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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well, Christmastime has come & gone. Now we've all got to gear up for the new year...

Here are some pics from Christmas. I've got more to be developed, so this certainly isnt all of them...

Baby Gage had his first Christmas. Dad came over on Christmas morning (those are the pics I dont have developed yet...) & we did Santa gifts for Baby Gage. He got some foam squares that make a mat or blocks...a duck puppet that exersaucer dish thing...another playmat....a crib toy...some teething rings...a suction toy that will suction to the tray table of his swing & highchair...spoons (he'll start eating cereal soon....) some zipper onesies (those are *the best* for middle of the night diaper dont have to jack with snaps)...he got lots of stuff!
I know there is more that I'm forgetting...& I didnt even mention the list of gifts that he got from other people...

On Christmas Eve, Baby Gage held his own bottle for the first time!
On Christmas Day, Baby Gage rolled over for the first time. He did it twice!

What else is new?
Mom is officially 50 years old now. Woohoo! She doesnt act 50. She doesnt look 50. I dont think she feels 50...

Movie Reviews:
"Bewitched" with Nicole Kidman. It was okay. I wouldnt buy it. I'd watch it again if it came on a movie channel & there was nothing else on.
"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"...I only watched about 10 minutes of this movie. I thought it was stupid when I saw 4 girls of very different body types try on the same pair of pants & they magically fit all of them. If I was the thinnest in the group--I'd be pissed. If I were the thickest in the group--I'd be elated. But, since I was just watching the movie--I thought it was dumb. Turned it off.

That's all I know for now.
Gotta get back to work!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ken's Letter to Santa...

Dear Santa,

I understand that one of my colleagues has petitioned you for changes in her contract, specifically asking for anatomical and career changes.

In addition, it is my understanding that disparaging remarks were made about me, my ability to please, and some of my fashion choices. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some issues concerning Ms. Barbie, and some of my own needs and desires.

First of all, I along with several other colleagues feel Barbie DOES NOT deserve preferential treatment - the bitch has EVERYTHING!

Myself, Joe, Stacey, Skipper, and Raggedy Ann & Andy, DO NOT have a dream house, Corvette, evening gowns, and in some cases, the ability to change our hairstyle.

I personally have 3 outfits which I am forced to mix and match at great length. My decision to accessorize my outfits with an earring was my decision and reflects my lifestyle choice.

I, too, would like a change in my career. Have you considered :"Decorator Ken", "Beauty Salon Ken", or "Out of Work Actor Ken"?

In addition, there are several other avenues which could be considered such as: "S&M Ken," "Bear Ken", or "Master Ken". These would more accurately reflect my desires and perhaps open new markets.

And as for Barbie needing bendable arms so she can "push me away", I need bendable knees so I can kick that bitch to the curb. Bendable knees would also be helpful for me in other situations-we've talked about this issue before.

In closing, I would like to point out that any further concessions to the blond bimbo from hell will result in action taken by myself and others.

PS. Barbie can forget about having G I Joe - he's mine, at least that is what he said last night.


I'm in a foul mood...

I'm just in a foul mood today.

You know how some days just start off a bit more difficult than others? Well...that's where I am today.

Damon & I had an argument before work. That gets things off to a good start...Marriage is so hard sometimes.

Then, I'm at work...doing my thing...& it hits me--I need to tinkle. So, I go to the employee bathroom in the break room. Open the door & whoa--it just smells "Brown"...the mixture of cologne & someone else's sh*t. But...the patient bathroom, although located just a few feet from the employee bathroom, is still less desirable. The patient bathroom just seems so germy! So, I hold my breath & hurry to use the employee restroom. Had to breath before washing my hands...and then I hurried out of there. Of course, when I opened the door to leave--there stood another employee to go in, and he said, "Whoa--you tore it up in there!" So, now it looks like I'm the one who made the bathroom all stinky!!!! I told him, "It wasnt me! I had to go in after Dr.---Leaving the name out---!" He didnt believe me...of course he didnt...


And, I forgot my breast milk storage bags. I've got two 5 oz. bottles to pump into. After that--I have to pump & dump, or just hold out until I get home. I'm looking forward to that (note the sarcasm).

Hoping my day will turn around...but not holding my breath.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Ass-Blaster....

So this morning...I was blowdrying my hair in the bathroom, when I heard this banging on the bathroom door....I thought, "did I lock the door? I never lock the door." I opened the door to find my husband standing in the hallway-holding my son, & they were both covered in sh*t. It was on Damon's tummy...on his hands...On Gage, it was between his legs, up his back, down his legs, on his feet, & dripping from his outfit. I mean to tell you--it was the biggest darn mess you ever saw! ...and, the fun continued when I walked into the bedroom to find green baby poo on my sheets & comforter.... Oh, the joy!

So, I laid a towel down & we got Gage out of his poopy clothes....then we could clearly see the problem... Apparently, around 4 in the morning, when I was last up with Gage, I didnt properly diaper my child. One side was pulled tight, and the other--not at all. In my defense--I was 1/2 asleep, and normally do a much better job... But anyway, the diaper was completely whacker-jawed, & didnt cover his little tooshy...thus allowing poo to freely flow onto Daddy, the sheets, and everything else in it's path--much like molten lava flows down a volcano...

Damon had to shower...Gage was showered...& the outfit was chalked up as a loss. Some onesies are just better off retired rather than me trying to salvage them...

UUUUH! What a yucky morning!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas at Camp Wanica...

Well, we went to Mema's Christmas at Camp Wanica.

We had a great time!

