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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Am I so sane that you just blew your mind?"

Above Quote: ----Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld

Today, a woman blew my mind.
White Nissan Maxima, license plate --- VJD.
African American female with very short hair & a super smile.
Ignorant, but looks rather friendly.

Today, lady, you blew my mind.
You zipped around that Tom Thumb parking lot, ensuring that you got that primo spot. Yes, I know...go ahead. Clearly, by the way you cut me & other drivers off (and I wasn't even going for the parking spot!) you really wanted the spot. And in your mind, I'm sure you had good reason. Why? Because shopping with a toddler really isn't that much fun, is it? Yes, I know---I had my 3 year old son with me. You on the other hand, decided that your Maxima and your front-row-Joe parking spot were adequate babysitters so that you wouldn't have to take your toddler into the store with you.

As I approached the store, I saw your child in the backseat. In his carseat, content. He wasn't crying. He didn't appear to be afraid. Was this your first time to do this? He seemed like it was a perfectly normal part of his existence. That's frightening.

I reached for your doors. They were locked. Is that a good thing? Well, at least strangers and/or predators would have to BREAK IN to get at your child...but then again, so would rescue workers. Your child didn't even flinch when I tried to open each of the doors. That's...odd.

Your keys were in & the car was running. So, I wasn't too much concerned with hyper- or hypothermia. But now we've got ourselves a whole bunch of other dangers---his window will work. He can get himself trapped in that window. He can switch the car into gear hurting/killing himself or others. So many dangers that you've exposed him to for your in & out shopping convenience.

Maam, I was there. The parking lot was full. Everyone & their cousin was there shopping & stocking up on New Year's munchies. There's no way you were going to be "in & out." Even still, that doesn't matter. As the law stands now, you broke it because you were in Tom Thumb for more than 5 minutes. In that amount of time, all kinds of horrible things could have happened. Today you're lucky---because they didn't happen to you, and they didn't happen to your son.

What further blew my mind: you came out, and stepped around my son & me as we were guarding your car & child. You loaded your groceries into your backseat, locked the car again, and walked off to another store. Had errands to run, did you? In that moment, my hands trembled, and I was talking to 911 again. Thanks for flashing me a smile just as I was about to say something to you. In that moment, I was afraid that I would lack diplomacy & tact, and somehow end up saying or doing something that I may regret. What kept me from bashing your windows in & removing your child from that car? A few things: (1) the promise from 911 dispatch that a police officer was on the way, (2) I didn't want my child to witness any arguments that may go on between you & I, and (3) I didn't want glass to hurt your child.

You went to another store, and then returned to your car. You walked around me again to get into your car. Again I found myself weak & unable to formulate just the right words to say to you. You flashed that smile again, got into your car, and backed out of your spot. You were on your way....and lucky you, your child was not hurt today.
I cancelled with 911, and let them know that you returned to your car & left the shopping center.

I went into the store, fuming, and called my mother to vent. Of course that's when the "I should have said..." and the "I should have..." popped into my head left & right. ["Your Honor, I wasn't maliciously keying her car. I was keeping record of the minutes that she left her child unattended in the car. Unfortunately I had no pen or paper with me."] And, my momma gave me permission to break the windows & rescue a child. She said that she would write me a note excusing me if I get into any trouble for it. And paying to replace a window can't be THAT expensive if you think about the life you may be saving. I'm just sayin'....

So, I was in the hectic & crazy grocery store, pushing one of those humongo-carts with the truck thing on the front. I really hate those flippin' things. But maam, you'd hate it even more if you never got the chance to take your son to the grocery store again.

My son was hungry & wanted Craisins. I went ahead & opened the bag & let him snack on them throughout the store. Suddenly the darn basket wheel wouldn't go. I bent down to check it out & discovered gummed up Craisins on the wheel. UGH! I looked behind me down the aisle...My son left a Hansel & Gretal trail of Craisins as far as I could see. Oh No! But---at least my son was safely tucked into the shopping cart & ABLE to leave that little trail.

