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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got Gage in my tummy!

Have y'all heard that commercial w/ that catchy tune & people are dancing...It may be a yogurt commercial or something...I dunno. Anyway, Damon & I like it...and he just called me at work to tell me that it was on the TV. (What would I do without him????)

So... did I post this yet? We officially decided on a name:
Gage Alexander Duke

Yesterday, when I walked into my home, my mother-in-law surprised me (Damon was in on the surprise) with all the crib bedding, the matching mobile, and our Central Park toile infant carrier/car seat. Woohoo! It was so sweet. I probably just sat in the nursery for an hour looking at stuff & listening to the mobile play.

Some days, I feel like Gage is NEVER going to be here. Other days I feel like time has just flown by. I'm sure that in the end...I'm going to miss being PG, but enjoy all the wonderful things Gage brings to our lives.

My friend, Jamie, was in my office earlier today & boy, Gage was awake & kicking! she felt him kick. So, that was cool.
Damon felt him kick a bunch last night too.


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Good's Sunday.
We should have gone to church this morning...but didnt.
Here's what I've done so far (b/c I know you love to read these lists!)

Pulled about 20 weeds (not that there arent more...but it's muggy out)
Took out the trash from the kitchen
Load of dishes
Load of laundry
sorted the rest of the laundry
returned movies to Blockbuster
got gas in the Jeep
got a Sunday paper
got donuts for breakfast
cleaned the kitchen countertops ( I just did this yesterday!)
bleached the kitchen sink with Comet
thought about making the bed--but laid down instead
read some of the Sunday paper

Damon's out in Rockwall golfing.

He's got tomorrow off from work, so he's going to work on house projects tomorrow.
I've got to work...lucky me.

I'm gonna work on house projects in a bit, but I just HAD to log onto the internet to check out the website of the neighborhood we went & looked at yesterday. It's It's out in Forney..which is kind of far...but, it's only 10 minutes from Rockwall, and that's where my Mother-in-Law lives. Damon & I just fell in love with the community....but at the same time, it kind of reminds us of "Stepford" from the movie, "The Stepford Wives". Now, how do I mean that it reminds us of Stepford...well, the neighborhood is in the first phase, and they are making it like Stonebriar Ranch. Eventually, it will have 4 schools, 2 amenity centers (the first has a pool, kids' splash park, playground, pavillion, park, and roller hockey rink), a marina, a sandy beach to Lake Ray Hubbard, a boardwalk & a restaurant. So--they make it so that you dont want to leave the neighborhood...Damon & I decided that if they added a grocery store, Blockbuster, bank & dry cleaners, we wouldnt need to leave!!! Oh--except we that we have jobs that we have to go to... This just confirms my thoughts: this whole 'work' thing is really inconvenient!!!

Anyway...I've routinely gotten onto Damon for looking for a new house when we havent even got this one on the market yet. Naturally, yesterday..I went along with him, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. We met with representatives from Kimball Hill homes & David Weekly homes. The other builders out there are Ryland & Horizon. We didnt meet with them. We love, love, love this one floorplan for Kimball Hill homes. It's not the biggest--not at the top of our price range...we just loved it. Even the bigger & more expensive homes that we can afford, we didnt like them as much as the "Charleston" it is called. The kitchen is in the center of the house, and is kind of a hub for all activity. We really liked that about it.
Out at Travis Ranch they have a strict repeat policy (not really sure the exact wording on the policy), but it makes it so that you, your next door neighbor, and the guy across the street dont all have the same house. I think neighborhoods like that are just weird. Megan says they are creepy b/c it reminds her of the book, "A Wrinkle in Time". So, at Travis Ranch, each little area is shared by more than one builder, and they divide up all the lots & implement the repeat policy. So, that will give you some diversity as you drive along.

One thing that sucks though--the guy driving us around showing us homes would say things like, "just behind those 3 big trees..." Whatever. I didnt see 3 big trees. I saw 3 newly planted trees about the size of a fake Ficus that you could buy at Garden Ridge. Nice try though. On one hand it will be nice to get away from these pecan trees....on the other hand...I like the look & feel of full mature trees. Not to mention the shade they provide. And of course the sales guy has a reasonable shade providing offer: for X thousand dollars, they offer the option of covering your patio for you to meet your shade needs/expectations.

The lot we really liked isnt a corner lot (b/c they are mostly all taken), and it is across the street from the first amenities center which is already built & I think that they are opening this Summer. And, it's the next to the last house. And, the two neighbors we'll have already purchased their lots & the homes will already be built--even if we bought the lot/house today. So, no construction to the immediate left & right. we are....& we still dont even have our house on the market yet. So, why the hell am I typing instead of getting this house ready!!!????

Movie Reviews:
Closer - with Julia Roberts. I finished it yesterday. It sucked. I thought it was going to be okay, or even pretty good...well, that was when I was about 20 minutes into the movie apparently. In the end, it sucked.
Coming Soon (as these just arrived via Netflix): Spanglish & The Aviator

Book Reviews:
The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks...I think I'm moving onto chapter 6 now. Loving it. It's very good so far.

Okay..I'm done typing. I'm going to be productive now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kind of in a funk this morning....but productive.

