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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today's compliment...

I just got a voice mail from my Mamasita.
She's crying.
She's watching Baby Gage's montage....
and she said, "You are the BEST Mommy!"

...and the other day, she said that she would love to have had me for a mom.
That made me feel so good!
And---it's not like she's saying that Memaw was not a good mom. It's not that at all...she was just saying that she thinks I'm a good mom.
I knew what she meant...
It was just so sweet...

Little Black Slip....

I'm not wearing a slip today.
Because I could not find my little black slip. It's my favorite slip. It's super short, so it goes under mini skirts. Now, the skirt I'm wearing today comes to my knees...but it has a slit in it, and that's why I need the little black slip.
wouldn't be that big of a deal if I didn't have to wear pantyhose with skirts that don't come to your mid-calf.
So...Here I am at work, in my skirt, in my pantyhose, and I'll be tugging at my skirt all day because it will ride up b/c I have no little black slip underneath.
AND---I spent 5-7 minutes overturning tons of things in my closet looking for it. There I was franticly searching for my slip while Gage was standing outside of my closet screaming & crying as if his flesh were on fire. He was pitching the BIGGEST fit because Mommy couldn't (or in his mind, "wouldn't") hold him right then. So, my patience level tanked, I got nuts & just started dumping baskets of slips, pantyhose, etc onto my closet floor looking for the perfect little slip.
I'm sure I'll use one of Gage's naptimes on Saturday or Sunday to clean my closet floor now.

Little Black Slip: where could you be?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Cute! here's some random cute stuff that I've found for Gage.

That's the image on a t-shirt.
It's cute for Gage b/c honestly, he loves this Johnny Cash CD that we have. Whenever you put it on in the car, his little legs just get to kickin'! It's so cute.

shhhh...dont tell Gage, but there is a store at Northpark mall that carries this little firetruck. We plan to get it for him for his birthday!

These are cute for Gage b/c Memma & PawPaw got him an orange Paul Frank monkey in his Easter Basket. He sleeps with "Monkey" every night!

Okay...this is not so much cute for Gage right now...b/c Gage prefers to eat paper & chew on books right now...but in general, and perhaps next year...I think this little book is sooooooo funny!
Here's a little excerpt:

TEN little Elvi gettin’ ready to shine.
One made a comeback and then there were NINE.

And this is a little bit about the book...
Ten little tykes pay tribute to the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. While young ones learn numbers with caped Elvis, GI Elvis, Karate Elvis, and seven other diminutive impersonators, adults will enjoy finding hidden references to the King’s life and song. For fans and future fans alike. A counting book as one of a kind as its subject.

I found some Curious George stuff.
Okay, this is pretty much cool for me as well as for the baby b/c I've always loved Curious George...but, I know Gage would love this stuff!


oH....And then...I found this Baby Gymnastics Bounce & Spin Zebra. It's just like a mechanical bull that you'd find in some dirty south honky tonk...but in bright colors, and much know, for kids.
Just looking at it is hilarious. Gage MUST have one.

Gage is now needing a pull toy.
He pulls Bevo around the house by his sweatshirt string...So I thought this is cute from

Back to School....

Well, last night marked my first day back in 5 years.

There was a manual pencil sharpener on the wall.
I can't remember the last time I used one of those.
I can't remember the last time I used a pencil that requires sharpening.

The old Social Work Complex still smells the same.
Still has the same old desks.
I am not sure anything has changed there except some of the faces....

...back in my former days at this school.......
I sure had a lot of fun & sure do have a lot of memories!
The sorority house....

...oh, the sorority memories!
The fights, the gossip, the hugs, the discussions, the drama! The "super stealthing" and flirting....the oozeball & bed races & guessing who was going to get dropped/pinned, or who was going to be X-fraternity's sweetheart...
Gee, we had so much to worry about back then! (note the sarcasm!)
Good times....

So anyway...I started class last night. We got out early.
I have Research on Tuesday nights. I'm trying to be optimistic about the class. What I've heard about it so far: it's really boring, and one of the toughest Grad school classes.

That's all for now!

Monday, August 28, 2006

They Grow So Fast...

I took these two pictures on Sunday morning.

I look at these & just think...."he's getting so big!"

Scenario: Daddy just left the kitchen, and shut the door behind him. Gage wanted to go too, but couldn't. His little heart was broken!

Good Luck M'Witty!

Melissa starts a new job today.
Good Luck Melis!!!!!

Practice Makes Perfect.

