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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

40 Random Things about me...

1. I'm a gemini
2. I have a dog named, "Eddie"
3. I've never been to the Grand Canyon
4. I share an office with a girl named Sarah
5. I wore a black & white wedding dress
6. I love cala lillies
7. Green is my favorite color
8. My first car was a convertible
9. I love chopsticks
10. My toenails are painted red right now
11. I had an unhealthy lunch today
12. My favorite show is "Grey's Anatomy"
13. My 2nd favorite show is "The Apprentice"
14. I love to go swimming
15. I like picnics
16. I think a really cute purse is invaluable
17. I would like to go to Hershey,PA some day
18. I used to have a best friend named Jillian
19. I look like my mom
20. I love Christmas ornaments
21. I work in a hospital
22. I hate "ordinary" postage stamps
23. I detest all things adorned with puffy paint
24. I belong to the gym
25. I like things that smell like green tea, but hate the taste of green tea
26. I like to write with fine point pens
27. I've been to Egypt
28. The last fortune I got from a fortune cookie read, "You will become more and more wealthy"
29. I am in the process of consolidating my student loans
30. I enjoy Otis Redding music
31. I love to bargain shop
32. I have no credit cards or credit card debt
33. My family size is 3
34. I miss New Orleans
35. I've only had one professional massage my whole life
36. While flying, I really like the take off & landing the most
37. The sense of touch is very important to me
38. My car is black
39. I sometimes listen to rap music
40. I hate using the phone book

Does that sum me up? No way....but it is what it is: 40 random things about me.



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