You dodged a bullet today. My shopping trip with my son in the mega-crowded store was trying. I admit it. But it was worth it. It was worth it to me to power through with him by my side. The alternate behavior of leaving him the car could be deadly for him. You are so lucky that none of the terrible things that your negligence could have caused did not happen to you today. Other parents have not fared so well, and I'm sure they'd give ANYTHING to turn back time, and undo one moment that contributed to their child's/children's death(s)/harm.

Your actions today blew my mind. Wherever you are now---you are probably blissfully unaware of how lucky you are. And your child has no idea what grave dangers he faced today.

So, maybe I'm so sane that you just blew your,'re blissfully unaware that your actions today were both criminal & negligent.

My mom & I have decided that 911 probably knows me now. I'm not afraid to call & report this type of stuff. If I don't do it, who will? I can't tell you how many people walked by that car & paid no attention to the little boy all alone in the car. I'm sure others thought I was crazy for just standing there by a car with one little boy inside, and one little boy outside with me. When my son asked, "Why'd his mommy just leave that boy in the car?" Unfortunately, my emotions got the better of me, and through tears I said, "Because his mommy doesn't love him enough to take him with her." I admit that response was fueled by emotion and was completely biased. What I should have said was, "Because his mommy is not educated about the dangers of leaving kids unattended in cars." For that I apologize...but only a little... Besides---you didn't hear me, and neither did your son.

But hey---don't mind me. I'm just the aunt of dead baby; what would I know about all this, right?

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Movie Reviews....

Burn After Reading

Loved it. Thought it was soooooo funny!
In this dark comedy from Joel and Ethan Coen, ousted CIA official Osbourne Cox (John Malkovich) loses his recently penned memoir into the hands of a pair of moronic gym employees (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand, in a Golden Globe-nominated role) who use it to try to turn a profit. George Clooney and Tilda Swinton round out the cast of this irreverent farce, which was nominated for a Best Picture (Comedy) Golden Globe.

Standard Operating Procedure
This movie was so hard to watch. Very graphic, and certainly not for children's eyes. Not even for young teen eyes. I dunno...I couldn't turn it off, but there were times, especially in the sexual abuse parts where I just had to look away.
Through captivating interviews and dramatic reenactments, filmmaker Errol Morris documents the scandal that erupted in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, where mistreatment of detainees at the hands of members of the U.S. military was captured on film. What was the psychological state of the soldiers? Why were the pictures taken? These questions and more are explored in detail in this engaging look at one of the Iraq War's most notorious episodes.

Married Life

Whatever. It passed the time. I am so glad that I didn't pay $$ to see this in a theater...Not great if you ask me....and, spoiler alert: the big twist is that when the main character thinks he's poisoned his wife to death, he goes over to see his mistress & finds her in the arms of his best friend. So, in one moment, he thinks he's lost his wife, mistress, and best friend. Oh boo hoo, you big loser.
When Harry (Chris Cooper) decides to kill his wife (Patricia Clarkson) to be with his beautiful girlfriend (Rachel McAdams), his best friend and playboy Richard (Pierce Brosnan) tries to talk him out of it. But Richard has his own agenda that soon comes to light. Directed by Ira Sachs, this atmospheric drama set in the 1940s also features David Richmond-Peck and Erin Boyes.

A Murder of Crows

Hubby & I both really enjoyed this movie. Suspense movie, and it was fun to try & figure it out along the way...
Disbarred lawyer Lawson Russell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) buys himself trouble when he passes off another man's true-life crime book as his own. As the tome climbs the best-seller list, Lawson gets arrested for the killings recounted in the book. He then must convince judge and jury that he's innocent, even though he's destroyed all evidence to the contrary.


