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Friday, July 29, 2005

Drs appt yesterday...

Okay, so yesterday, I had a dr's appt.
Gage weighs about 4 pounds.
He's already head down for delivery. (early start...)
I already lost 1/2 of my mucous plug (very disgusting for you readers...sorry about that).
He can still flip left to right, but the dr said she doesnt think he will turn into breach position. She says that the chances are slim to none, and that he lacks the room to do it. She said that if he did--I would know b/c it would hurt a lot!
My belly has grown, but I have actually lost weight (about a pound...but hey--I'm excited!)
Blood pressure was good. (That reminds me...I havent tested it today...)
She said that she expects me to go for another 4-5 weeks, but with Gage already being head down...and losing 1/2 of my mucous plug already, she says it looks like I may go to only 37-38 weeks(which is still considered "term"). She reminded me of course, that 1st time moms often go past their original due dates, so she wanted to prepare me for that too. ( thanks.)

I got a little chart thing that I have to do now where I count his kicks or movements. It's called the Fetal Activity Chart. I should have 10 movements in a 1-2 hour time frame.
Well, it just so happened that at 3:21 in the morning, Gage woke me up with a swift kick to the ribs. One. He kept moving after that...Two, Three, Four...etc. I was at
10 kicks by 3:41. Oh, he's quite the active boy. I actually think that he is tired of being in there--and the longer he's in, the less space he has. I think those are little "fits" he's throwing. Damon said, "Oh, he's already moving toward the exit!", "He's going to come out & say, 'What are y'all doing?'".

Damon & I went out to Rockwall last night to visit Linda & Joe. Bless her heart--she's laid up w/ a broken hip/pelvis...walking w/ a cane...& bored out of her mind! The docs havent decided yet if she'll need surgery. She goes in for another MRI next week to see how she's healing...and then they'll decide.

When we got home, Damon & I were just goofing around & joking each other. He said, "Idiot, I cant wait until you're not pregnant so I can throw you around again!" (He meant that in the least domestic violence sounding way). I mean, he's so much bigger than me, and he used to be able to just swoop me up & toss me about. Now, I'm pregnant, and he has to be all careful w/ me....

What else??? Drove to work this morning behind a man w/ a comb-over. Got a little laugh out of that!

Dad & Allen are coming up to Dallas today. They'll stay @ Pop & Gammy's & visit w/ them.

That's all for now!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yesterday & Today...


Woke up after a horrible night of sleep ...or should I say...little sleep. Got up, did my hair, ironed my clothes...walked out the Jeep wouldnt start.

So, Damon jacks w/ the battery a bit...and it starts. We ride over to the Jeep place & drop it off.

Extended warranty wouldnt cover a rental car unless the repairs caused my car to be in the shop overnight. So, we just chalked it up to a day off work. Which-really sucked b/c it is an "unscheduled absence" & yada yada yada....

Got my car back yesterday evening. It's good. Everything is fixed. Yay! It was the battery cables. See...recently I had car issues & we replaced the battery. Well, apparently it was the cables that needed to be fixed or replaced instead.

What else?

I have a dr's appt. today.
I wish that I didnt b/c I feel bad for calling in yesterday b/c of my car, and then today leaving early. If there was a shift open this weekend here--I swear I would work it just to make up the time.

Today's vitals:
BP: 121/73

Dad & Allen went to Sea World yesterday. Allen said he had a good time. All he seems to want to do is swim....every day! All day!

Today Dad said that they are going to tour the capitol. (or is it capital? I forget how to spell it anymore!!!!)

Have my shower this weekend at Susan's house!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Okay, I joke a lot about how I'm done being pregnant...and I'm just ready for Gage to be here...etc.

well, today I had to cover for the NICU social worker b/c she's out.
I saw a baby who was born at 32 weeks. She only weighs 4 pounds. She's too tiny.
I also saw a baby who was born only 3 weeks early, already weighing over 8 pounds...but he's not doing so well.

So, I'm officially done wishing for an early delivery.

I dont want to see Gage laying in a bed with all those tubes...and I couldnt even imagine having a traumatic emergent c-section & then not being able to see my baby for 2 days! That's what happened to one of the little mamas b/c she had pregnancy related complications at the time of delivery.... Could you even imagine waking up & asking if you have a baby--having no memory of the delivery--and everything anyone can tell you about the delivery is incredibly scary?! Ugh!!!

So, now I'm praying to stay pregnant for at least the next 5 weeks. That'll put me at 37 weeks for delivery, and that's considered "term".

Bizarre Baby Dream...

I had the *weirdest* dream last night.

Here we go: Mom & I were in this really big, really old house. We were renovating it. It smelled musty, and had some amazing architectural detail..but was very dirty & needed a lot of work.

Well, I felt something on the upper left side of my belly. I looked down, and saw Gage's feet pushing on my belly. You could see all the detail--they were little footprints. So, I told Mom to hurry & get the camera b/c it was so cute. Well, Mom got the camera...and the two of's how our brains work: we had to find a place in this house to take the picture so that there wasnt a bunch of crap in the background. We were in the middle of renovations--so everywhere you turned there was a mess. So, we went up on this staircase & cleaned an area off. I got ready for mom to take the picture...and when I looked down--Gage's little feet had popped through. They were on the outside of my belly! I could touch them & feel them, and I wanted to lean down & kiss them. So, Mom & I started freaking out w/ excitement. Then, I heard Gage make a noise. Was he laughing? Was he crying? Either way....babies in tummies cant be I look down, and his head was out. I just reached down & grabbed him & pulled him up to me. No pain, no blood, no mess, and no conehead!!!!