You are probably asking yourself, "What is that?"
That is a biscuit with a candle in it.
We're practicing for the upcoming birthday.
Gage has not yet perfected the blowing out of the candle, but it's pretty cute to watch him try!
Note to others: eleven months old really want to HOLD the flame of the candle. Gage makes more attempts to catch the flame & get the candle away from MomMom's hand than he does to blow out the candle!


So, on Saturday night, after dinner...after Baby Gage went to husband, my father-in-law, and I all sat down for a friendly game of poker.

Well....We were playing, and Gene (my father-in-law) started telling a story about this game of poker he once played...and yada the end he won this whole pot b/c he had 4 Aces.
Well, Would you believe that in that hand we were playing----his last card, he drew a freaking ACE! So, in the end, he had all FOUR ACES, and he beat my straight!

I just couldnt believe it. He literally just finished telling his story, and then he drew the 4th Ace. Ugh.

I took a picture (because you know, it's me we're talking about...I take pictures of all kinds of random sh*t)

The Grass....

So, Baby Gage has been afraid of grass for a while now.
He didn't like the texture on his feet...I think perhaps it seemed unstable, he couldnt trust it...

Friday evening when we all got home from our respective day-time locations...
Daddy mowed the grass, and then I took Gage outside to just SEEEEEEE if he would give it another try.

He did. He loved it.
Now, look what we've started...all he wants to do is go outside & run & crawl in the grass.

Now THAT is a face that I love!
Don't his eyes look so green???

And of course, he loves drinking water out of a glass...

Friday, August 25, 2006

These better make me smart...

Okay, so yesterday after work...instead of "date-night"...I went to buy my textbooks. For those that are out of the loop---I'm going to Grad School. I start...Tuesday.

My checkbook is now missing $270 from book purchases.
I swear, these better make me smart!

Written by one of my old professors. Hmm...will I really use this, or are we just trying to boost book sales for a colleague??? He's not the professor of the class, by the way...

So, there you have it.
The books that I will be lugging around...perhaps in a backpack.
..I dont have a backpack. Or notebooks. Or spirals. Or a protractor. Or a compass. Or a highlighter set. Or a #2 pencil. Or a Big Chief tablet. Or a box of crayons. Or rounded edge scissors. Or notebook paper. Or a box of map pencils. Or a scientific calculator. (okay...that last one is a lie. I do have my scientific calendar that I started using in the 7th grade...that's right--I've still got it!)
The point of this ramble: I get to go school supply shopping! What a TREAT!

Learning to use the spoon...

So, our little one is learning to use the spoon...

These pictures were taken Tuesday night...
Pardon my attire...I was in "lazy-daisy-i'm-at-home" mode.I swear, I have shorts on with that t-shirt!

He's growing up so fast!

Musical Morning....

Someone was asking about the music that I listen to in my car... are my radio stations that are programmed...
88.1 (so I can tune in the ipod!)

That's it.

This morning's song selections were Cowboy Mouth & Macy Gray.

When Gage was brand new....I would sing to him quite a bit (okay...I still do...) But, I couldnt remember a bunch of baby I often sang the following two songs to him: "HitchHiker" by Cowboy Mouth, and "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLachlan.
Random things for all to know today.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tori Amos quotes...

My goodness. I think she's witty!

Tori Amos quotes....

“I think all the boys that write the screaming stuff would write the best love songs.... because they have the most to hide. The guys that are in the most pain are usually the ones with the biggest hearts.”

“If they keep crashing stuff into the moon, the moon's gonna get pissed off, and the tides'll change, and all the women'll start PMS-ing together. Then you guys are going to fucking regret it.”

“She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own.”

“In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb....

"An invisible
red thread connects those destined to meet,
regardless of time,
or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
but never break."

----Ancient Chinese Proverb

For Jamie...

This one's for Jamie!
"Argh! I'm a pirate! And I'm here for the booty!"

Firetruck Party!

Gage is going to have a firetruck birthday party.
I just ordered the invites & postage.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself....

apparently, I've been walking about with my pants unzipped for quite a while. Well, it's almost 4:30...and I last used the restroom at 2:40. (it's a weird series of events that lets me know what time I last tinkled...) least I'm wearing cute panties.

Thank goodness I discovered this myself instead of someone pointing it out!



"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
- Bible: Ecclesiastes

"Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends."
- Mary Catherwood

"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."
- Elbert Hubard

"I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine, encourage me to grow."