I really liked this movie. I found it to be funny & entertaining. I'm not sure about any reviews for it, or if others really cared for it....but I thought it was funny.
Hit man Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) tears through the streets of Los Angeles in a race to save his own life and his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart) in this ticking time bomb of a thriller. The freelance killer is poisoned when a mob job goes wrong, and the clock starts ticking when Chelios learns he can elude death if he keeps his adrenaline pumping. With no time to waste, Chelios rampages through the city hoping to save Eve and find an antidote. there are a few for now.
You know---I do like to watch movies!!!!

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...sorry if I've seemed MIA since Christmas.
I blame this book:

Yesterday morning, I was on page 6.
At bedtime, I was on page 179.

I was not going to read it. I had no interest in some teen love story about vampires. So, why am I reading it? Well, I just HAVE to know 1st hand what all the buzz is about.

Got to say: it's an addictive easy read. Surprised me....

But, I may be the only to be annoyed by the repeated use of the word "murmured." I'm not even halfway through the book, and I'm already so sick & tired of reading that word. I'm just sayin'.....


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Me: "Gage says there are 5 babies growing in my tummy."
[unless the Lord knows something I don't---there are NOT 5 babies in there!]
Me: "We're going to need a bigger house."
Hubby: "You're going to need a bigger body."
Me: "I'm going to need a bigger car."
Hubby: "A big van! You're going to drive a big ol' van."

No. No, I'm not.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day, 2008


"Christmas is the time of year
for being with the ones you love.
Sharing so much joy & cheer,
What a wonderful feeling,
Watching the ones you love..."
---Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles

So, not EVERYONE we love was with us on Christmas Day, but it was still a wonderful wonderful day. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that this would have been Masyn's first Christmas with us. It just kind of stayed in the back of our minds. It's kind of weird because it kind of seems like so long ago...but then again, Masyn would be turning a year old after the New Year...This was also our first Christmas without Eddie. I secretly (okay...maybe not secretly) kept hoping for a puppy for Christmas. I repeatedly asked Hubby if he got me one. He'd say "no", but I kept hoping that he was just teasing me & keeping it a secret.

My thoughts also went out to others...My friend Hillary. Her husband got orders to go BACK to Iraq 6 days before his military obligations as a Reservist were fulfilled. They are newly married, and had just bought their first house. She would be spending Christmas in their new house by herself. She is a nurse, and actually worked on Christmas, but I know that she was sad & just wished her husband were home...

There's another local boy named Gage who is still fighting Leukemia. He and his family were in my thoughts & prayers as cancer doesn't seem to acknowledge holidays...

Prayers went out to another bloggy friend who was having a very different holiday than she imagined. At a time when she should have been pregnant, and should have been sharing all the joy that pregnancy brings with her family and friends...well, she just wasn't. I'm sure it was weighing on her heart, and my thoughts & prayers just went out to her.

And then of course, I started thinking about all the women out there in that same boat, and I just had to say a little prayer for strength for each of them!

So, my thoughts and prayers went out to others, and yet, I found myself sooooooo busy, that I couldn't even pick up the phone to call anyone or wish them a Merry Christmas! That's what a full house will do to a gal.

And so I shall begin---the Christmas Day festivities...
As I mentioned before, my father-in-law came over early in the morning. He got here before we even woke up. He just sat on the couch sipping coffee until we all woke up.

We were up before 8, and headed down the hallway. Just like last year, Gage made us PROMISE that Santa was NOT still here. Gage is mega-afraid of Santa. When Gage rounded the corner into the living room, I think "GrandDaddy Longhorn" (that's what Gage calls him b/c he is a MAJOR UT fan & always buys Gage Longhorn stuff...) startled him. He didn't know what to think.

He headed into the "Lellow" Room, and that's where his gifts were set up. At first, he wouldn't even go near the stuff. He made me hold him...

He went toward the gifts, and kind of checked them out like a dog sniffing around...after that, it was kind of blah. We had to work really hard to get this kid pumped up about all of his new stuff. I'm starting to think that maybe my kid is just not that into holidays.... hmmmmm.... Best $$ spent on his gifts: a $10 Mack truck (from the movie, "Cars") that I got as a last-minute-deal from Wal-Mart.