Then we tried calling 911 b/c I didnt want to have my baby in this dirty house. 911 was busy...which was bizarre. all happened so fast. I hope that is how labor is for me...(I'm sure it wont be...) w/ no pain & over before you know it.

Today's vitals:
BP: 109/67
P: 106

Monday, July 25, 2005

Wearing Food.

Lately, I seem to wear a lot of food. This belly of mine is just like a big catch-all. Well, I should say--the boobs & belly.

Today, I'm sporting a lovely dot of soy sauce.
Yesterday: watermelon juice, spaghetti sauce, orange soda, and yes, popcorn in the cleavage. Yesterday was a busy & messy day.

Today's vitals:
BP: 103/67 (awesome!)
P: 100

My ankles have officially disappeared & have been replaced with a lovely medical term called "pitting edema". Remedy: elevate your feet higher than your heart. (1) Wouldnt I just love to sit @ my desk w/ my feet up all day. This is not something I am likely to get away with... (2) Elevating my feet higher than my heart--easier said than done.

PG-related Q & As...
"How are you feeling?"
......"Big, Fat, & Pregnant."
"How are you?", "What are you doing?"
"What are you up to?"
......"I'm up 38 pounds."

I'm so sleepy today & could just sleep & sleep.

Fanta pineapple soda sucks. Woke up too late to make coffee or stop for coffee. Grabbed a soda from the fridge. WTH did Damon buy this crap? He bought a whole case of it. It sucks. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm in Austin!

It's Sunday morning. I'm in Austin visiting Dad.

I went to Corsicana yesterday morning & met Mom, Allen, Mema & Norman for breakfast at Roy's. Then, I brought Allen w/ me to Austin. This way, Dad didnt have to drive up to Dallas to get Allen. Allen is going to spend the next week w/ Dad. They've got big plans....Schlitterban (spelling???) water park, going to see some bats, looking at some caverns, more swimming...and then they'll be off to San Antonio for a visit.

Yesterday, we got into Austin around 2. Dad treated me to a pregnancy massage at The Barton Creek Mall spa. It was wonderful! OMG! I really cant go on enough about it. Then we went shopping a bit. Motherhood was having a sale, so Dad got me some new clothes. How sweet is that? I'm pretty excited!!! Allen picked out some clothes at Dillards, and I'm very proud of him b/c almost everything he picked was on sale. What a good little shopper! And--Allen, who is King of saying, "Nana doesnt need anything" (he calls me Nana), actually picked out a gift for me. He knows that I love Curious George. He found a little round pillow that is the face of a monkey. He said that he knew it wasnt George, but he thought I would like it because it's a monkey. The pillow is filled w/ teeny tiny little hard pellets, and it is so soft & squishy. It really rocks. It is so comfy to sit w/, lay w/, and sleep w/. Good job Allen!

What else??? We went swimming a bit yesterday, and I hope to go again today if the sun is out. Austin's forecast today calls for a high of 94 w/ isolated thunderstorms (I thought everyone would care!)

Open house today. We found out at the end of the week last week. Damon's on his own to get the house ready. Bless his heart--I hope he's up to the challenge. Since putting the house on the market, I've tried to adopt the attitude that we need to constantly pick up & clean up, and be ready to show the house at any moment. Damon's actions/behavior dont really seem to flow w/ my mentality... So, here he is--going to be picking up a lot! My clothes are put away. My closet is clean...and I've been picking up after myself. The only real contribution I've made to messiness in our home is dirty laundry. I havent kept up w/ the laundry over the past week as I probably should have.

Watching a bit on TV right now w/ Dad about garment sizing. The garment sizes...example, a size 8 in the 1980s was smaller than a current size 8. And, sizes may vary from designer to designer...or from different lines. Example: Donna Karen collection...true size 8, in line w/ European designers. Size 8 in DKNY is larger, and in line w/ American sizes. So, women are feeling better about themselves b/c they can say, "I now wear a size 8", when really, if the fashion industry hadnt jacked w/ the sizes...that same woman would probably be saying, "I still wear a size 10 or 12". So, women are feeling better about themselves, b/c many women do value that numeric size. I'm sure many people wouldnt care about this issue...but I think it's interesting.

Randomness: tried a Fruit Loop cereal bar. The cereal part was fine, but it has this white stuff on the bottom...I think they say it's milk-based. Is it yogurt? Is it icing? What is it? Well--it ruined the cereal bar for me. I found the white part to be nasty.

Signing out for now!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We almost got kicked out of Lamaze.

That's right. We almost got kicked out of Lamaze.

We had our first class last night from 6:30-9:30....which is a really long time.
The whole class is really kind of dorky...and we had to wear these dorky name tags...and the teacher calls on people to answer her questions. hello--clue--we're all first time parents here! None of us knew what effacement was, or when specifically to go to the hospital...etc.

So, she calls on me for the question: You're at teh grocery store when your water breaks, what's one thing you might like to have with you?

My answer: a mop?

Teacher: "Well, in that situation, you might not really want to be what's something else?"

Me: "My husband--so he can mop. I dont want to leave a mess in Tom Thumb."

Teacher: "Maybe something like a towel."

