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Friday, March 31, 2006


Well, it's Friday.
I'm at the end of a long day at work.

Would you like to know what I had to leave this morning in order to come to my place of employment???
Here it is:

How sweet is that?

I woke at 5:45 with Baby Gage.
Leaking diaper. Thanks a lot Huggies Supreme.
Supreme mess is more like it.

Anyway...we got up...cleaned Gage diaper & new outfit on.
Went to the bedroom. Mommy watched the news & supervised Baby Gage as he gave himself a bottle.
Then, I had to hop in the shower, so I put cartoons on for Baby Gage. I could tell that he was sleepy...but I didnt feel like changing his sheets & going through all of that. Daddy was still in bed & so he & Gage "watched" cartoons. Gage fell asleep next to Daddy while Rugrats was on TV. When I came back in to get dressed for work--that's the sweet image I saw. Oh, it was too cute to not photograph.

What else???
Well, we learned last night that Baby Gage REEEEALLY likes plums. And, unfortunately, he learned that plums in your eyes burn.

And Baby Gage wore his sassy shirt yesterday...

And...Baby Gage has mastered crawling.
He's moved on to pulling up on the furniture now...

He's confused by the clear glass coffee table...which may be going away if we cant babyproof the corners...

And he loves to play with his car driving toy...
He's such a happy boy!

And then he went to bed...
Good Night, Sleep Tight...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Firsts & Lasts...

Well, Gage has had some firsts & lasts lately. Need to report on them...

On Monday afternoon---Baby Gage had his last bottle of breast milk. He started weaning himself & my supply had seriously decreased since going back to work. So, he's drained the stock in the freezer. Damon thawed the last bag of milk for me, and let me give him the last of the breastmilk. (That was sweet of him...)

Gage had his 1st bath in our sink. He's been bathed in Memaw's sink before...but never the sink at home... So, we did that yesterday...

He loves getting a bath & playing in the water....he loves his little rubber duckies too.
And here's my clean boy!

(Notice he still has the rubber ducky!)

Gage got his orthodontic & speech pathologist approved sippy cup with the flexible spout.... His 1st...and he had juice for the first time. It was Gerber's Mixed Fruit & Carrot juice. Now, Mommy tried the juice first. Not something I'd drink on a regular basis...but I bought it b/c it was fruits & vegetables...not just fruits... Anyway--I had to show him how to use the sippy cup b/c juice doesnt just pour out. You have to suck to get the juice to flow through the spout. So, after a while he got the hang of it. Mostly he just liked to chew on the soft spout.

Gage had another first yesterday. Sadly, the camera was at home & not with Damon. Memaw & Damon securely strapped Gage's carseat to the seat in the golf cart, and Gage went golfing for the first time. He was wearing a hat, shades, and plenty of sunscreen, according to his father. How cute is that??? So, Gage's 1st time to go golfing was 3/28/6. We'll need to remember that if he grows up to be a big-super-star-golfer.
Watch out Tiger Woods---here comes Baby Gage.


Moving on...

Movie Reviews:
Prime with Uma Thurman....I liked it a lot.
Sin City.....crap. Big ol' waste of time.
The progress. Liking it so far.

I was working 2 full time & the other on weekends. I was working for an agency, but the place where I was working...they found someone to take that spot full time. We (agency workers) were just filling in temporarily until they found a permanent employee. So, that's come to an end. There is another hospital they (agency employer) want to train me in. It's further away from my house...but, we'll see. I'm just waiting to hear back from the agency owner as to when they want to start training me.

I must's nice having a little break....

Kala, a coworker, is getting married this Saturday. I'll be solo in attendance.
Damon's family (Sister, Nephew, & Dad) are coming in town to celebrate his birthday.
His birthday is not until the 9th...but apparently this weekend works out for everyone.

Speaking of birthdays....Melissa's is coming up: 4/3.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Thanks for the JEANS!

