It's Sadie! And these are her eyes."
...of course!

Pics taken Saturday before Sadie's party.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday....Part Two!

So....after our big bowling adventure, we came home for a little R&R before....Sadie's 1st Birthday Party!


She's walking now, and it's soooooo cute!

This a mad-crazy-amount of gifts. Toys, and OMG, the clothes. I soooooo need a little girl!

Gage kept trying to change the TV to "toons" with this toy clicker. It was pretty cute.

Oh, she was precious, and tired, and slept through the end of her party.
So cute!
I can't believe we've known Sadie Bug Lady Bug for almost a year!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday 2/21....The First Half....


This was the scene in the living room on Saturday morning...

In other news, Gage had another first this weekend: bowling, 2/21/9.
Well, let me back up.
We TRIED to take him bowling on Friday night. What out-of-the-loop-losers we are (apparently)....who knew---Friday night is major bowling-league-night.
So, we show up at the Bowling Alley (after we googled to find one...), and we wouldn't be able to get a lane until 9:30 that night. Ugh. But, at least they pointed out that they'd be open until 2am. Yes, sure, great. Because, our 3 year old will be up until 2 in the morning bowling. Right.

Anyway....Saturday morning, Gage was very ready to go "Balling." (...bowling...)

Got our shoes on!

Picking out the perfect balls...

(why, yes, they are both standing there, left hand tucked neatly in their pocket...completely unaware that the other is standing the exact same way....)

So, bowling was fun....for a while.
But went down hill, pretty fast.
First---what's the #1 thing that parents would be afraid of at the bowling alley? That those tiny little curious fingers would get smushed in the ball return thing. Well, that didn't happen....but right behind the ball return thing, there's a step down...which Gage missed....while holding his bowling ball....which then fell, and he fell, and bonked his eyebrow/forehead on the ball. So, the tears started flowing. Poor buddy!

When he got over that, he needed to go potty. We've been doing VERY well staying dry on wasn't surprised that he needed to potty.

So, this grown man bowling alley employee tells us and escorts us over to the restroom; the men's restroom, and then says to me, "Oh, I'll take him in there."
"Oh no you won't."
Are you kidding me, grown man who is a stranger???? You want to take my 3 year old son into the bathroom just because there are sticker letters on the door that are somehow supposed to keep me out? You want to escort a stranger's kid into the restroom while he goes to the bathroom?
No. That's weird.
I'll take him to the ladies room with me, thank you very much.
[and might I say here---I'm not saying that the man had malicious intent---I am saying that his offering to do that made me feel all creepy weird, and I think it's not in any grown man's best interest to offer to escort random children to the bathroom. I'm just sayin'!]

So...we get into the ladies restroom.
Hubby told me that it's really easy in public restrooms to just lift Gage & let him stand on the toilet seat to go potty. Okay...I tried that.
Potty Training Lesson I Learned 2/21/9: little boy's "junk" can um...stick to their leg or all stick together, and even if you are leaning the child forward as if to aim at the bowl---well, the urine may just flow straight down one of the legs, soaking the undies, soaking the pants, soaking the socks, and soaking the $4 RENTED SHOES.
2nd Potty Training Lesson I Learned 2/21/9: asking a 3 year old to stop going mid-stream is just...well, it's just not going to happen, or it's just impossible. Whatever.

So, there I am, without a change of clothes for my child. No papertowels in the whole bathroom. The hand dryer on the wall doesn't work. All I had to work with was toilet paper. Great. Shoes so full I could POUR out the wetness. Socks so wet that I just had to take them off & put them in my sweater pockets. Gage was so afraid that people out in the bowling alley would know that he had wet his clothes. He was just so pitiful and worried about the whole thing. I used toilet paper to squeeze & absorb the wet spots on his little clothes (save the socks...) & it really wasn't too bad in the end, but clearly, it was just time to go.

So....that was the first half of our Saturday....
...I'll post the other half soon!


What a looooong week.

So, many of you missed me this past week.
I'm sooooo flattered!

It was such.a.long.week.