Me: "You want me to start carrying around a towel just in case my water breaks? That's dorky."

Damon raised his hand & said he had some questions about the water breaking....
Damon: "How much are we talking here? ...a couple of teaspoons, a cup-full, or buckets? I mean, can she ride in the cab of my truck or does she need to ride in the bed?"

So, naturally at this point, we're all laughing...except the teacher. I know Damon's not serious!

Teacher: "You'd never want to transport a laboring pregnant woman in the back of a truck".


So later in the class--she has us all sucking on a Lifesaver candy. The teacher then makes the analogy of the Lifesaver melting like dilation & effacement. Damon spit that candy out so fast. He practically wiped off his tongue & let us all know that he did NOT want any of that going on in his mouth.

Toward the end of the class....the teacher had us get down on our mats w/ pillows & we were going to work on relaxation & breathing.... she turned on some relaxation CD, and turned off the lights. Mind you--there are 12 couples in this class. We're all laying on the floor. Damon said he was practically spooning w/ the girl behind him. So, we're laying there...packed in like Sardines...and as soon as the lights were out, Damon whispered, "Wanna Make Out?" I started giggling...and could not stop! I was laughing into my pillow, but it was apparent that I was laughing.... My thought about his comment: "That's what got us into this situation!!!"... So anyway...I'm laughing, Damon's laughing...the couples around us start laughing... Well, the teacher didnt like that...And she went on & on about how we should take this seriously...blah blah blah blah....

So, we calm down...Damon starts rubbing my face & head...and playing with my hair...and the teacher was saying something... I dunno---she just kept talking. The next thing I know--Damon woke me up b/c he said I was snoring. Sorry! I was freaking tired. It was after 9, and he was rubbing my head. All of those factors coming together--too much to resist. I was out.

Then, the class was over.

We have to go for 4 weeks...3 hours per class.
So, we'll keep going...and hopefully not get thrown out!

Today's vitals:
BP: 115/69
P: 105


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


BP: 120/76
P: 101

Was looking at getting a Volvo S60.
Dont think I can do it.
I'm in the home-stretch for paying off my Jeep. (well, I think I am...I only have 19 more payments. That's down from 60!) And, I swore that I'd drive this things until the wheels fell off.
I'm just not sure I'm ready to start over on 60 more car payments. I've only got 19 left as it, I think I'm going to stick it out.

Have to teach today from 12:30 to 16:30. I teach this customer service class at the hospital. I'm so not excited about it.
I've had a pretty busy morning so far.

Need to hit the ATM, & then the cafeteria.
Afterwork plans: oil change, go pick up maternity pics @ 5:30.

Gotta run!

Monday, July 18, 2005

31 weeks.

Here's what they say about the baby for 31 weeks:

How your baby's growing: This week, your baby measures about 16 inches long. He weighs a little over 3 pounds and is headed for a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and he's beginning to accumulate a layer of fat underneath his skin in preparation for life as a newborn. As a result, his arms, legs, and body are filling out.


He moves sooooo much! I can feel him all the time.
It's so wonderful & weird...and sometimes a little painful.
My backaches...well, they're still here. And now, my ribs hurt a lot.
But...I just keep thinking that if you look at my lifespan--these 40 weeks are really such a brief, precious time. I will never again be carrying this baby. We have such a short time left together like this. Like now--there are TWO HEARTS beating inside me. That's amazing, and wonderful, and will be over soon.

...Damon says I'm hormonal again...& that's why I feel this way. He also says, "You're gonna have major post-partum depression!" I dont know that is necessarily the case. I think that I'm just at a point where I realize that this will be coming to an end. I also realize that there are benefits to this coming to an end, and believe me--I look forward to those! (1) I get to meet this baby!, (2) the backaches will hopefully subside, (3) I can sleep on my belly again! & (4) I'll eventually get back into normal clothes!!!! (5) I'll get to enjoy a Mimosa every now & then. Those are just some of the things I look forward to!

AM Vitals:
BP: 117/71
P: 100


Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Saturday...

Well, good's Saturday...

Went to work. Felt a little "puny" as Gammy would put it.
Worked some...decided that I must be hungry. Told Jamie it was time for us to go eat. Jamie's my running-buddy at work. Told her that I was going to run to the restroom first (b/c I seem to spend a lot of time tinkling now that Gage is getting bigger & doesnt seem to like my bladder being inflated at all!) Well, I went into the restroom...and I dont know if it was just seeing the toilet or what...but before I knew it, I was praying to the porcelein god! After that, I went home.

Went to sleep....Damon came in & then made me some soup b/c I was starving. Laid around for the rest of the day & felt fine.

So, since I felt better...I got up Friday morning & went to work. Well, I started to go to work. As I was backing out of the drive, my little car dinger came on & said, "Your Coolant is low." It had a little picture of a battery I believe...and some low fluid level. (I just love the interactive nature of my Jeep!) So...I pulled back in--woke Damon to ask (1) Do we have any coolant, & (2) Where do I put it. He was 1/2 asleep, and having a hard time describing where to put the coolant. Now, I'm no mechanic...but I'm not afraid to add fluid to my car, provided I know which container to pour it in. So, he showed me, and I was going to get some at the store on my way to work. Damon said it wasnt empty--just at the point where you want to add coolant. No problem. Get back into my Jeep, kiss my husband good-bye, thank him for his assistance...sorry I woke him up, etc...turn the key, my Jeep wont start. So, Damon pops the hood...Takes a look...the next thing I know, all the bells & whistles, & lights are going crazy. I'm holding the key. The key wasnt even in the ignition--so I was freaked out. I got my keys to his truck & told him that if he wanted to go anywhere that day, he was going to have to fix my Jeep! I took his truck to work. Damon told me that was God's way of telling me to stay home & take it easy. He also called my Jeep a piece of sh*t & said it was time for a new car. (At which point I experienced mixed emotions...will go into that later.)