This part of my post is for my Mamasita:
Thanks for my blue jeans that you got me for Christmas.
Guess what. They're too big!
So much so, that I have to fold the waistband down to still wear them.
And, I'm fitting into my old jeans now. Woohoo!
So Mom--I took this picture for you in the jeans you got me so you can see how big they are. And, the picture is all weird b/c I took it myself & just hoped to get my waist in the picture. (Looks like I barely got the jeans in the picture!)
And for everyone else--here's what a belly looks like 6 months postpartum.

And of course, I have other pics from the weekend...
On Friday..this is what I came home to... So sweet!

Baby Gage fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Oh, so sweet!

And...on Friday after his nap...he was full-on teething. The drool...the chewing--on everything! But still--a happy boy!

You can see how wet his little chin is...

Here's Baby Gage as we entered the room...he was just letting us know that he was awake from his morning nap on Sunday....

Look at him pulling up in that crib. I think we're going to have a climber on our hands.
...and on our furniture...
...and on our countertops...
...and up in trees....
My boss & I hosted a staff meeting yesterday for the weekend staff.
I got some groceries after that.
Did my nails & watched TV...
Watched Desperate Housewives & enjoyed it.
Recorded Sopranos to watch later... But, Damon watched Sopranos & said he was/is totally disappointed in the last 2 episodes. I was disappointed in last week's episode, so I tuned into Desperate Housewives instead. Sopranos really better pick up.
Grey's Anatomy--rerun. Been there, seen that.

Movie Reviews:

JarHead---good. Parts of it were *very* hard to watch.

My Date With Drew---Thank goodness I didnt go to a theatre to see that movie. It was so awful. Concept: this guy gives himself 30 days to try & get a date w/ Drew Barrymore & make a movie out of it. After watching days 1-...about 3...we just fast forwarded to the end to see if he actually got a date w/ Drew. So flippin' stupid.
I cannot express what a true waste of time that movie was.

New Harry Potter...sadly, I have not finished it. It is really good though. It's a time issue, not so much a movie-quality issue.

That's about all for now.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Mouth Part...

"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face. "
-Jack Handey

Baby Gage...2 months...


Well, it's Saturday, and I'm about halfway through my 12 hour shift.

My life is a 3-ring circus right now.
No, wait..that's not right. I've got more than 3 rings going...
work full time
work part time
home stuff
school stuff
financial stuff.
Ugh. it never ends.
Adulthood is so over-rated.
And, my stupid hair is falling out---EVERYWHERE. It's all over my house. It's all over this tiny office I'm sitting in today.
Still only the one spot, but with the amount I'm shedding--I'm sure others will follow.

I'm in a funk today.
I have been for a few days.

Like having a dull headache for a few days & just going on auto-pilot.

Nothing much new to report in any of the arenas of my life...except...Baby Gage of course! Did I post before that he's getting 2 teeth--not just one?
Well, he is. The two bottom teeth are coming in. Bless his little heart. I know it hurts him. And, it's interfering with his eating habits. He's pretty much refusing baby food or cereal, and only eating from the bottle, or demanding to nurse...which, I thought we were pretty much weaned. And, on top of that--I have BARELY any milk at all. Seriously--by body was on "Operation Dry Up". So, when he just insists on nursing, it's weird. I let him b/c it's comforting to him & he is getting a little milk. But, I make sure he takes a bottle too.
He woke up during the night last 2:11. Damon & I tried to just let him cry a bit & go back to sleep (as suggested by the books...) 3 something I got up with him. Fed him...but him back to bed, and he slept until 8. I think he's just getting hungry during the night because he's not eating as much during the day b/c his teeth are bothering him...and we dose him with Orajel & Tylenol when he wakes in the middle of the night too. Then it's back to Sleepytown,USA.

I have to be here until midnight.
I might go home for dinner.
And, I'm so tired.

I cant believe I've still got 6 hours to go.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I've been tagged...

