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Monday, June 30, 2008

What in the World?????????????? one point, Hubby was in the living room watching TV.
I was in the bedroom watching a movie & folding laundry.
Gage was in his room laying on his sleeping bag, watching cartoons, and eating marshmallows. (refusing a nap, but agreeing to have a "rest time"....)

He came out & told me about some "clackity-clack" crabs that he was watching....all I could do was laugh! He had no idea that he had a marshmallow stuck to his neck!

So...I told him to hurry into the living room to tell Daddy. You know---while I got my camera!

Bed-head & Marshmallow-Neck....


Books, Shorts, The Stolen Cow, and Orange Cup.

So.....last Wednesday, 6/25....we had a pretty eventful morning....before the Bubble Gum video!

The day started with the best of intentions for several of us to take our kids to the story time at Northpark Mall. There's a kiddie library there at the mall.

So...we bust our fannies to get there in time. I was driving on a donut spare tire at the time, so needless to say, I was late. (background on that: hole in the tire, it's on the side, couldn't patch it, had to order a new tire. these tires are not old at all, so only had to replace one, but the tire wasn't in yet...drove to Northpark on a donut---back roads only.)

Anyway----we get to the story hour, and it's crazy. There are kids & strollers everywhere. Attendance is so high that they don't even hold the story hour in the library---they hold it out in the main area of the mall. Gage didn't want to sit up with the kids without me. I didn't want to walk into this sea of kids. There wasn't room for all of us. Leslie's dtr is too little---she could care less about the story. Aubri was flat-out anti-story hour, and so---we didn't stay long.
Instead, we ventured on down to the kid's library.

It was Gage's first trip to the library!

He was more interested in running around & playing than he was in library books and reading...

Let's see....after that, we hit the Babystyle store since they are closing.
I got Gage a 4T long sleeved shirt for the Fall. It was only $6 (well, five bucks & some change...)

As I'm in there shopping---Tera takes Aubri & Gage over to the Puzzle Zoo store where Gage wanted to go play with the Thomas Table....
And that's when I hear Gage crying, and Tera calling my name, and Aubri crying. I gave the shirt & money to Leslie to check out for me.
Why? Gage was busted for shop-lifting.
He stole a cow.
My son stole a cow.
Who steals a cow? Gage steals a cow.

He wanted it. He wanted to show me. He wanted to ask me to get him a cow.

What's odd: the Saturday before this, we were at the Puzzle Zoo store. From about Saturday to the Wednesday when all of this happened, he was talking about a cow. I didn't know what toy he was talking about....

Well, I go out into the mall & Gage is walking toward me, embarrassed & heart-broken. Tera told me that he got busted stealing a cow. So, I took him back in the store to apologize & have a teaching moment about stealing. The lady at the store had the cow & let me hold it.
Well...the other situation: Gage was so...I dunno, shocked or whatever when it came to being "in trouble" by the "store ladies" who were "mad at [him]", that he just peed everywhere. He peed all over. He was in a pull-up! It leaked everywhere. And of course, I had no change of clothes b/c I thought we were past that!
I ended up grabbing a cheap pair of shorts at the BabyStyle store, buying Gage the cow (which he has slept with since last Wednesday), and then we all went to...

Can I just tell you how nasty I think this stuff is?
I mean, it sounds good---but in reality---not so much. If you want me to eat frozen yogurt, put some vanilla in it. I do not want unflavored frozen yogurt that you just sprinkle some blueberries on. Seriously. The stuff is nasty. And, it's entirely possible that my entire body recognized this product as "too nutritious", and rejected it entirely. That is certainly a possibility.

But of course, everyone else loved it.

(Look! They put his name on it! I didn't even notice...Leslie pointed it out. And--she taught me how to use my camera to take a picture of it close up. I was so excited!)

After know he fell asleep on the way home....

He slept for about 20 minutes, and then REFUSED to take a nap later....that's when we ran into the "I don't want to take a nap b/c I want bubble gum" situation.

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It's the Sham-wow!!!!

Did I ever post about how excited I was when I first saw the infomercial for the Sham-wow?
I was totally sold.