Well...I go to work. Damon's truck is so big, that I'm afraid of trying to park it in the parking garage. Little ol' me driving the HD 2500, quad cab, extended bed truck w/ a lift! It's amazing that I can even still get into his vehicle! So anyway, I park in the lot that's way far away from the hospital...& it's raining....and I'm not sure if Damon owns an umbrella. I certainly didnt see one when looking around. So, I walk into the hospital in the rain. By now, I cant tell if I'm feeling bad...or just frustrated by the morning I've had. I power on....By about 11, I dont feel good. I called the secretary Julie to tell her that I'm going home & shouldnt have come in. I go upstairs to give her my pager in case the ER needs me. She looks at me & says that I look bad, I look pale, & I'm swollen. Well, I'm pregnant---I feel swollen! But, that was nothing new to me! So, she insists that I go to employee health before I leave & have them check my blood pressure. So, I do. The nurse took it & it was high. She said that my face & hands were swollen. Then she looked at my feet...ankles...and calves. I had pitting edema in my feet & ankles. Well, again...I'm used to my feet & ankles being I didnt think anything of it. They told me to call my dr's office before they'd let me leave the hospital. So, I did. The dr would see me at 1 o'clock for a vitals re-check & observation. I left AMH & went home. Laid around a bit...Gathered my husband...& we headed up to the dr's office, not really knowing what to expect...

Go in to see one my dr's partners. The nurse takes my blood pressure & it's down to 111/76. That's awesome. So, Dr.B tells me that maybe they got a false reading at my work. I explained to her that the BP was taken by 2 nurses in our Employee Health, at a hospital. She then said, well, did they take it manually or with a machine. I told her that they took it with a machine. She then tells me that the machines are often unreliable & have a high margin of error. Damon's response: then why did your nurse just take it with a machine? Oh, it was priceless. Really--by that point, I was feeling fine. Sure, I still had swelling...but Dr.B said that it was uniform & not really symptomatic of preeclampsia/ I was sent home & told to prop my feet up & relax. Not a problem. "Damon darling...can you fetch my slippers?" "Damon darling...can you hand me the remote?"...I had grand visions!!!
Anyway...I was told to monitor my blood pressure daily, and return to the office if the top # got over 140, or the bottom # got over 90, or if my pulse was over 140. Now, a pulse over 140...surely my heart would just give out. But, whatever...those are my magic numbers to watch.

Got some Chik-fil-A, and headed home.

Movie Reviews:
"Hostage" with Bruce Willis. A+++ Loved it.
"Hide and Seek" with Robert DeNiro. A+++ Loved it.

Show I'm into lately...Big Brother. Loving it.
Show Damon & I watch weekly: Hells Kitchen. Truly like a train wreck...the chef is such an ass, but we find ourselves hooked.
Reality TV...some of it is entertaining...some of it is just horrible & should not exist in my opinion! Like, the Bachelor...the Bachelorette...etc. Anything that is supposed to end in marriage is crap if you ask me.

I'm logging off for now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"You look tired."

That's code for: "you look like sh*t."

I am tired. I swear, I could go to sleep, and just wake up when Gage gets here!!!

The weekend:
Worked a bit on Saturday
showed the house that day
open house on Sunday

Then Monday after work: Ramona & Josh are in town & staying with us.
Then Tuesday they were at our house again.

Vent: Is it selfish of me to feel this way...maybe a little bit, but I cant help it... Here's the, Monday night we talked about going out for hamburgers after work on Tuesday. Well, Damon took the time to go shopping with Ramona & Josh & then took them to Snuffer's for burgers for lunch. I was thinking about hamburgers allllllll day long yesterday. I was soooooo looking forward to going out for a hamburger. Which--sounds so weird...I know, but I was looking forward to it. But no--Damon had to go during the day. And so, when I got home--Ramona didnt want to eat out anymore b/c she didnt want to spend more $. Damon, Ramona, & Josh didnt want burgers. And, I kept my mouth shut.
Really, I should have said, "Well, we made plans to go out for burgers--and I've been looking forward to it all day, so I'm going to get me one. Y'all can cook whatever...I'll be having a burger!"
But--that's not the gracious hostess thing to do. It's certainly not being very flexible...

Maybe I'll go out for a burger tonight.
Ramona & Josh left, or are leaving today.

It'll be nice to just go home & veg, and not do anything! Especially when what I really need is some rest!

Monday, July 11, 2005


Thank goodness it's Monday.
I know--makes no sense.
But, the weekend I, I am kind of glad to be at work!!!!

So, all I wanted out of this weekend was to get a pedicure, and see my Mom & Allen over at my sister's new apartment. Guess what??? None of that happened!

Our first "open house" was Sunday. So, starting Friday after work--I was busy doing house related stuff. Had to get a cushion for this one chair in the Sun Room...had to get fresh flowers...had to get little butterfly looking clasps to wrap the cords from the Roman shades...just a bunch of odds & ends, you know?