The pictures lead you to believe that he was pumped & happy & excited...but I gotta say, it wasn't a big-hurried-full-of-energy-hustle-&-bustle morning like I remember as a kid with paper & bows flying!

So...when he finally checked out the race track, it was fun for a little while...

Yes, it was fun for a while...until the piece of sh*t started smoking & burning up. Stupid frack-slappin' crap almost caught my damn Christmas tree on fire. "Hi, I'd like to return this piece of crap melted ball of plastic. It's supposed to be a race track, but as you can see it didn't work properly." Thank goodness we were all right there when it started to malfunction... goodness!

After THAT fun, we coaxed Gage into checking out his room. We thought SANTA may have left a gift in there...

We were right! Jackpot!!!

As far as opening wrapped gifts...aaaahhh, he wasn't so much into it. He'd unwrap about two inches, and then hand them to either me, Daddy, or GrandDaddy Longhorn to finish unwrapping.
The After-Math:

After was time to get in the kitchen, and start cooking for all those guests that were coming! ...well, you know, after coffee, of course.

So, here I am, in all my Christmas glory, chopping onions with my goggles on.

Poke fun if you must (I'm sure I couldn't resist...), but the goggles keep the onions from bothering my eyes. I just cannot STAND to cut onions!

I was making the dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, and scalloped potatoes for the day. I'd already made cookies & a cherry pie. So, before 9am, I was in the kitchen! And, I must brag to say that my dressing & gravy were awesome. One person asked for the recipes, and I've been officially assigned the task of making dressing & gravy for future family gatherings. All of this---for the gal who doesn't cook!
[what have I done to myself? now they're going to expect great things...crap!]

Gage got a Thomas "shaving kit" with moldable foam soap like shaving cream, and a rubber razor. He ended up taking THREE BATHS on Christmas Day. He had so much fun with that little kit!

And...then after the coffee, I moved onto Mimosas... My holiday "Mistletoe Mimosas"!

We had so much food! Ham, and Turkey, and side dishes comin' out the ying-yang! Desserts...oh the desserts! Chocolate pies, cherry pie, pecan pies, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, cookies, devinity, caramel corn, fudge, red velvet cupcakes, peppermint bark, gingerbread cookies...Oh my, oh my, oh my!

On a more somber note...I must mention our fish.... I had been on Hubby's hiney all week to change the water in the aquarium... I set the water out in the big bucket...let it sit for 24+ hours with it's perfect balance of conditioning drops & powder.... and then, finally----Christmas morning, Hubby obliges me by changing the fish water. And that was the beginning of the end for our whole fish tank. No matter how you slice it or dice it---I blame Hubby. He knows that. He took out too much water. He didn't take the fish out before he drained the majority of their water, and then just DUMPED a whole bucket of the new water on them, although, I am sure he would tell the story differently.... So, when there wasn't enough "fresh" water to fill the aquarium, Hubby filled the bucket with "luke-warm" water and dumped that into the aquarium too. I discovered this after-the-fact, and pointed out that room temperature water is NOT luke-warm to the touch, and I suggested that the water Hubby added was not only too warm, but also too chlorinated. Within an hour, all the fish but one were dead. Gage didn't even notice. We asked GrandDaddy Longhorn to distract Gage so that we could remove the dead fish & save the sole survivor in a fish bowl. The remaining fish was scooped into a regular fish bowl & kept under a watchful eye in the kitchen. He passed away later in the day... So, did the fish get pummeled to death by the weight of the water bashing them against the black pepples at the bottom of their tank? Did they cook in the warm water? Did they die from too much chlorine? We don't know. But like I said---Hubby knows that I blame him. I believe his response was, "well, maybe next time you'll change the water yourself."
When Gage finally noticed the lack of fish in our aquarium, Daddy's on-his-toes response was, "they went on vacation." Lucky me---I get to go find a bug-eyed black goldfish just like his favorite one. I have to match all 5 of them or else he will know! But...I've gone off on a tangent here. 12/25/08: Rest In Peace Little Fishies! Now, back to the story of Christmas Day...