...and, unfortunately--I didnt get a picture of Gage, Nora, & Ethan. They are all babies born since July. Ethan is the oldest...then Nora...then Gage. They are all so different...& all so cute!

Here's me & Damon at Camp Wanica...

I told Damon, "I'm officially a mom"...why? Because I bought & wore a holiday themed sweatshirt. Somehow--I think that makes me a mom. Damon's response, "That's not so bad."...well, that officially makes him a dad!

Here's BK (my Aunt Billy) & sweet Nora.

Santa came...& we all took turns sitting on his lap...telling him how good we've been all year...
Here's Damon sitting on Santa's lap!

Baby Gage WOULD NOT take a nap for more than 10 minutes at a time....bless his little heart...he was zonked!

By the time it was his turn to see Santa...he was out like a light!

...but, that nap too had to come to an end... & so did the day. Here was our family picture before we left...

Overall, it was a very good day. We were sooooo tired by the end though...
Gage slept all the way home...Damon was even able to get him out of his carseat, into the crib, took his shoes off, took his jeans off, & changed his diaper without ever waking Gage. I'm telling you--he was one sleepy boy!

...but of course everyone loved him & said how cute he was... And I was glad that he was finally getting some rest!

TTFN: Tata for now!

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Friday, December 09, 2005

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Super excited that it's Friday.

Left work early on Wednesday...didnt go to work yesterday...all because of the ice. My super-sweet hubby doesnt want me driving on those icy roads...

So, I stayed home & played with Baby Gage!

Here's his Christmas tree in his room. I still need to get a little tree skirt for it...

It has all snowman ornaments on it...and the topper is a stuffed snowman that he got when he sat on Santa's lap.
At night, as I put him to bed, he nurses while I rock him in his nursery...and he just stares at that tree..and studies it. He loves the lights. It's just sooooo wonderful to rock him by tree light... until he falls asleep...

...anyway...we had fun yesterday...

He did something for the very first time yesterday...& no, I didnt get a picture. He was playing on his little play mat/play gym thing...& he fell asleep mid-play. He is starting to want to roll over, so he gets about half-way over & stops. So, there he was on his side, asleep, with his hand propped up on one of the dangle toys. It was soooooooo cute. But, no---I didnt snap a picture b/c I didnt want to wake him up.

Also, he is trying to sit up on his own....

Mommy propped him up on the couch for a picture...

Then he gets serious & leans forward to sitting position...

And then he topples over!

Oh, it's soooo cute.

What else???

I still havent gotten all of the Christmas stuff put up. Damon's going to put lights on the house....but, we still havent done that yet either...

The ER Christmas party is tonight...and then we're going to Camp Wanika tomorrow for the big family Christmas...

I know it's going to be hard going back there....the last time we were all there, it was Riley's 2nd birthday & we had his birthday party there...We've got some really cute pictures of him swimming...and eating cake...and eating dirt. Yes, that's right...eating dirt...(how would we know that we dont like if we never tried it!!??)

But...we're all going to go...& we're going to have a good time...and try to only think about the good times & happy thoughts!

What do we want for Christmas??? Well, Gage is too little to make a list for Santa is going to surprise him. I think he'll bring him things like a jumperoo...& an exersaucer or walker...maybe another play mat/play gym.
I think Damon will get new sunglasses...which, I refuse to pick out---so he'll likely get a gift certificate to go get a nice new pair of sunglasses. And me--I'm so lame...I'm such a mom....I want 2 things for Christmas: the Medela Pump In Style breast pump...& a bracelet from James Avery with a boy profile charm & picture frame charm. So, I want a breast pump & mom jewelry. ....such a mom....

Outta here for now!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Party....

So, we have the ER Christmas party this's on Friday night after work. Damon will be going with me.... hoping to have a SMASHING good time!

And---Damon's mom will be babysitting for us that night...and we will pick Gage up on our way out of town to Mema's family Christmas celebration.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us....

So, what are my plans for tonight???

Well, I'm going to clean house...

...while Damon goes out & plays poker...

...but alas...Megan mentioned that she may want to come over, and that will certainly be a welcome visit! She's going to be sooooo surprised by Gage's size!

That's all for now!

Gee...I've got it all....

Monday, December 05, 2005

Santa Time!

So, we've tried to see Santa twice this season...(and here it is only the 5th of December...)

The first time: Not so great. We went up to the tree lighting ceremony at the Casa Linda Shopping Center. Upon our arrival, Gage became very there we were...nursing in the truck. By the time we were done, the tree was lit, and the line to see Santa only had about 500 kids in it. (not really that many...but it sure seemed that way...) Also, it was outdoors...Gage was bundled up...but still, not a happy camper. So, we stood in line for about 15 minutes, & then left. Just look at his little face. He was sooooo not into it!

So then, Santa made an appearance on Sunday at the hospital. Gage got all dressed up in his Santa suit (a gift from a coworker). He looked so cute...and he was soooo patient to wait in line. What a cutie-patootie!

He even got to see Mommy's friend, Jamie! Then Rudolph stopped by too!!!

And--I can hardly believe this...he's 10 weeks old, & that outfit is size 6-9 months. He's a big boy!!! No really---some 3-6 months stuff fits, some 6-9 months stuff fits. It's just amazing how fast they grow...

And here is a favorite picture from the weekend...the guys watched the UT game this weekend....
Gage, of course, had his UT game gear on. His GrandDaddy is a HUGE UT fan...& they got to watch the game together while GrandDaddy visited.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy World AIDS day.

Today is the day to wear your red ribbon, and support AIDS research!