Well, I forgot that I told my boss that I would work Saturday to make up for time off for my last dr's appointment...and I was going to be supervising & training a new hire. Only had to work from 8 to 11:15, so that was fine.

Well, Damon found out around 10 that they wanted to show our house on Saturday @ 1. So, I had planned to meet w/ mom, Allen, Tiff & her kids for lunch, then go see Tiff's new apartment. I love my husband--but his level of clean & my level of clean are two totally different things. I just couldnt trust that he'd have the house ready, plus you could hear the panic in his voice when we all of a sudden had to have the house ready. So, I cancelled my plans & went home to help Damon.

We got it clean & left to have lunch. We were going to BabiesRUs to update our registry, so picked a restaurant in Mesquite on Restaurant Row. He wanted Razzoos. I hate that place. I wanted Olive Garden...but we eat that a lot b/c I like, we ate at some Japanese restaurant over there. Neither one of us had been before. Well--let me just tell you....I liked my food fine. Not exceptional, but not bad. Damon ordered sushi. I had no idea how expensive sushi is. After paying $60 for LUNCH, I decided that we'd have been better off at Taco Bell ordering from the 99 cent party taco menu! The food was soooo not worth the $$ we paid, and I told Damon that we'll no longer eat in restaurants where his meal is priced by the bite! Damon laughed at me--saying that I'm such a girl--and because I've had guys pay my way, I dont understand how much food cost when you eat out...etc.
I can accept that. But at the same time...I've eaten out plenty of times where I paid my own way too. I think it all comes down to this: sushi is expensive. Because I dont like it-I dont eat it, and I never order it or price it. That's the deal, and it was the pricing on the sushi that was such a shocker!

Well, the price of the sushi made me sick. The actual sushi made Damon sick. Or, that's what we think. We returned to the house after going to Babies R Us. We worked on some house stuff...then I offered to make Damon something to eat for dinner. He said he was not really hungry. Around 9:30 or 10, the vomitting started. Bless his little heart. He was sooooooooooooooooo sick. He was up puking until 3 in the morning. I gave him an anti-nausea pill to take around 10, but he threw that up...gave him another one around 12:30 or 1. Kept it down for a while...and then had another vomitting spell @ 3. I felt so bad for him...but there was nothing I could do to take it away or make him feel better....

Sunday... I was up & going by 7:30, and didnt wake Damon up until 9:30.
We worked on house stuff. Damon felt a lot better....
Open house was at 1. We went out to Rockwall during the open house & had lunch at Damon's mom's house.

Went back looked & smelled awesome....
My feet were so tired that they were THROBBING. Damon got my little foot soaker thing for me. My feel hurt so bad, that I couldnt tell if the pulsing water felt good or was just a little reminder that my feet were sore...

By the end of the day yesterday...I was a tired, exhausted, miserable, in pain, hormonal bitch. I certainly didnt see myself this way yesterday...but I can admit to it today. Damon & I were laying on the bed watching Dateline. I made a comment related to the show. Damon told me to "shhhh" because he wanted to hear what they were saying about mapping out something or another. Well, I immediately began crying & was "just going to watch tv in the other room." So, of course it starts this cryfest that Damon had no way of understanding.... I immediately felt: "you dont care about my opinions", "you dont respect me", "you dont want to hear me talk", and "you dont love me." Bless his heart for putting up with that. I can see now how stupid & hormonal I was being...but I couldnt see it yesterday.
And--I thought all this hormonal crap was supposed to be over after like the first trimester....what's it doing back???
And Damon was so sweet in the end...In the beginning of yesterday's "episode", all he could say was, "what's wrong with you?", "why are you crying?", & "I never said that." By the end, he was apologizing (even though we now both know he did nothing wrong!) & saying, "Sweetie, you're just've been going all just need to rest."

What else???
Updated the nursery. Got Gage's name hung on the wall. My mother-in-law got the letters & painted them. I used a staple gun (for the first time!) to attach ribbon to the back & tied them to these cute frog hangers that I've actually had since we lived in 101A (basement loft @ Magnolia Station).

I cant wait for Gage to get here. Some days, it's like I cant wait to meet him...then other days, I'm ready to just be un-pregnant!

Yesterday, I didnt feel him AT ALL until about 9pm. That's when I finally settled down into bed. Damon asked me how he was doing, and I said, "You know--I dont want to worry you, but I havent felt him at all today." About 5 seconds later was a little kick to my right side. I told Damon, "Oh, never mind. He heard me." After that, he was up most of the was I. Feeling him now is different. It started out as flutters around 14 weeks....then little kicks...then strong, it's like a slow motion movement & sometimes strong kicks. The feeling now reminds me of looking out into the ocean & seeing whales come up & go back down. It's a very slow, rolling, kind of motion that doesnt happen really quickly like a kick or a punch...but at the same time, it doesnt last very long before it's gone.

An old friend of mine, Deidra, moved back to Texas. Her mom is a nurse here at the hospital where I work. Deidra was living in Florida w/ her husband while he was going to law school. Well, they're back...and she just delivered a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! I saw her on Saturday before I went home. Scott (her husband) told me that their baby was beautiful...well, sure, he's biased. But no really--she's perfect. Her name is Maclaine Avery. She's tiny & perfect! I held her, and didnt want to put her down. I cant wait to feel that way with Gage.