My thoughts on a related topic: buying paper towels. I have a hard time paying money for paper towels when I know that their ultimate fate is to be discarded, tossed & thrown away within a few days after purchase. I feel like I'm just throwing money away!!!! (Although I must admit---I love the Kleenex Viva paper towels b/c they are so soft...they're my first choice, although they are overpriced & not super friendly for the environment...)

Anywhooooo....I saw the commercial late one evening for the ShamWow!
I was in love.
So much so, that I woke Hubby up to watch the infomercial....and then I told Susan & David all about the Sham-Wow at Megan's birthday party.

I'll be damned if I didn't get my own set for my birthday!
I have 4 big size & 4 little size.

....we often say "Gage, you're a mess!"
Um....he's one mess that the ShamWow doesn't even stand a chance against!

If you've seen the infomercial for the ShamWow---then here's a question I've had. If this stuff is sooooooo absorbent, and sooooooooo amazing....when can we start making diapers out of it????????????


Well, I went to a wedding on Saturday.
I totally suck for forgetting my camera!!!!!
A coworker got married in the chapel of the Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth.
After that, a reception at the Gardens Restaurant at the Bontanic Gardens in Fort Worth.

Her dress & shoes were so awesome.
I can't believe I forgot my camera...


Friday, June 27, 2008

Bubble Gum 6/25

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Make-Up Is For Girls.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Malls, Two Days....

Well, yesterday after the baby shower & after naptime...we all headed up to Northpark for a little fun...

Gage's favorite spot: The Puzzle Zoo store.
They have this Thomas the Train table.
Good know, when you're a 2 year old little boy.
So, since he likes it so much....we start to think about maybe buying some of this Thomas stuff---erecting it all on the Blue & white table & putting it in his room.
Now, I don't know if maybe the stuff was overpriced b/c it was at this hoity-toity specialty shop at Northpark, or if it's that overpriced everywhere...but ONE little wooden Thomas engine was $19.95. It's a block of wood on wheels. A twenty dollar block of wood on wheels? Are you f*cking kidding me?
So...then I am looking at all of this other stuff. You could spend a FORTUNE making this Thomas table like they have. If you buy these kits/sets that they already have bulked together, you get more bang for your buck than just buying each individual car, but STILL.

Anyway....being the sucker that I am---No, I didn't buy it yesterday...but I'm thinking about doing a table for his birthday. I'm certainly going to shop around before I go buying all of that stuff from THAT store. I have to say---Gage is content to play right there at the table for as long as I will let him. He's easily spent 20-30 minutes there in the store just playing...having a good ol' time.

We also looked at art, and worked on identifying our colors...

And of course, there was much sliding...

Grabbed a quick bite at Chik-fil-A, and left the mall.
:), got a call from Tera.
Aubri was going stir-crazy couped up in the house, but it's toooooo hot to head to the park...
So, we met them at Starbucks in Town East. We sipped coffee & the kiddos got to play in the play area...

And...I picked up some contacts while we were there...and then we hit American Eagle. Fun Times.... Short Lived though...both kids were aching for an afternoon nap, so we were gone for about 2 hours total. Not too long at all. The play area was of course not as clean as we'd like, and overcrowded b/c it's a weekend....

But, we did hit Two Malls in Two Days. You know that makes me happy.....

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Today was one of Ginger's showers for her new babies! Well, the babies aren't due until September, but you have to be prepared for an early arrival with twins!

She's been told so far that they are both boys...but there's been some question about one of them because it took so long to locate the parts...what if it was really just part of the umbilical cord, and really it's a boy & a girl???!!!!

Anyway...the shower was today, and Gin got sooooooooo much stuff. Mostly clothes...and crib sheets. Holy cow did she get some crib sheets!

The shower was hosted at her Aunt Pam's house...and the bedrooms there were soooo cute. I was ready to just move right in!

She's 27 weeks...

And THIS little doll...

Oh, I got to hold her for a while. It felt so good to hold a baby again!

It was a great time.

Background on Ginger's family & my family.
Her grandparents were friends with my grandparents.
Her parents were friends with my parents.
My parents bought her grandparent's house when they built a new house.
So, I grew up in Ginger's grandparents old house...which happened to be down the street from Ginger's house, and Ginger's Aunt's house. Our neighborhood was small---only 3 streets total. So, we grew up together. Ginger was one of my very first friends when I moved to Garland. In fact, she & Courtney were the only friends I had that first Summer there. So....I've known Ginger since I was 10 years old.