Four Jobs I've Had
1. waitress
2. social worker
3. tech in a trauma unit
4. wife & mother

Four Movies I'd Watch on Repeat
1. Christmas Vacation
2. Shag
3. Legally Blonde
4. StepMom

Four TV Shows I Love
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Sopranos
3. Strictly Sex with Dr.Drew
4. The Apprentice

Four Vacation Locales I'd Love to Hit
1. Japan
2. Fiji
3. back to Puerto Rico
4. ....anywhere really. There are very few places that I dont want to see! I love to travel. I want to go all over!

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Well, nothing is daily, but I regularly visit:
3. bank website...

Four Foods I Enjoy
1. Asparagus
2. Lobster!
3. Ginger dipping sauces...or ginger salad dressing...
4. Sun Chips

Four Changes I'd Make to the House
1. Dont
2. Get
3. Me
4. Started.

Four Beverages I Like
1. Sunkist Cherry Limeade in a can! Wooohoo!
2. Coffee
3. Skim Milk...*very* cold...
4. Mango flavored unsweet iced tea

4. Carole already did I dont know many other bloggers...

Thursday, March 23, 2006


"You cant love another if you dont first love yourself."

A Tour....

Okay...a blog that I visit frequently featured a tour of the blogger's home...
So, I'm doing the same...

Let's go on a tour of my house!

Here's the entry way...

Here's an old picture of the Living Room...we've added a rug, rearranged the furniture, and painted the inside of the fireplace black...

Old picture of the Dining Room...we've put a different table in there, and hung some pictures on the wall...but this is the picture I have of the dining room...

Part of the kitchen...looking into the den...

Den Fireplace...


Master Bedroom...

Part of the Nursery...

More Nursery...

Twin Bed in the Nursery...

Patio-Garden Room...(weird room that we never use...)

Okay...that's most of my house...

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"If I Had My Children to Raise Over Again" Diane Loomans

If I had my children to raise all over again,
I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.
I would do less correcting and more connecting.
I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.
I would care to know less and know to care more.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I'd stop playing serious and seriously play.
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
I'd do more hugging and less tugging.
I'd see the oak tree in the acorn more often.
I would be firm less often and affirm much more.
I'd model less about the love of power,
And more about the power of love.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Goodbye Gummy Grin...

...and hello teeth!

Last night, Gage grabbed my hand, and put the side of my thumb in his mouth. He bit down just as hard as he could. And this time--it hurt! He's got a tooth popping through! It's on the bottom. I've tried to get a good look at his little gums there, but he just puts his tongue over the gums everytime... I caught a glimpse of just a little something coming up there...but really you cant see much.

..and, Baby Gage had fun playing in the mirror last night. Oh, he's just so cute!
Damon would say, "I see you!" & he'd look at Damon's reflection. Then Damon would say, "I see you!" again, and Gage would turn around & look at Damon. It's just amazing to watch his little mind learn new things & process images...

...and I have to admit...I cried a little bit about his tooth coming in.
It's just that time passes so quickly. He's growing up so fast...and we'll never be able to rewind...or just pause. I am excited about him getting teeth...and I'm ready for the whole teething process to be over...but he'll never have that super sweet toothless-gummy smile. He'll never chew on my chin like he does... Well, if he does, it will hurt & just be classified as "biting".


Megan got Baby Gage a onesie...way back when I was pregnant. On the front it read, "Just Stay Little". That's what I want. As excited as I am about these milestones for Baby Gage...I'm just a little sad that we cant go back. That I cant rewind & revisit or relive this or that... And, I'm sure every mother feels this way. I am very excited for him & want to see him walk...and want to hear him speak...I just have to make memories of what's going on now! It's all happening so fast! THEY REALLY DO GROW UP SO FAST! ....of course, here I am going on & on about it, and he's only 6 months old (or...he'll be 6 months old in 2 days). Which brings me to another point. I cant believe my baby will be SIX MONTHS OLD in 2 days. That's half a year.

Anyway...onto other things...I had a dr's appointment this morning. I got a shot in my head. You have a lot of nerve endings in your head I guess--because it hurt like Hell. I go back in a month. Maybe another shot...we'll just have to see if this one works.