Gage had fun playing with his cousins. Dad & Allen were here too. Allen & Forrest had fun haging out I think....

After that...everyone started heading home around 5pm...
We stood on the porch, and said our Good-byes...

....and we then opened our gifts that my Pop & Gammy (Gage's great-grandparents) sent over.
Oh, look---he wants me to open it FOR him.
Oh, look---what EVERY 3 year old needs---his own candy-dispenser. Um...thanks.

GrandDaddy Longhorn got Gage his first board games. After the crew left, we sat around & played Hi-Ho-Cherry-O & Memory. It probably wasn't the best timing to teach Gage to follow rules of a game after a busy day with no nap...But, we had pretty good luck with Hi-Ho-Cherry-O...

And then...GrandDaddy Longhorn, Aunt Kim, and Forrest came back over later in the evening for some super-fun Uno playing... Gage fell asleep around 7. We thought he was down for the night. Um....not so much. That was just a nap! He was awake again around 9, and ready to play! He had fun watching his Thomas Christmas movie (yes, I have comments about that, but I will post about that another time...), and playing with his train table. When Uno was over (No, I didn't win, but I did rack up 308 or 309 points just by quickly winning one hand!) the family left, and it was just our little family of 3. Gage of course, insisted that he have another bath...He was a little grumpy when bath-time (for the 3rd time that day!) was over...

After that, we crawled up into "Daddy's Bed" for snuggle time & lights out! Before that, it was fun with Mommy's camera & new tripod (thanks to a coworker who told me about a small, portable, and bendy tripod! Love it, and I got it for Christmas from Hubby!)

And so it was... a Merry Christmas to all (except our fish...), and to all, a good night!

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Christmas Eve...

So, on Christmas Eve we go to my Mamasita's house down in Tyler.

A good time was had by all.
There was LOTS of yummy food, including Hubby's Beef Wellington & this yummy asparagus casserole.

Alas, it was time to go home...

Allen rode back to Dallas with us to spend the night and Christmas day with Dad., when Allen went back to Dad's, and Gagie was tucked safely in seems....that Santa came!

Santa is clearly a fan of my oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies...

Why...what is THAT? It's Gage's new train table that Santa & his helpers delivered. Geez, Santa....big enough? Perhaps you should have read that it was 4 foot by 6 foot before you bought it! ...I mean---before the elves made it.

Santa & his helpers had to rearrange Gage's room a little, and had to move some furniture out. (read: the changing table...........okay, so I'm a freak & I've used the changing table MUCH longer than the average family...whatever. I loved the changing table...)

Twas the Night Before Christmas 2008, Lainey-Paney Style:
And was the night before Christmas, and all through the house...not a creature was stirring, because there better not be a single mouse in this house!
Gagie was tucked into his parents' bed, so visions of his train table didn't appear in his head... The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...but they were so full that they wouldn't stay there. The family was dressed in their matching pj's, and all slept in "daddy's bed" until the next day. And just when I'd reached that deep sleep like Heaven, In walked my father in law at nearly 7:00!

...and tonight, that's where the story must end.
I'll post about Christmas Day soon, I promise!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Heat Is On....


So...I've got today.
Today. That's it.
Gotta get the house ready for company (we're up to almost 20 people) for Christmas day.

Tomorrow---headin' down South to my Mamasita's for our Christmas celebration.
And then....Santa's coming!

Grocery List that remains: vegetable oil, orange juice, champagne (you know, for my mistletoe mimosas!).... I do NOT want to go to the store. I'll send Hubby.

Santa's helpers have some work to do. You know---"some assembly required" type stuff.