Monday & Tuesday I had this special bereavement training that focuses on prenatal and perinatal loss.
Plus, I had class Monday night.

Then, I worked W/TH/ it was a full week.

I was supposed to attend class Thursday night, but that didn't happen.
Hubby & I instead met back at the house to go over his recent lab results from his doc. Not stellar. Cholesterol issues, borderline diabetic. We've got dietary changes & exercise in our future! Not to mention that we're both genetically pre-wired to have cholesterol issues, so...we better start paying attention, right???

I promise---I'll get this blog caught up! I promise!

Not Today, but LAST Sunday....

Last Sunday----the day AFTER the zoo trip, Gage & I had fun runnin' around the backyard.

....oh, I just love making memories with him!

I'm so lucky that he's mine.....


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

So....after running some morning errands, our family had a mega-discussion about how to spend our day.
It was decided that we'd go to the zoo....
I, of course, felt that it was toooooo cold to spend the day at the zoo.
I was quickly outnumbered.
We had a lengthy conversation about going to the zoo, and how Gage did not want to see an "Antemiller".... A What???
Anteater? No. Armadillo? No. "ANTEMILLER!" I think it's something like a cross between an antelope & a caterpiller.... Guess what buddy...chances are--you won't see one!
We dressed, and we headed out.

First----quick run through the car wash...

After that, lunch at Wendy's. (clearly, the focus is not romance here...the focus was: it's lunchtime, and we can run get Wendy's for $15, or eat at the zoo for $45...we chose Wendy's!)

Gage, stop playing with your food.
Oh, those aren't nuggets? They're dinosaurs??? Awwww. Now eat 'em!

After that, across the highway to the zoo!

The gal who thought it was too cold to go to the zoo---she's the one who forgot her jacket/sweater/coat/anything-that-contains-body-heat. Yeah....I'm smart like that. So, lucky for us---all that $$ we saved by not eating lunch at the zoo....well, I spent that & then some at the zoo gift shop buying a sweatshirt that I NEVER would have purchased. You'll see it in totally covers my cute red shirt that I wore for V-Day...and seriously---the sweatshirt is the color of grunge. If "gutter-punk" were a color, this sweatshirt is the poster-child for the color "gutter-punk". [on another note...I should send that suggestion to Urban Decay! ...a lovely faded-over-washed-grungey-gray eyeshadow???? anyone? anyone?] we went to the zoo & bought an ugly sweatshirt for $40.
After that, tons of fun!

And so, after a long day at the zoo...our little guy was tuckered out!

Later, I asked him, "What was your favorite part about today?"
[...I usually ask him this question every day when we rock at night. I love hearing his answers...]
Gage said, "Getting blue Gatorade at the zoo."
So, that was the best part about the day for him....
And we didn't see a single Antemiller!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Day...

Today (Monday) has been a long day...
I've been in a training session all day, and have another one tomorrow.
Then, I had class this evening...

I'm so lucky to get to come home to this little guy!

(Oh, and that's my new bedding!)
(And yes, those are Christmas pajamas....I don't feel guilty for letting him wear them in February...they still fit!)

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Do You Eat?

So...the other day, Gage was at the Pediatrician's office.
Funny story from that...

So, Dr.W enters the exam room where Gage is waiting, along with his Memaw & Poppa. Dr.W began his exam, and asked Gage, "How are you eating?"
Gage looked at him....kind of puzzled...went over to the diaper bag, took out a bag of crackers, took a bite of one and said, "THAT's how I'm eating."
The inhabitants of the room (sans Gage) cracked up with laughter. Dr.W said, "Well, that IS what I asked!"

....what a funny guy.

Hope Everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!
So far today, Gage has gotten to go to...
the gas station
the bank
the car wash
Wendy's for lunch
Pics coming soon!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today the Mother In Law took Gage to the Pediatrician b/c I'm at work, and Hubby is in meetings all day.

Let me backup......
Sunday night---Gage had fever that was holding steady at 103 w/ Tylenol & Motrin.

Monday---coughing sick, but no fever.
Tuesday---only coughing at night.
Wednesday---some coughing. No fever since Sunday....

