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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So, this morning, I went into the nursery to wake Gage for the day. He was sitting up in his crib, and when he saw me, he stood up & went over to his musical crib toy & got it going (as he does on the mornings that he wakes in a good mood).

So, I pick him up & we go over to the changing table. I lay him down & start the diaper changing routine...

and then came...a gust of wind outside his window. You could hear it whistling & the leaves flying around...his eyes opened really wide & he had that "what is that?" look on his face.

Mommy: "Did you hear that? That's the wind. The WIND is blowing. There it is again. It's WIND."

Gage: "Win....Win......Win......"

...and then we were done with the diaper change & I put him down on the floor. He was headed for the door when a gust of wind came along again.
He turned toward the window, pointed his little finger, "Win, Win, Win, Win..."

He's grasping a concept!
He's learning & almost completely saying the word!
He's learing about WIND!

I'm so glad it's windy today.



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