And she's going to have twin boys! How VERY exciting!!!!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday Night....CRAZY!

So, last Wednesday night, Megan & Susan came over for some CRAZY gossip.

Gage was hopped up on sugar & a late night, so he was wild & CRAZY.

The fact that I am 30 is just CRAZY!

So, clearly....we can all agree that the theme for the evening was:


So, the gals came over, and we had a good time.
We chatted....we opened gifts....we laughed at how old we are b/c I got totally excited about my ShamWows & a fridge deoderizer that never needs to be replaced. Yes, we're old. So what?
We ran to the store for butter. Why? Because I got a delicious cookie mix in a jar that called for 1.5 sticks of butter. I don't even own real butter.
We grabbed take-out from Luby's for dinner. Yeah...we're high-rollers. Showing up at 8:05, when they really close at 8 b/c the old people eat early. We're clearly the rebellious crew of the old crowd.

And....Megan made us cookies!

I'd love to say "we made cookies!" but that wouldn't be the truth. Susan and I didn't really help in that department....

Instead---Gage chased Susan around with his little 18 wheeler until she huddled up on the couch!

After that, Susan took a bazillion pictures of Gage & his 18 wheeler going through the Mommy Tunnel: [WARNING: THESE PICS MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A HUGE DORK, BUT WHATEVER....]

Why, yes, I was in a super-comfy-stay-at-home-dress that I had to hold together to make the tunnel....or bridge...or whatever.


It was sooooo much fun....that Megan did it too!

***and, I assure you, Gage was moving at super-quick speed. Faster than the camera, so there's a picture of Megan, but Gage had already zipped out of the shot!

....yes, my little boy is usually pretty energetic...but, he's not usually as hyped up as he was on Wednesday night. I think he was just excited about Megan & Susan being over.


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Pics from the playdate....

The playdate really came about when I invited the mommies over to help me polish off the birthday cake last Wednesday...

Anyway... The crew included: Stephanie & Justin, Tera & Aubri, and Leslie & Sadie.
Two boys, Two girls.
Gage is the oldest.

And I got a few pics, but not many...

....and some uber-cute pics from Tuesday when Aubri was over...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Any Rec's????

Anyone done "Love and Logic" with a toddler??

Any suggestions from anyone about discipline tactics, reading materials, etc. for the toddler years????

Let me tell you: my child does not share well with others, especially on his home turf.
After removing my child from the room today during a playdate...I said to Gage, "If you don't share your toys with the other children, they aren't going to want to play with you. They'll want to just go home."

His response, "I want 'em to just go home and leave my toys alone!"

He'd rather just play with me. He'd rather not have friends over. He'd rather not share.
What is this???????????????
But, yesterday, he & Aubri played here nicely. I don't get it.
My child does NOT like to share.

We've got to work on this every day.

But, I must say: my mommy friends were super troopers for sticking it out for a while, allowing us our teaching moments, and showing Gage that they can share, and their babies can share...etc.

If I don't address this now---I won't be doing him any favors in the long run, right? I mean, I don't want him to show up to kindergarten & not have any friends b/c he's a greedy-gut. Yes, I know that toddlers are going to go through the "Miiiiine" phase. This is more than the "miiiiiiiiiiiiine" phase. All 4 of us today agree that clearly my child has a problem with sharing, particularly here in his home.

I'm ready for naptime.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Well, I'm 30+1 day.
I still don't feel grown up.

It's rainy today.
And, when this storm hit Dallas, I was actually out in Mesquite at the Chik-fil-A over on Town East Blvd. with Tera, Aubri, Stephanie, Justin, and Gage.

Whoooo....a big storm blew threw, and it was only raining a little bit when we left.

In just a bit I'm going to watch Aubri for a little while. Her Daddy's having surgery today, and this way Tera can go be with him, and then they can get Aubri from my house when they get him home & settled.