I'm in a bit of trouble with Damon. I forgot to mail the house payment. Wait, let me rephrase that. I forgot to write the check & mail the housepayment. He totally asked me to do it....then when he noticed that the check hadnt cleared, he asked me about it. Y'all---I swore that I did it. Thank goodness I pay for checks w/ the carbon copies. There's no record of me making that payment... So, today after work, I'll be at the post office mailing it off. In my defense: I'm pregnant & I forget lots of things! If it's THAT important--then Damon needs to do it himself!

Okay...things are picking up at work. I gotta run.


Friday, July 08, 2005

MSN article....Man Dies after watching wife get an epidural.

Link to the article...Damon is officially NOT watching me get an epidural!

Sure, it's sad, but I'm sure lots of people would pass out watching someone else get an epidural. This guy passed out & hit his head on some aluminum cap thing at the base of the a head bleed & died.
How freaky of an event is that???

OB Yesterday.

First & foremost....heard from Nicole late yesterday afternoon. She's fine. :)

OB yesterday...
Well, my dr has 3 partners, and when you are PG, you see all of them.
Yesterday I saw Dr.Blewitt. She's very nice. Young. Tall with long long hair. Just a really kind person.
Got my Rogham shot (or Rhogam....I dunno how to spell it!)
How long has it been since I got a shot in my bottom? So long ago that I've forgotten... weeeeellll, let me tell you--it hurt!

Gage has slowed down growing. That's good....but, now I'm only measuring at 27 weeks. I should be 30 weeks on Monday. So, who knows when I'll have this little guy!!!! Damon asked how much he weighs right now. Doc said that just from feeling him in there, she thinks about 3 pounds.

Total weight gain for me: 32.2 pounds. So, over the past 4 weeks, I've only gained 2.2 pounds. Not bad...

She thinks Gage will hit another growth spurt around 34 weeks.

Today is Friday, and we're still short staffed @ work. I pray that today is nothing like last Friday! Last Friday sucked so bad!!!

Damon says that I can & should get a pedi this weekend. I cant reach my toes so easily...well, I mean, I can bend down & touch them...but not long enough for clipping, filing, cuticle treatment & a polish change! It's been 3 weeks...oh,gosh...longer 4 weeks since my last pedi. He's so right--it's time!

Bad weather in Dallas yesterday...
Now it is mega-humid outside.
On the bright side: that's free water for my yard!!!!

Not much else going on here now. Need to get up to the main SS office & see how my day shall unfold....


Baby Websites....

........this list is for me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pray for Nicole...

Everyone, pray for my friend, Nicole.
I'm so worried about her.
She lives in London. She's a social worker there...and she takes the trains to work. Damon told me this morning about the terrorist attacks in London--and so far I have not been able to get in touch with her. So, everone pray for Nicole!!!!!!

Had dr's appt this morning. In the past 4 weeks, I've only gained 2.2 pounds...bringing me to 32.2 total weight gain so far.

On the flip side--my tummy is only measuring @ 27 opposed to the mega-growth we were experiencing before. Doc says that every baby grows differently, & will likely reach another spurt around 34 weeks.

Oh--Gage is flipping over right now. What a weird feeling!!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!..........I need to vent.

Okay, so on the 4th of July...that night, I went over to Pop & Gammy's & had dinner with them, my aunt Linda, and my dad.

On my way home--I'm driving down I-30, and two whole lanes of traffic are blocked by stopped cars. Now, I shouldnt say stopped...I should say parked.

The shoulder & two right lanes were unusable as lanes of travel because of all the parked cars. People had lawn chairs out there. Kids were out of the cars, running had sparklers.
I'm telling you--I would not have been surprised if I'd seen a cooler & bbq grill. These people were acting like they were down at the lake, or having a block party. Sure, you can see the fireworks from I-30, but that doesnt make it a safe option for any family.
I just think that all those adults are idiots. And putting there kids in harms' way like that....what are they thinking???? Kids do not belong on a freeway just running around!
And--the far left lane of traffic...they were averaging 70mph. I was freaked out by all the stopped cars & kids, so I wasnt going nearly that fast...but you know---just one of those cars at 70mph could have taken out a whole ton of people if that car had a blowout, or the driver was distracted by the fireworks & lost control....those people just dont think!!!!!! They're idiots!!!!!!!!!

Okay...that's my rant for the day.

My back hurts.
i'm at work.
I'm kind of sleepy.
Cant believe that its only 10:54 in the morning....

My boss is buying lunch for us. Chinese...yummy!

I've got about 5 disposable cameras that I've never had developed....well, I mailed one off to snapfish to get developed. Its from home renovations. It was soooo weird to see me not pregnant. I was soooo skinny back then! And we had carpet in the living room & were redoing the kitchen. Fun pics. Glad I saw them, and cant wait to get the actual pics in the mail. I really need to create a scrapbook of our first house & the renovations we've done. We've really come a long way on that house!
And, it was such a surprise to see what was on the camera. I never label the disposable cameras...I just use them & forget what's on them. I randomly selected this one to send in & see how the pics turn out. See, I've used for our digital pics, but not for a disposable camera or anything. I'm interested in seeing the picture quality....

That's all for now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My back hurts!