Gage is spending the night at my Mother in Law's tonight. Damon called me to see if it was okay. I told him that I'd prefer that he didnt because I look forward to seeing him everyday when I get home! Damon told me not to be selfish. So, Gage is going to spend the night at her house.

I think we're going on a date tonight.
That will be good.
We need to go on a date.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Good morning.

It's Monday.

Of course, being the proud mama that I am...I have pictures from the weekend...

Baby Gage on the new rug we bought for the living room.
(Baby Gage needed something softer than hard wood floors for crawling!)

Baby Gage had his first St.Patrick's Day! Daddy dressed him in the Tulane outfit that Allen wore when he was little, & I went to Tulane.

And Eddie was playing in the living room with us...

And, pardon the mess by the front door...diaper bags from Memaw's house, and the trash can to go outside. I assure you--it's all been picked up now...but Friday night when the picture was taken---well, it was sitting there by the door.
Whatever. I'm a busy woman with a baby!'s the picture of Baby Gage stepping across the living room. He LOVES to walk if you hold his hands. So, he's really just stepping along...

Mom & David came to visit on Saturday.
Here's Gage & PawPaw

Somehow--I have no pics of Mom & Gage. Mom had her camera there too, and I took lots of picture w/ her camera. So, she'll have to share those w/ me b/c I have none of her with the baby over the weekend.

While they were visiting--Baby Gage had his first Biter Biscuit. What a mess. He stamped PawPaw & Memma with cookie remnants. I swear--the cookie somehow goes into his mouth whole--but once you add baby saliva, you've somehow created the recipe for brown spackle. That gloppy goo gets on everything, and dries harder than concrete. What a mess! But, he enjoyed the Biter Biscuit, and therefore, we just give them to him.

It was so rainy over the weekend.
And of course, last night, after work, I had to stop @ the grocery store to get diapers on my way home. Oh, what fun.

Watched Sopranos last night. I hate it when they do those artsy-fartsy dream episodes.

Watched Grey's Anatomy last night. Damon said that he saw a snipit on some tv program that one of them was going to reveal that they were bisexual. Well, if that happened--then I missed it.

...but, that leads me to MY dream last night. Oh, it was just horrible!
And, for those that really know me/my family & some history...this will be ironic.

So, I had this dream that Damon & I lived in the south somewhere, on a dock. Like we lived in Florida or something. Right outside of our apartment door was a wooden dock & the ocean. Anyway--in my dream, we were not yet married, and did not have Baby Gage. We were engaged. We had just gotten back from a vacation with my mom & dad to Hawaii. (so...I guess my parents were still married...) Anyway...I walked into our apartment (which had poor lighting throughout my dream...) & Damon told me that he thinks he's gay & tries to get me to watch gay porn. TIMEOUT: for those that know my husband, this seems VERY out of character for him... So then, he tells me that he doesnt like women, but he likes me. My reaction: I immediately turn off the gay porn on the TV b/c it's gross. Then, I start thinking: all this time I was worried about you checking out women, and really you've been checking out the men...why did you propose to me if you're gay??...have you cheated on me with any men?...why are you telling me this now? this is information I could have used a while ago!...did I make you gay??? So then, in my dream--he tells me that he'll continue to have sex with me for my benefit, but he's going to start sleeping with men. I tell him that wont be necessary (the having sex with me part), and start worrying about where I'm going to live. I was worried about paying the bills myself. I started apartment hunting. I didnt have the option of moving back in with my parents, because they lived far away.
That was the end. He was sitting in OUR apartment with bad lighting--& he was gay.
I was driving around looking for a place to live.

Okay---dream analysis.
I have no idea what it, feel free to analize it & let me know.

What else???
I need some nail polish remover to take this polish off my fingernails. It's starting to chip & look a little trailer-ish.