Chik-fil-A was eventful. Another little girl hurt Gage's feelings because she didn't want to play with him in the playroom. He was all over her! She was about 3 years old with long curly blonde hair. He was smothering her. Not literally, but you know what I mean. I explained that he should give her a little space to explore & maybe she'd want to play in a little while. Well, they had a little disagreement at the door to the play area. She wanted to shut the door with him inside & her outside so that he'd get away from her, and in the process she smushed his fingers in the door---and just leaned in with her weight in an attempt to keep the door shut. Her mother was on it before I was able to travel the two feet to his rescue. It wasn't pretty, and she refused to say she was sorry. Her poor mom was horrified. But hey---I get it. Trying to get a toddler to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it is not easy. Granted, Gage's feelings & fingers were hurt, but in the end, we were all okay. And her poor mom was just so apologetic & TRIED to get her little one to say she was sorry. That's really all you can do, I suppose.

And now, we're home. Gage is playing trucks in the living room, and we're just waiting for Aubri to arrive.

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Monday, June 16, 2008



I expected to wake up smarter, more know, more like a grown up.
...that didnt' happen.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Heart My Brother...

...sewing machine!

"she's a maniac, maniac with a thimble!
and she's sewing like she never did before!"

Okay, so I'm learning.
You've gotta start somewhere, right????

Since the grand purchase, I've made...
a pillow case for Gage
a pillow for Gage
two pairs of shorts for Gage
a skirt for me
a dress for me

Both pairs of shorts suck. The good news: he is still in LOVE with the Tigger shorts. The bad news: the other pair is soooooooooo sucky, that Hubby has refused to let Gage wear them in public, and he says that the fabric is girly any way....

To note: he's laying down in the above picture, but if he were standing, you'd see how low waisted those shorts are. And nevermind the fact that I used white thread. If you look carefully, you'll see that Tigger is right-side-up on one leg, and upside down on the other. Oh well. They can be jammie shorts.

But whatever...he LOVES them, and requested that I take a picture of him in his Tigger shorts.

The other shorts... Well...they're hideous for a 2 year old little boy.

The fabric has green leaves and little bees on it. I thought it was gender neutral...apparently I was wrong.

But, made myself a blue & white little skirt. It's so comfy, and easy-breezy...

And the two pillowcases I made for Gage as he munches on his apples...And yes, let's all keep in mind----he picked those fabrics. Not me.

Anyway....even if all my creations from today are not was fun! And, I'm only going to get better, right???????????

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Saturday, 6/14

Let the Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Mom & David stopped by & brought me a gift & a strawberry cake! Yummy! And thank y'all for my gift card!!!!

After that, Gage woke from his nap, and Dad came over.
Allen & Gage had a blast on the Slip-N-Slide.

And then the 5 of us went to dinner at Trail Dust.

Dad & Allen

Me & Hubby

Me & Gage on the dance floor!

Me & Gage on the slide...

Allen was so sweet to take Gage on the slide time & time again!

Hubby even took Gage down the slide!

And the night ended with some Rocking Horse fun...

Why are they both so happy in that picture? Well, because Allen was lifting the "ponytail" & making farting noises... you know---life with boys. Typical boy fashion. And they both thought it was hilarious!

....cute history about that rocking horse...when Allen was about a year and a half, maybe two years old, my grandfather, Papa, bought that rocking horse for Allen. Allen played & played on that thing! Now, it's Gage's and he loves it too.
It's a sentimental hand-me-down. And it makes me happy.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Early Birthday...To Me!

For my 30th, I wanted a sewing machine.
...and tonight after work....I got it!

Gage went with me....and he picked out some fabrics. They certainly wouldn't have been my picks, but he got what he wanted!

So, the plan was to make some little pajama pants for Gage out of the fabrics. I ended up making a little Tigger pillow...or, it will be finished tomorrow after I buy some pillow stuffing! And, out of the fireman fabric, I made a regular pillow case. He was livid. He wanted the "Fireman" to be a blankie. He's laying down now, covered in a fireman pillowcase like it is a blanket. Silly-nilly. We'll see....he may get some type of blankie out of the fabric. It seems weird to let him sleep with a pillow case that I just whipped out, and is certainly not fine craftsmanship with regard to sewing....

Anyway....that's been my Friday night.

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