My back hurts. help.
I've tried laying on the floor in my office.
So far--nothing is working.
I'm ready to go home & lay down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom's side of the family has a date change on the shower. Was 8/ 8/13.
That seems so far away. I mean, I know it isnt...but I just think: my goodness--will I still be pregnant then???

I'd type more, but I think I'm going to lay down on my floor again.

Reminder to self: next time you post--dont forget that you think the world is populated with a bunch of idiots. Expand for readers!


Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Well, it's Monday...4th of July...and thank goodness I'm not at work! Woohoo!

Our big plans for today: well, last night we talked about going to buy a blender & making fruit smoothies. I know, we're big party-goers!

It's just that being pregnant wears me out...and we were gone all day Saturday, and I worked a lazy day at the house may be just what I need.

We used to have a blender, but when we lived at The Station, I accidentally dropped it on the floor, and the thing broke. I'm sure it still technically could have worked--but the brain portion with all the electrical components just didnt look safe, so I chunked it. When I can see inside--and there are 25 wires hanging out, it just seems like a good time to replace it, you know?

I could NOT go to sleep last night. Somewhere I read that many pregnant women get insomnia...that hasnt really been a problem for me...

But, yesterday I was up @ 5 am...and then slept a little after that...and then last night I thought I'd be able to sleep. No such luck. I finally took a Tylenol PM around 2:30 or 3. Woke up at 9:30 this morning. I'm sure I would have slept longer had my bladder not been about to explode! And, I'm not normally one of those people who can go back to sleep. So, I got up. Since then...I have not been productive at all.

Lazy, Lazy Day!

Dad's coming into town tonight after he gets off work at 1.

Damon & I talked about driving out & watching fireworks...but we'll see. Right now I dont feel like doing anything but sitting in my chair in the living room & veging.

Mom told me that LeeAnn had her baby. We saw her Saturday & did her shower...then Saturday night/Sunday morning they went to the hospital @ 3 in the morning, and he arrived during the early morning hours of 7/3! Mom said he weighed over 8 pounds. So, welcome to the world Ethan!

Got our house on the market. We've got these little brochures out there that the realtor came up with. Maybe I'm being too picky...but I dont think that there are enough pictures on there. It's got a picture of the house from the outside, a picture in the kitchen, and a picture of the back patio. I'm tempted to go to Kinko's & have a second page of pictures printed up, and then just staple them together! Oh, & here's another thing: she's got it listed as a 2 bedroom...when we bought it--it was listed as a 3 bedroom. Sure, we use the smaller "bedroom" as a computer room...but still. I think if someone is using an internet search criteria, they may not even see our house if they want a "3 bedroom" for 2 bedrooms & an office. That's just my $0.02. So, we'll see...

The dog is driving me nuts. Sure, it's sweet that he's mega clingy to me now...but he follows me all about the house. If I get into the tub--he lays on the floor next to the tub. If I go to the restroom, he sits right there & watches me. When I flush, he hops up & goes to the hall to wait on me to come out. He sleeps on the floor next to my side of the bed now. As I type this, he's about 5 feet to my left just looking at me. I feed him in the morning and then around 5. He'll eat if I'm in the kitchen, & if I walk out--he follows me, and will eat if I return to the kitchen or leave the house. Eddie--I love you---but chill!

The weather was great this morning around 9:30. I went outside, and it was not too hot--there were gusty winds. Loved it. I could have sat on the back patio for a while! And, there was a woodpecker in one of the trees. I never really saw him, but I could definitely hear him. I kept looking for him--but no luck.

Damon's dad is done with his Interferon treatments, and now the medicine is just working its way out of his body I guess. He's itchy all the time, and I know just miserable...

Damon's grandmother is still going through her radiation treatments. Damon's mom was down there for a while, and says she's doing pretty good. She's so worn out that she doesnt drink as much as she's supposed to--so everyone has to stay on top of her about drinking water...or just drinking anything really.

My sunburn hurts less today. I pray it turns to tan!

I cant believe it's almost noon.
I'm gonna scoot & go watch tv. (productive, I know...)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's Sunday, and I am wrapping up my workday at big Baylor.
I totally screwed up the schedule. Apparently I wasnt scheduled until 3:30 pm to work until midnight. Why on earth did I agree to that??? Anyway, I forgot...and I thought I was working the day shift. The day shift here is 8:00-4:30. So, I came on in...the pager was quiet...didnt seem to be much going on. My kind of day! Then, around 9:30 or 10, this other SWer named Irina comes in. She's a big tall Russian woman with carrot red hair. She said, oh what are you doing here??? I told her that I was scheduled...she said no that I was scheduled for the nights...and she was covering days. I was like, "then why are you just getting here?" She then proceeded to tell me that she's also on call & the on call pager's been going off a ton & she gave me all this work to do. Thanks. I really would have enjoyed that 2 hour jump start had I been getting the calls starting at 8. Whatever.
It's all really my fault for screwing up the schedule anyway......

Yesterday...had a ton of fun, but my back hurt most of the day. Went out of town to Camp Wanika for the family 4th. Went swimming, which feels sooooo good. But, I didnt wear a high enough SPF, didnt apply as routinely as I should have...and naturally, I didnt feel like I was burning at the time....but, I was. My entire front side is lobster red. And, guess what....because I have a big ol' baby hanging out in front--I couldnt flip & roast my backside. So, on the upside, at least only my front is miserable, and I can lay on my back. On the downside, I'm burnt, either going to peel or going to be unevenly tan! Oh well.