Oh...Damon's been on this kick about Bed Bugs.
We saw an episode of "King of Queens" where they got Bed Bugs.
Then, he saw 2 more shows: one a documentary, the other was on the news, about Bed Bugs. I've been listening to him go on & on about these stupid little bugs for days now! Well, last night on Nightline or Dateline or some newsy show--it had a little portion of the show about Bed Bugs. Damon recorded it for me. OMG! GROSS! I was all itchy by the end of the show. GRRRRROOOSS, gross, gross. I dont know that I'll ever be able to stay in a hotel again. I could not imagine. It's like getting a tick. I got a tick when we went camping...and YES, that was the last time I'll go camping. Like a big ol' gray dog tick. Nasty, nasty, nasty. I dont like ticks, or fleas, or lice, or BED BUGS! ...and, they arent just in hotels---they were found in university dorm rooms too. Oh, that's it...Baby Gage just might have to stay at home. And no spending the night with friends ...or by that time--girlfriends. Uh-uh. No way. No how. NO BED BUGS.

"Good Night. Sleep Tight. Dont let the Bed Bugs bite."

Sunday, March 19, 2006


It's Sunday. I am at my part time job...& I'm so sleepy.
I need more


This place is cold.

It's raining cats & dogs today.

I'm sleepy.

Movie Reviews:

The Human Stain: I give it a C. Way to go for getting good actors...but, the whole movie was too long. The bigger picture is about irony & race...but, about 1/2 of the movie is gross sex scenes between an old man & a trailer trash girl. Would not watch it again, but it was not complete crap. gets a C.

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire: in progress. I was so tired last night that I sacked out before it really got started.

Yours, Mine, & was okay. Basically they combined "Cheaper by the Dozen" & "The Brady Bunch". So, it was an easy way to pass 2 hours, but certainly was nothing new...very predictable.

The Transporter...that was good. I was watching it off & on...was still able to follow the story line & found it entertaining.

I'll have to post pictures from the weekend tomorrow.

Mom & David came to visit. That was good.
We got a rug for the living room. It's 10X13 feet. It's huge. Great deal though.
Allen & Dad are in St.Lucia right now. I'm just a weeeee bit jealous.

Random things about me time....
1. I love the website,
2. I miss living in a loft.
3. I love ginger dipping sauce.
4. I've never been to an IKEA store.
5. I've never been up in a hot air balloon.
6. My eyes are brown.
7. My feet are cold right now.
8. I'm wearing my hair curly today.
9. My nails are painted light pink.
10. I did not put on mascara today.
11. I had a donut for choice, I know.
12. I love Ramen noodles.
13. I dont like going out in the rain.
14. My umbrella has a print on it: Jack Vettriano's "The Singing Butler"
15. I miss Melissa.
16. I (or we...) belong to Netflix.
17. I like Aussie shampoos.
18. I usually put my watch on upside down, and have to switch it around 8am. Yes, this is pretty much a daily event.
19. I got rid of internet @ home.
20. I am sitting in a teeny-tiny office right now typing this.

Signing off for now!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St.Patrick'sDay!

Well, it's Friday...St.Patty's Day.

Last night, Dad & Allen came over for supper. We ordered pizza & played with Baby Gage. Baby Gage was pretty happy...but not super happy. He was pretty tired...and took a late nap. So, we woke him up around 6:15 or so. He had sweet potatoes & cereal for dinner...

Then...he crawled a few crawl-steps for us. Apparently it wasnt nearly as active as he was yesterday during the day. I guess he was tuckered out.

Allen seemed to have a really good time playing with him.... They raced in the living room & it was so cute. Allen was so attentive to Baby Gage.


And Allen helping Gage...

And Baby Gage with Dad....

And both Allen & Gage sported their Longhorn gear...

What else??
Damon & I started watching this movie. I forget the name of it...It's got Nicole Kidman & Anthony Hopkins. It's sooo slow. But, I've already watched at least 1/2 of the movie, so I'm too invested to just quit watching...