Last night----coughing fit so hard at 1:08 in the morning, that he threw up on our bed.

Today, went to the doctor.
What does he have?
"...just that crud that seems to be going around; probably viral."
We've been ok'd to give him Benadryl at night since we (all of us---not just Gage) haven't slept well in about a week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I did it.

Thanks, Mojavi, for the idea, and encouragement!

I did it.

I made my own laundry detergent, and IT ROCKS!

Okay, I did this mainly because it seemed interesting, and I just wanted to see if I could do it.... and I did.

Of course, Hubby pointed out that "there are companies out there that will make this FOR YOU." Yes, dear, I know. I just want to try it! So, he was supportive of my experiment....

Mojavi recently posted about making her own laundry detergent & posted the recipe.
Well, for the life of me, I could not find "Washing Powder" or "Washing Soda", so I googled for a recipe that calls for baking soda.

Here's the recipe I used:
1 bar soap - grated (I used Fels-Naptha)
2 gallons hot water
2 cups baking soda

Melt grated soap in a saucepan with just enough water to cover the soap. Cook on medium-low heat, stirring frequently until soap is melted.

In a large pail, pour 2 gallons of hot water. Add melted soap & stir well.

Add the baking soda, again stirring well.

For laundry use: use 1/2 cup per full load, and 1 cup per each "very soiled" load.

So.....if you average $11-$15 per month in laundry detergent...this is waaaaay cheaper! For total cost investment on this little project---Four dollars & four cents...or 8 cents....I forget. But, I've got lots of baking soda leftover. For my next batch, I will only need to buy another bar of Fels Naptha soap, & that cost $1.29 a bar. The recipe said that you could use any other mild soap like Ivory.


Monday, February 09, 2009


So far this year, I've finished



I just ordered THIS:

So, my goal for this year is to read 12 books, in addition to my school work load.
For those of you who devour books like they're candy...well, hats off to you. While I very much enjoy reading, it's sometimes difficult for me to find time to read for enjoyment when I should be spending that time reading for school!, anyway....there's that!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Last Wednesday....

So, before I got sick.... I took Gage to his pedi ortho appt.

We got there....a little, we had to wait.
...and wait.
and wait some more: long enough for TWO bathroom trips.

First bathroom trip went off without a hitch.
Second bathroom trip---um, not so much.
As we arrived at the door, it was locked. Obviously occupied.
So we waited.
...about 2 minutes later, a lady emerged, and we entered.
Before the door was shut, Gage, in his I'm-only-3-and-so-I-never-whisper voice, said LOUDLY "Ewwww! IT SMELLS LIKE ORANGE & POOOOOOP! WHAT DID THAT GIRL DO????" He was covering his nose, and trying to get back out. He was holding onto the door frame trying to leave. We heard giggling in the hallway in response to Gage's candid description...I was so embarrassed, but the boy had a was stinky in there! And no amount of citrus spray could cover it. Lord knows the gal tried!

Anyway.... we had our x-rays, as usual. New bone growth. That explained why he seems to have a knot like a big fat marble right where the fracture is. Dr.S explained that his little body has grown new bone to correct the fracture, and in time the knot will go down as his body realizes that it doesn't need it all to be there.
No, it should not affect his football career in future years. [should he choose that...]

Throughout the whole process---he was thrilled with his little gown, and quite upset that they wouldn't let him take it home. It had Porky Pig & Daffy Duck on it, and he likes this little cartoon "Duck Dodgers" can see why he would want it. His hair was a mess, but his little face...I tell you's VERY HARD to ever be mad at him!


Last Tuesday Night...

I would love to say that Gage dressed himself for bed....but it's not true. Lucky Gage, his Daddy picked this outfit out... Um...way to go, Dad.

Gage added the accessories....

So what time is it???


Friday, February 06, 2009



After sleeping 14 straight hours last night & getting a 2-3 hour nap today...I'm feeling somewhat better. Not 100%, but somewhat better.