"A new friendship is like an unripened fruit - it may become either an orange or a lemon"
- Emma Stacey

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity."
- Kahil Gibran

"When friends stop being frank and useful to each other, the whole world loses some of its radiance."
- Anatole Broyard

Crap Morning.

So far's been a crap morning.
Up at 5:45.
Did my hair...blow dried it & even curled it to wear down. woohoo.
Baby woke up. Fussy...mommy-clingy, dad just could NOT make him happy.
So, there I am, holding a baby, trying to shimmy into my pants. Fun stuff.
Drive to Rockwall.
Turn around, hop on the highway to go to Arlington.
Um....I was an hour late to work b/c a tractor-trailer carrying a load of tile overturned on a highway intersecting with the one I was traveling on, and oil/fuel spilled...along with tile...the highway was shut down. Oh, it was such a frustrating mess!

So, here I am at work, and I've already pulled my hair up b/c there's something going on with me...I'm hotter than hot! Like my whole body feels flushed or something. Even the palms of my hands feel hot!
And, I have to wear this lab coat around all day, and I feel like I'm on fire.
I need to check my temperature.
I'm hot.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So, I have been trying for TWO days now to do this tuition reimbursement bullsh*t.
I'm so frustrated.
There is a 120 second time limit per screen that has sensitive information on it...well, the pages are loading so slowly that I keep getting kicked out. I just FINALLY completed the application online...but then, it suddenly said that I was logged out. So---did I actually complete the WHOLE application??? No idea.
So...I decided to call. The first thing the recorder tells me---"Did you know, you can check the status of your application online?"
Um no, f*cktard, I cant. Your crappy program keeps kicking me out.
So then, I put in my secret code numbers...."We have no application on file for you, please hold for an employee service representative."
...and then..."we are experiencing high call volume at this time. please call back at off-peak call times, or try calling tomorrow."

I think they intentionally make it an a$$-whooping so people will give up, miss the deadlines, and just pay their own darn tuition.

This sucks! This sucks!

September 11th...

Last night, Damon got me watching an hour & a half long program on 9/11. By the end, I was crying, emotionally drained, but too keyed up to fall asleep.
It was just all so sad & awful & frustrating...just a bunch of overlapping & jumbled emotions.

On 9/11 2001, I was in my little convertible driving on I-30 when the planes hit.
I was supposed to be going to New York the following Friday to visit Cory. I'd already started packing.
I lived in Fort Worth at the time.
I was on my way to Big Baylor that morning. I dont know why either. I normally worked evenings in the ER, but for some reason, that day I was working Mother/Baby.
I heard the news on the radio while I was on the Trinity River Bridge & it was like I couldn't get to a TV fast enough.
I repeatedly tried to call Cory to check on him, but I got a weird kind of message that all circuits were busy.
So, I called Cory's Mom & Dad in Chicago & left a message.

Up on the post-partum floor at the hospital, women were crying---tears of joy about their new babies....tears of sorrow for the country and all of those hurt or killed...and then tears because many of the mothers didnt want their babies to have 9.11.01 as their birthday. That for some reason, stood out to me. I understood that...I wouldnt want that for my baby either. And that part of the day---it's just so vivid in my memory. Then another thing---the post-partum floor is on the 7th floor of that building. Many of the women didnt want to be that "high" up in a building (in the grand scheme of things....7 really isnt "that" high...and it certainly was not the tallest building on the hospital campus).

I was in the NICU when I got a hospital-wide overhead page. It was Cory's mom. She told me that he was okay, she'd spoken to him FINALLY.
Now that I'm a mom....even that situation feels differently. It's like I can---but I can't---imagine how scared, terrified, tied up in knots she must have been about her baby---her only baby, being there when this happened. On one hand, I feel like now that I am a mother---I can greater understand the fear. And yet, because I myself was not in that position, I can't truly understand how she felt. was just such a sad, horrible event.
I of course did not go to New York the following Friday.
I haven't been back since.