What else???
It's getting kind of chilly outside, so I dont think we'll go to the Arboreteum this weekend.

I have to work on Sunday from 12-6. Woohoo. *note the sarcasm*

Mom & David are coming tomorrow so we'll get to see them. That'll be good.

I had Chinese food for lunch...Cashew Chicken...but I pick out the cashews.
Okay...I think that's all for now...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Okay...I got a page to Damon's cell phone @ 11:24 this morning. It was a 911111111 page. I just knew what it was--instantly.


Apparently they laid him down, and he just took off today. He's been crawling all day.


I cant wait to go home & see him crawl!

...and of course, I'll be posting pics soon.



Okay, it's Thursday.

Here's a picture of Baby Gage from last night...

He was in a pretty good mood last night. Very playful.

When I got home, Damon was mega-tired so he took a nap.

I gave Baby Gage a bath...then let him have naked time on the floor--playing with his toys. After that, we put on his onesie & played until about 8.

He ate rice cereal with apples & squash for dinner. He yummed it all up!
Took a bottle...and then went to bed.

Later, around 9:30 or so...I went in to check on Baby Gage...he sleeps with his little butt up in the air. He was not under the I covered him up. He stirred a little, but didnt really WAKE up.

Dad & Allen are going to St.Lucia for Spring Break. That's the official decision. Dad's going to pick Allen up right now...
I will probably get to see them tonight.

Mom & David are supposed to be in town this weekend--and I wanted to take Gage to the Arboreteum (sp???)...but it looks like it is probably going to rain. There goes that idea!

I think my cousin Chris is coming into town this weekend with his kiddos too. So, maybe I'll get over to see them.
I have to work 6 hours on Sunday I've really only got Saturday for relaxing & revamping for the week....

Okay...I'm done typing for now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hmph. It's Wednesday.

Baby Gage is full-on teething. He's been fussy for 2-3 days now. Mild fever. Restless. Drooling. Gumming everything....

And...I think he's 100% weaned. He woke up at 4:45 this morning, and usually nurses at that time. Not today. He turned that little head & tried to roll over, and just cried & cried until he got a bottle. Oh, and he wanted to hold the bottle himself.
He was all about exerting his independence this morning.

Yesterday at work was totally awful. I think I saw over 13 patients. Which, really doesnt sound like a lot...but when you calculate time to talk to them, listen to them, help them, & document everything...the time can add up. Dont get me wrong--some of the cases were quick & easy. Others...not so much.

Yesterday there were 2 social workers out, our boss was out, and the chaplain was out. There were about 3 cases that I needed the chaplain on...nope. Just me. Party of one...right here.

Anyway...I'm pissing & moaning.

Today's been the same as far as staffing...but not nearly as bad. And yesterday I left work at 6:30 @ night. Today...I will be leaving on time. No matter what. I'm not staying. I have a baby to get home to.

That's about all I know for today.

Oh...things about me.
1. I'm wearing the earrings Megan gave me for college graduation.
2. I forgot my watch & wedding ring today.
3. My phone is ringing as I am typing this line.
4. I have dead roses on my desk at work. (too lazy to toss them...)
5. I wore braces when I was younger...twice.
6. I have flat feet.
7. I dont care about which cell phone model I have.
8. I love Starbucks.
9. I wore my hair straight today.
10. I have an amazing diaper bag.

Oh. I forgot to discuss the Girl Scout Cookie ice cream. It's like ice cream & samoa girl scout cookies got together...and created the most wonderful child ever: Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream! OMG. It's so freaking awesome. I love it. I love it. I love it.

The Apprentice: love it. I was so glad that blonde girl got fired.

Grey's Anatomy: I'm so torn about McDreamy. Every now & then I kind of find myself pulling for Addison...& then I'm back to pulling for Meredith...oh, the drama!

Sopranos: So, I guess they never found Adrianna's body...?? And, Uncle Junior--without his teeth & creeping around---he looked like the old man from the Six Flags commercials...(music: The Venga Bus is coming....& everybody's jumping...)