We had my cousin LeeAnn's shower yesterday too. She's having a little boy. Scheduled to arrive Wednesday, as a matter of fact. She got so much cute stuff. It makes me so excited for my shower! And...I have to say this...I hope nobody gets's just my opinion you see...I dont like Winnie the Pooh stuff for kids. Sure, the movies & books are fine. I just see so much Pooh stuff, and I dont really like it. Maybe it's just me....

Riley's 2nd birthday was also yesterday. He had a cake & gifts. He's such a sweet boy. He really, really is. Now, his brother Tristan...while sweet...he's high energy, & into everything. Has to be watched all the time! Riley would crawl across a room just to sit in your lap. Tristan would run across the room, boink you in the head with a spongy bat & run off screaming with delight. They are just soooo very different!

Woke up this morning at 5am. My back hurt. I was in the tub crying because (1) my back hurt & (2) the warm water that was needed to help my back--well, it burned like hell on my sunburn. So, there I am in the tub, bawling...and Damon comes in. He really gets points for today. He brought me Tylenol. He brought me water. He sat up in the bathroom with me. He turned my heating pad on in the bed, and he knew it wasnt quite time for me to get up to go to work. But, he stayed up with me until I left for work. My backache felt better around 6, and I fell asleep until 7:20.'s 4:30, I've gotta run & get outta here!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

What a hellacious week...

OMG. This past week at work has been horrible.
In fact, it was so bad, that yesterday, I had to just shut my office door & cry...twice.

Monday & Tuesday were fine.

Wednesday...I got to work...Kala & I were the only two there at 8am. At 8:30, two others showed up. Boss was off (husband, heart attack), Jolene was off (she works 10 hour days, 4 days a week), the secretary called in, Tracey was off on vacation (1.5 weeks in Spain...poor thing!), and another SWer didnt show, didnt call. Well, apparently she called--but talked to the boss @ I didnt know she wasnt coming in. So, here we were: 4 of us trying to play secretary, boss, and worker bees.

By 10:30 that morning I called the boss at home to see if (1) she would come in, (2) to let her know that I was calling the evening workers to see if they would come in. It finally got so bad, that we just had to lock the office, & put a sign on the door to let them know we were all out of the office & to page us if they needed anything.
Luckily, the boss came in at noon, the secretary came in at noon.

Wednesday mega sucked.
Thursday sucked.
And Friday was the worst!
Fridays normally suck in my arena, but b/c we were shortstaffed, and all the docs were trying to get people out before the long holiday weekend...oh it was horrible.

Enough about that b/c I'm getting mad about it all over again.

Yesterday Damon did all the laundry. Well...99 percent of it. He's so proud of himself. He actually went to the store & bought detergent...apparently we were out. He also prides himself on buying Downy Lavendar Vanilla fabric softener...I know, we're really stylin' over here! Anyway...he worked on laundry & internet poker all day.

I must admit, I was glad about the laundry...but pissed off about the internet poker. They are low limit games he plays, and he mostly wins, and most importantly--he has fun doing it. BUT-- he was playing from before I got home to 11:30 last night. He took a breat around 10 to go to Taco Bell for me. So, he gets points for that...but at 11 when I couldnt sleep, (which is very surprising to me because I'm normally in bed by 9, asleep before 10), I asked him to come to bed. "5 more minutes"....turned into 30. So, by the time he came to bed I already turned off the tv & was going to sleep. Then he has the nerve to say, "No, wake up & hang out with me."

My thoughts: You are out of your damn mind if you think that I am going to wake up now & hang out with you--when you just now made time for me, and you only did it b/c I asked!!!

Side note: you can cash out of these internet poker games at any time. Your credits, or money, or whatever---they go into your little account & you play with the same credits/money all the time, or until you deplete your own supply. So, it's not like he was winning thousands of dollars & I asked him to just walk away from his winnings.

So, I went to sleep. He of course turned on the TV & stayed up until who knows when. It's 8:45 now...and I'll be waking him soon. we've got plans today!

So far today, I woke up at 5, took a bath until the lightning started & my dear husband made me get out of the tub. GGGGRRRRR!!! My back was hurting, and in the moment, I was sooooo willing to take my chances, you know? So, I went back to stormed...which is perfect sleeping weather. The dog & cat got scared so they were all snuggled up in bed with us. Slept until 7:41.

Did the dishes
Ran one load of laundry (now we are done!)
swept the laundry room, kitchen, dining room, & living room
straightened the computer room.

Still need to get my stuff together to go out of town today. We're going down near Corsicana to my mom's side of the family 4th of July celebration. We rent this campground twice a year. The family is so large now that we couldnt possibly fit in anyone's house. This campground is perfect. I think churches & organizations rent it out. It's got a main pavillion with a dining hall, living/common room, kitchen...then several bunk houses, a pool, and a playground. So, the kids are always occupied. The adults have plenty of room to eat, visit, and play dominos! It's a lot of fun.

Last year Damon didnt go for 4th of July, but he went at Christmas time.

Noted the weather when I let the cat out this morning. It's mega hot, mega muggy! What on earth shall I do with my hair???

Oh, backflash: back to Wednesday....after the horrible day at work...I get out to my car, and my battery was dead. That really was the perfectly horrible end to a perfectly horrible day.

I dont know much else...
I need to go straighten the living room & get my stuff together to go.