Flash forward to 4 years later: 9/11/5
I was BFP (big, fat, pregnant). I had been at home for a couple of weeks on bedrest. I woke up that morning in tears about Riley. My contractions started that morning at 4:30 (if I am remembering correctly....) I sat in the nursery rocker all alone just hugging a pillow and crying...bawling....about Riley, about being pregnant, about having my contractions every 30 minutes, and not wanting my son born on 9/11, but selfishly wanting him out of my body! I just cried & cried. Then my husband & I fought about whether or not I was going to the funeral. It was over an hour from our house, and just about as far from the hospital. I was contracting every 30 minutes. But, I couldnt miss it. I couldnt not go. And, I was ready to be done with the whole "pregnancy thing" anyway (like the way I can make light of it now???). So, we went. I was sad, I was miserable, I was huge.
That night, the cramping got worse. We headed off to the hospital.
My mom was there.
My sister & brother in law were there.
Get there....they sent me home. My labor was "non-productive". My labor was "false labor"....."the contractions are real, but they aren't leading up to anything." I was given two Ambien and sent home. And yet, I remember when I was there, it was night-time, I dont remember what time....but I remember hoping that my baby would be born on the 12th instead of the 11th.
Baby Gage finally emerged on the 23rd. After the doctor went in and got him! alas, those are some of my memories related to 9/11.
Is that all of the commentary I can provide? no. Just a tidbit.... just a little of my personal life info...where I was , what was going on & when...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Re-discovering the baby swing...

So, nothing would do on Sunday morning after breakfast, until we put Baby Gage in his indoor baby swing.

We looked on the side for weight restrictions, but found none.
Clearly, our child is TOO big for his baby swing...but we gave in.
We had to remove the mobile that goes at the top b/c it was hitting him in the head...and his feet---practically dragging the ground. But, he was thrilled!

And then....he started to doze off...

And then....he fell fast asleep....

Oh my was sooooooo cute!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Other Announcements....

I love this website:
..and for the woman near & dear to me, who just had a boob job (you know who you are...)

Teeheeeheeee. I think it's so funny.


Let me start by saying, TGIF.
I'm so ready for the weekend.

Sadly, I must come in tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday), for a staff meeting w/ the weekend staffers. Yummy. Looking forward to it. Counting down the hours....

Baby Gage spent the night at Linda's last night for date night.
We went to Joe's Crab Shack, and then back to the casa. No biggie.

But...I'm missing that boy!
It's so funny how he gets tickled at random things...
Like this: Thursday morning, I woke him up to go to Linda's for the day. I said, "You want to go see Memaw?" & he'd smiiiiiile. Then I would say, "You want to go see Sadie?" (that's their dog...a collie) He would LAUGH & LAUGH. It was so cute!
He seems to love Sadie more than Eddie. Sadie's smaller, never barks, never licks him...she was abused & then adopted my Memaw & Papa, so she's really really shy. But---Gage will go right up to her & try to pull her nose off. She moves around, but never snips, or barks, or anything. She's such a good dog!

Gage is working on more words...
"uh-oh" is relatively new.
"oof"...he loves making this noise, particularly in the morning when he first wakes up. Not really sure what it means, but it generally indicates that he's in a good mood.
"cah" ....that's his primitive version of "car". He'll point & look at the road when a car goes by.

He has also really mastered the task of walking. I am by no means saying that he's always stable on his feet all of the time...but it has become his preferred mode of travel. Well, that and Mom carrying him. I guess really--he prefers to be carried, but if not, he'd rather walk than crawl.

His latest trick: climbing.
I do not like this phase.
He can climb UP...but has yet to figure out getting DOWN.
He will push his toys to the edge of the couch, pile them up, and then climb up the toy-pile, until he can get up onto the couch. Now getting down---he just crawls right off the edge until he falls to the floor, and MomMom picks up a startled, crying, ball of baby, who can't figure out what just happened. Yes, I almost had a heart attack.
While on our little trip, he took the box that the pampers came in (we buy the big boxes of diapers...) and he turned it upside down. Then, he climbed on top of it, and was perched on all fours on top of this empty box that could collapse at just any minute.
Then---the cabin had low window sills. He tried soooo hard to climb onto the window sill that was only about 2 inches deep. He'd get one leg up, then he'd try to get the other one up...but he'd have to put the first one down to get the 2nd one up...he just couldnt figure out that he didnt fit up there. It was pretty amusing to watch....

I'm ready to go home & see my buddy!!!

Movie Reviews:
"Love Actually": actually, we didnt watch more than 20 minutes of it. It sucked.
"The Greatest Game Ever Played": we both really enjoyed this one. Good movie.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Okay, so you've missed me?
I was on a vacation.

My Dad, Allen (9yo), Gage, and I took a vacation to the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma. We took the kiddos to Turner Falls & Arbuckle Wilderness....

I have a few pics to share at this point---but really, there are 3 disposable cameras waiting to be developed...So for now, I only have a few of the pictures...
And, none of them are from Arbuckle...lo siento.