I need to swiffer the dining room.
I need to clean up all the toys in the living room, and windex the glass top tables.
I think I'm done wrapping gifts...

I'm in pretty good shape, I suppose.

Did some baking today: chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and a cherry pie.

Tomorrow, Hubby's making Beef Wellington at my mom's... I can't wait. He makes it with this uber-yummy red wine sauce. So good that I dream about it! Mmmmmm.

Hope you guys have a good day with the last minute hustle & bustle of the season.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cheer!


I've been tagged by Pam... So, here goes....

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? I am big fan of wrapping paper, but sometimes the item is a better fit for a lovely bag.

2. Real tree or Artificial? Both, and lots of them. Currently, we have 3 trees up & decorated in our house. Real one...which I TOTALLY LOVE, small one in Gage's room, decorated with all snowmen ornaments, and a medium sized one in the dining room.

3. When do you put up the tree? different every year...

4. When do you take the tree down? well, my confession is that one year I didn't take it down until Easter. Hubby was my boyfriend then, and it drove him NUTS!

5. Do you like eggnog? it's been so long since I've had it that I can't remember.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Too hard of a question. Seriously. I've been a very lucky gal, and a very lucky child when it came to Christmas!

7. Hardest person to buy for? my dad. always my dad.

8. Easiest person to buy for? myself. Oh...wait...I'm not supposed to be doing that, right? So...easiest person to buy for is probably Gage. Everything that they've advertised on a commercial--he wants. Everything with Thomas on it---he wants. He wants everything, so buying for him is easy. I believe he'll love everthing we've got him, and everything that Santa may bring!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes...several. Right now, we have two tiny ones on the tree in ornaments, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom....and at least two are still packed away this year.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards. When I've sent them, I've always mailed them. Sometimes I don't have my stuff together by Christmas, so we end up sending out New Year's cards...

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I can't think of one...

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? All-time faves are National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

13. When do you start shopping? Black Friday. That's sooooo the way to kick off the Christmas season!

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? I'm sure I have...

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? I dunno....

16 color lights on tree or white? white

17. Favorite Christmas song? Spirit of Christmas by Ray Charles. But...this season, I have two new ones. Gage has something to do with it too. Hearing him sing along to these two songs just melts my heart & brings a smile to my face! The songs: some country song about Christmas cookies, and the Noggin "I only want a candy cane this year" song. So cute to hear him singing along!!!

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Little of both..

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? By memory, or after I google them?

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? There is a star on top of my tree.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Both, Christmas Eve and Day!We usually open one gift on Christmas Eve & it's usually pajamas. Well---and we spend Christmas Eve day at my mom's, so we open gifts there before going home...

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? family DRAMA. Not naming names here... My mom reads my blog, and she knows that I'm not talking about her!

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? the theme? Memories. That would be the only theme I can think of. Most of our ornaments are from particular moments or friends...I've been collecting ornaments since I was a little girl.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? What? Favorite what?

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? A self-cleaning home.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Did Somebody Call a Plumber?


So...I come home from work.... get ready to take a bath....
I'm in there.... I turn on the water....
I'm waiting...
....still waiting....
"Hey, Hubby? Can you check the pilot light? I can't get any hot water!"'s because the hot water heater is doing something...odd.
It's leaked water out the bottom in some hideously ugly yet functional pan, and it's making this I-might-be-leaking-gas sound.
That can't be good.

My first inclination: clean the house! If the fire department & gas company have to come out, our house is a mess! What will they think? They'll think that we are sloppy, lazy, unfit parents who let our kid rule the house with his insane amount of toys!

Instead, I call my dad.
He tells me to call a plumber.
Called Leslie's husband, the plumber.
Now, thanks to my hot water heater, I need a plumber.
I never really needed my own plumber before, and while I find it handy to have Leslie's husband be a plumber....I find it completely inconvenient that we even need a plumber.
Sometimes I just hate being a grown up.
Remember when we lived with our parents, and grown up problems weren't ours to deal with? When can I get THAT back?
Oh, but I still want the freedom of adulthood...
...and grown-up paychecks...
...and to be a mom...
...and have a checking account...
Okay----FINE. I'll deal with inconveniences of adulthood. But, I don't have to like it.