My Name is Earl...still funny. Joy's my favorite.

....we watch way too much tv.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Six pounds to go...

Okay, I have 6 pounds to lose, and then I'll be back to my pre-pregnancy weight:

Okay, that's not a good picture of my husband...but that shows my bod prior to the mom-bod.

Of course, my little body will never be the same after carrying Baby Gage....instead of "discombobulated"...I've been "discom-mom-ulated".

The mom bod. Dont have to love it, but you have to accept it.
I'll just look at the changes as "battle scars". ...and, I've come out the victor!

Baby Gage...he is just a happy, sweet boy.

Pics from Saturday...

In his always. It's up there on his "favorite places to be" list.

And, Eddie....with his tire.

And here is a shot of my "Trailer Park Baby". Mark & Jana came to visit...and I was at my husband was in charge. What does that mean really?? Well, it means that I can come home at just about any time of the day & Baby Gage will have a diaper on...but never any pants. And sometimes, that may be all the baby has on. I guess it's just easier for Damon to change diapers that way. I mean, who wants to jack with snaps on baby clothes, right?
Anyway--here's my pantless child with Jana & Mark...

I really think Gage is a good blend of both me & Damon. Sometimes I look at him, and he looks just like my husband. Sometimes I look at his eyes & they look like mine. He's just a good blend of us both.

So...I missed Desperate Housewives last night.
What do you want from me?...Sopranos started.
We love Sopranos!

And of course...had to watch Grey's Anatomy. Love that show too.

Ordered Baby Gage's birth certificate today. As I was driving to work, it dawned on me that I had not received his birth certificate in the mail. Well, that's because you have to request it & pay for it. I never did that. I guess I just thought the first one was free or something....

I dont have to work this coming Saturday, and would kind of like to go to the Arboreteum for Dallas Blooms! But, I guess it will have to depend on the weather. It's been so mild & nice lately, but apparently it's going to be getting chilly again. We'll just have to see...

Carlos Mencia is coming to the area soon....the 31st I think. Maybe we'll see about getting tickets & going to that. A group that I work with wants to go...we'll just see.

That's about all I know for now.
I'm at work.
I had salad & pineapple & watermelon for lunch. I'm being a good girl.

Oh-time out---speaking of food. I wasnt a very good girl last night when I had 2 scoops of ice cream--flavored with Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Oh my gosh. This is seriously the best ice cream I've ever had ever. It rocks!

Okay. That's all I know for now. I've gotta run.


Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids...

I just learned of this....
It's a program led by some soldiers in an effort to help disabled children get pediatric wheelchairs.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday...bored out of my mind.

Well, its Saturday...and I'm bored out of my mind.
Today is my 12 hour shift, and so far I am not very busy.
I still have some work to be done, but there's a computer downtime for the programs that I need to use. Greeeeeat. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone w/ IS...only to have them tell me, "Oh, I guess the server's down." that was around noon.

Went home yesterday from work...played with Baby Gage a bit...cleaned house a bit...w/ the help of my husband (after bitching until he got up to help).

This morning...played with Baby Gage for a him dressed to go to Memaw's house (Damon's mom). He's spending the night there tonight. I've got to work until midnight, and Damon is out with Mark & Jana who are in from Atlanta. Yes, that's this weekend that my husband screwed up the calendar & he gets to hang out & party on Greenville for the St.Patty's parade, and I get to work a 12 hour shift. Ha--that seems fair.

So, if I sound a little bitter today--it's because I am.

...but, on a brighter are some pics of Baby Gage from Thursday afternoon. He wants to crawl so bad! He's rev'ing up!

Standing in his crib....

What a happy boy!

If that isnt just the sweetest face...

Okay---& that's Baby Gage doing his rocking. He gets up on his hands & knees, and rocks back & forth. He's getting ready to crawl...he just hasnt gotten very far yet.

And now.... For the ALMOST CRAWLING series:

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

He'll be crawling soon...I just know it!