Just in time for Hubby to start puking around 4:45, and Gage to tell me today that he has germs in his tummy. I'm sure his bouts of vomit are coming....

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I got a flu shot.
I still *most likely* have the flu.
I opted out of the rapid response flu test b/c it involved a rinse of the nostrils. gross. also sounds painful.
Besides, even if it's +, what? Tamiflu? That only minimally reduces the course of the illness, which has to run its course regardless of medication.

Symptom management from here on out.


I have online school work to do.
I've been doing that.
I'm RESTLESS. I want to just sleep, but I can't.

I've been able to hold down a cup of soup last night, about a 1/2 cup of goldfish crackers, water, and 1/2 a coke.

I get freezing, then I get hot.
My body aches from my shoulders down to my hips from coughing and throwing up.

The flu suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick Note....OMG, I'm so sick.

Seriously---I'm so sick.
Started around noon-oneish today.
Started not feeling well. Tired, maybe nauseated, dull headache.

Took Gage to the Ortho Doc. x-rays, new bone growth, all signs point to YES! He can play on the playground again!
There's a funny story from while we were at the ortho doc's office, but I'm just too drained to post it.

Had to run to CVS on the way home.
Did that.
Came home.
Thought maybe if I ate something I'd feel better.
threw up.
ate some crackers.
threw up.

Today---sore throat, throwing up, ears feel stuffy, coughing, and headache.
I *DID* spend some time with a bunch of little kids at that school yesterday....maybe I can blame THEM for this random sudden illness! [you know what they say about kids getting sick at school/daycare, etc....okay....maybe it's a stretch in this case...whatever!]

May it not be the flu, and may I be able to tend to my responsibilities tomorrow.
And Tera: if Aubri gets sick soon---it's all my fault b/c she grabbed my tea @ Chick-fil-a, and drank after me. Sooooooo Sorry! I didn't feel sick yesterday!

Gettin' Schooled.

So, yesterday we toured our first school for Gage to possibly attend this upcoming Fall. It offers PreK in the 3/4 yr old class, PreK in the 4/5 yr old class & on up through 12th grade.

We were very pleased with what we saw yesterday & everyone we met at the school.

We love the location of this school.

We have not however looked at any other possible schools for him.

We're considering a 3 day a week program for the first year of Prek. Then, MAYBE, a 5 day per week program for his 2nd year of Prek, and then starting Kindergarten.

So....why 2 years of Prek???
Well, his birthday falls after the start of the school year. Granted, it's RIGHT after the start of the school year---but they have a cutoff in the public schools.
Also, boys mature at a slower rate than girls (on average), so we think that it may be best for him to start Kindergarten when he is 5, and then turns 6 shortly thereafter.
He's never been in a school setting before, and we feel that he would benefit greatly from socialization with others his own age, in a structured setting. Not only is not super-used to a structured routine for learning, he's not all that used to being around a bunch of kids without his mama there!

Anyway....we've only looked at one school so far, and we like it.
I'm debating with whether or not to look at other schools at all!

So, that was the 1st half of our yesterday.
Sadly, when I picked up Gage, I told him where I'd been & I tried really hard to make school sound awesome. I did tooooo good of a job b/c Gage wanted to go to school right then & there!!!

They offer some Summer programs that we may check into just to further acclimate him to that type of environment....

Anyway...there's an update on THAT.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

SuperBowlSunday....not a TOTALLY wasted day...

It's no big secret that I'm not that much of a football fan.
So, needless to say, I don't care about this Super Bowl game going on as I type this.


Today was not totally wasted in light of the Super Bowl....

I took a nap....which I hardly ever do...and when I woke up, we went down to the lake to feed the ducks & walk. No, we didn't walk from our house to the lake...(Gaston Ave. with a stroller??? No thanks!)

We went, and Gage really had a good time.

While Daddy's been watching the Super Bowl...we've played Chutes & Ladders...Gage has had a bath...we did the dishes, and baked some cookies.

It's been a pretty good Super Bowl afterall....

(and yes, that is sticky blue stuff smeared on his forehead between his eyes. A sure sign of a good day!)