Oh! And the best part: found the warranty paperwork with the hot water heater b/c it was just installed 4 years ago. 11 years for free replacement...with the original receipt. We have the warranty paperwork...but no original receipt. Lucky us. And, the man who installed it & likely has or rather, HAD the original receipt---dead. He died.
....if I could just go through his belongings.....


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Only a little boy....

So, not last night, but the night before...I was rocking Gage before bed. He told me a little story that CRACKED me up.

Gage: "I was at Memaw & Poppa's house, and a squirrel got knocked dead."
Mommy: "What?"
Gage: "He was in the road, and that's not a berry safe place for squirrels. He just got knocked dead. A car runned over him."
Mommy: "Awwww...."
Gage: "And then Poppa picked him up and put him in the trash."
Mommy: "That makes me sad for the squirrel."

Gage: "Not me. He gets to go to the DUMP!"

....hope Gage doesn't start playing in traffic so he can get "knocked dead", put in the trash can, and then ride the trash truck to the dump!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Well....I happen to believe that every year there is one perfect Christmas tree...

I hate to inform the rest of you, but folks, this year we got it.

The quest for the perfect tree involved us borrowing my dad's truck, dinner at KFC (because the ol' pizza joint over there has been turned into a laundromat...hmmmm...), and a local Christmas tree lot.


Last Friday night...

Now, the owner of this Christmas tree lot was an old friend of my biological father. Very nice man. Turns out---he's also one of our neighbors. Small world, eh?

Aaaaannndddd---they're off!

There it is....the chosen tree.

Got it home. So easy. It was bagged, and all we had to do was cart it in, and turn it upright. It was already on a stand. Talk about rockin' my world. Seriously---every year we spend 30-45 minutes getting it in the stand, trimming bottom branches, tighten this bolt thing, is it straight? etc. Not this year. And, never again, my friends!

Of course, it was too big to fit in our house. We have a house that was built in 1949. We don't have tall, we trimmed down the top to get it to fit...

And then, the decorations!
Let's start with lights....I love looking at them, but hate to put them on the tree! We looked in our box, we had 4 strands of 100 little white lights, and 4 strands of 10 star lights. Got those on the tree....they weren't nearly enough.
So, off we went to the store for more lights. I can tell you exactly how many lights are on this tree: 1540. That's a lotta lights!

Ornaments...I have been collecting Christmas ornaments since I was a little girl. Every year since Junior High, Megan, Susan & I have been exchanging ornaments, and usually when I visit a new place, I get Christmas ornaments. And--my grandparents gave me the Christmas ornaments that they had on their tree when my dad was a little boy. I think those are pretty special. point is: I've got quite an eclectic ornament collection. When I started looking at the ornaments, I discovered that I had less than 20 plain colored ball ornaments. Those are the fillers!
So, with all of the lights & ornaments on the tree, it still wasn't enough!
Off I went to a dollar store and Garden Ridge. I bought a ton of ornaments! Some were filler ornaments, and some are neat little trinkety ornaments. I told Gage that he could pick out any ornaments that he wants b/c at Garden Ridge they were 1/2 off, and we needed a lot more! So, it was no surprise that he picked a car ornament (jeez, I hate Nascar....but lucky me, I have a Nascar ornament on my tree!)...and then I was surprised at the other ornaments he picked. He picked half a dozen ornaments that are feathered birds with feathery tails and they clip on the branches. He loved them, so we got them. Hubby hates them...but Gage liked them, so that's what matters. I think they're neat looking....

Alas, in all it's is the Lainey-Paney Family Christmas Tree!

(nevermind the fact that the tree skirt isn't nearly big enough!)


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