Let me start by saying this: none of you people who are already parents TOLD ME that vacations with kids (young kids) is not a vacation at all. My pre-mom perception of vacation was made up of beaches, rest, relaxation, sipping Mimosas while flying first class to some exotic destination. This trip was not a vacation in that respect at all. This was work. Hard work. Juggling 2 naptimes for the 10 month old & adequate entertainment for a 9 year old. He's hungry. He's fussy. He's hot. He's bored. He's wet. He's peeing outside for all the world to see. He's got a tadpole in his hands. It was---go,go,go nonstop, do this, do that, try to get the baby to sleep, where's the can opener, it's hot in this cabin, is there any coffee made yet, did you take your medicine yet, the chocolate milk is frozen---FUN.

I'm EXHAUSTED. I need a non-mom vacation to recover from this family fun adventure. are a few pictures....

The car ride down there....oh, the Jeep-Jeep was LOADED to the max!

(Yes, that is the grilling spatula in his hand...he was a bit excited about cooking out.)

He doesnt look too excited, does he??

Our cabin. Very clean. Very small. No microwave. But, totally comfy when compared to camping in a tent!

Dad & Allen skateboarding...

Turner Falls!!!

We were the first ones there!!!

How sweet is this picture?? Allen looking for tadpoles...what a boy! I can't believe he's so grown up now....

Allen on the diving board. Such bravery!!!

Me, Gage, & Dad...outside of the cabin....

Me, Gage, & Allen...outside of the cabin.
Thank goodness for my sling! Love that thing!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Advice for my son....

Things I dont want to forget to tell him when he's OLDER...

Topic: Girls

* When you are with a girl, dont check out other girls. We notice stuff like that. Even when you are driving--we know if you are checking out a girl in a nearby car.
* When you are with a girl, treat her as if she is the most perfect, most beautiful, most captivating person on the planet. Give her your undivided attention.
* If another cute girl walks by, dont check her out. There will be plenty of time to check out other women when your date/girlfriend/fiance/wife is not right there with you.
* Verbally reinforce how attractive you think she is. This is tricky---you've got to mix it up with the words. If you constantly say, "you look nice", or "you look pretty", it will become routine for you to say, and over time the compliments, while well-intentioned, may not seem to hold as much value. Throw in words like, "beautiful", "sexy", "hot". Women want to feel sexy, and feel like they look sexy. (Do not use this advice until you're OLDER!)
* Continue to date her. Even when you're "old & married"...continue to take the time out of your schedule to take your wife on dates. And plan them yourself. Put effort into it. To a woman, when you do this, it makes her feel special, appreciated, loved, etc.
* Flaunt her. Treat her like a trophy that you want to show off to the world.
* When people say nice things about her when she is not present, make sure the messages get back to her....(I.E. if your coworkers say, "oh, your wife seems so sweet..."--tell her. It will make her feel good.)
* No matter what the circumstance, do NOT EVER use the phrase "suffer through it" in the same conversation about going on a date with your date/girlfriend/fiance/wife. Just take my word on this one---it will not go over well. Period. I dont care if she's trying to drag you to the ballet---dont you dare say that you'll just "suffer through it".
* Girls like surprises. Even when they say that they dont---they do. Random little gifts. Random acts of washing her car for her. Or bringing home flowers for no reason, other than the fact that you wanted to see her smile when you walked through the door.
* The power of touch...well, touch is important. Sitting on the couch next to each other, holding hands, snuggling, hugging, kissing...all of those things need to continue throughout a relationship, not just in the beginning when things are new & exciting...
* In the bedroom--it's not all about you. Remember that.
* Be spontaneous. Initiate things...(inside & outside the bedroom...)
* With regard to a hairstyle change, or makeup change, or any type of physical appearance change, girls dont ever want to hear, "What did you do?" unless you are talking about an injury...dont say, "what did you DO??"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

From z gallerie, I love the moss rocks....


OMG. I love this website. Love it.

Here's some stuff I love....
Jolene (my friend at work) is having TWINS! (I need to seek out any tips/pointers on her behalf from Jessica!)

So anyway...Jessica & Jolene need these onesies that read....

Baby Gage needs these....and MomMom might need a pair if they come in my size!

Seen the movie, "March of the Penguins"??? good. Damon & I loved it. And of course, I just cried & cried at various parts. But, overall it was wonderful. Mom loved it too....

To record Baby Gage so far....MomMom might need this....


Okay, I think my employer blocked yahoo, so if anyone emailed me there...then I havent checked it in a few days.

Last Night....

"Gage, you want to take a bath?"


"No, Bevo cannot bathe with you."

A good time was had by all.