It's Saturday morning. I'm blogging from home...which rarely happens b/c we have dial up & I am not a very patient person. (Hey--at least I recognize my weakness!)

My mood is kind of in a funk this morning. Not feeling sexy, attractive, etc. I'm sure anyone who's been pregnant can relate. Well, actually--let me rephrase the whole thing...I feel attractive..I feel like my husband doesnt find me so attractive. And, since he's the one I try to be attractive for---it's just kind of putting me in a funk.
Enough said about that whole topic.

I've been very productive this morning. Putting a positive spin on my negative energy this morning.

So far, here's what I've done.
7am--woke up
In the 7 o'clock hour:
swept kitchen
swept living room
untaped speaker in kitchen (blue tape from painting around it)
installed 2 more drawer pulls (recently painted cabinets..havent reinstalled all hardware yet)
cleaned the top of the top oven (I'm short, so I never see up's really dusty!...or it was)
unloaded dishwasher
took down kitchen ceiling fan blades

In the 8 o'clock hour:
cleaned ceiling fan blades
swept dining room
wiped down the kitchen countertops
cleaned the inside of the microwave
cleaned the kitchen trashcan (it's stainless & gets streaky)
cleaned the stovetop (removed burners & all!)
wiped down all appliances, large & small

In the 9 o'clock hour:
spray painted the kitchen ceiling fan blades (to match new light fixture)
thought about cleaning the ovens, but read the product label--not safe for PG women
ate breakfast
went in the living room to finish watching a movie I started...I've screwed up the TV/DVD/Satellite thing. I cant figure out how all those things work together, and inevitably--I screw it all up when not under the supervision of my husband.

So, Damon's still asleep.
My home is relatively clean. The kitchen & living room & dining room are damn near spotless. I look at these other tasks around the house & dont even feel like starting them.

Movie Reviews...
Blessed - with Heather Graham. Drama/suspense....not so great. Not terrible, but not so great.
Closer - with Julia Roberts & Natalie Portman (I think) far, I like it. I'm not done watching it. Tried to finish it this morning--note the paragraph up above about my inability to operate electronic devices.

Not really sure what today holds for me.
It's not sunny out. Looks like it may be overcast today. It's breezy...not to hot. Sounds like a perfect day for yardwork. (Would put an emoticon here, but I really have mixed emotions about yardwork in my "condition" I wouldnt even know which emoticon to select).

Damon's grandmother was dx'd this week with lung cancer. She's 89. She has CHF like Papa (congestive heart failure). They were recently treating her for pneumonia, but she wasnt improving or responding to medications...went back to the hospital, and that's when they found the lung cancer. Damon's mom says that she will likely go through radiation.

So...not much good news here this morning. :(

Friday, May 27, 2005

Random stuff...

1) I found the cutest, cutest thing on the internet! It's like sock-monkey but it's a frog. How cute is that? Why do I think it's so cute?? Well, because growing up I had this ratty-tatty sock monkey named Cecil who I adored & slept with every night!

2) found an entire frog website!

3) just talked to Dad. He's going to get us a digital camera for our baby gift. Awww!!! Now I'll be able to take pictures & post them, or email them! Yippy!!!!

It's almost 2 o'clock.
I'm ready to go home.

Had "Red Hot & Blue" BBQ for lunch...not doing so well with that in my tummy...I wont be having that anymore I dont think.

Mom picked up our diaper bag from this mega-cute baby shop, "Snug as a Bug". I am so excited. It's a Petunia Picklebottoms bag. I think the print is called Samba Roll. It's black fabric w/ dragon flies on it--but you can hardly see the dragon flies because they are black on black, if that makes sense...and the piping is red around the bag. It has a fold out (but detachable) changing pad. And---if we go & get the Central Park Toile stroller, then the two will look fabulous together! ...I I the only one who gives a care about the stroller & diaper bag matching?
They have these super cute baby slings. I want one. But, I cant decide which one I want. And--I already know me...I'm going to need more than one b/c I am going to have to make sure my outfit & the fabric on the sling coordinate.
And----they are around $40 each. I bet my mother in law could make me some for way cheaper. They'd probably use 1-1.5 yards of fabric. That's certainly less than $40...I wouldnt have to pay for shipping & handling...and I could have a few so that I could wear whatever & still have a sling to match if I wanted to carry the baby that way.
I better hit the fabric store....


Funny conversation regarding childbirth...

Topic: Funny thing overheard in the women''s changing room....
From: tinie Date: 5/27/2005 at 9:58 am

I was in the changing room and a store in the mall the other day and I overheard this conversation:

little boy: when I was born did they cut me out of you with a knife or a sword?
Mom: They didn't cut you out of me.
Little Boy: Then how did I get out? Did I climb out through your mouth?
Mom: No, you didn't climb out through my mouth.
LIttle Boy: Did I climb out through your belly button?
Mom: No, you didn't.
Little Boy: Then how did I get out?
Mom: When its time for babies to come out, they just come out.
Little Boy: Is there a baby hole?
Mom: Yes, there is a baby hole.
Little Boy: How come I don't see it?
Mom: You aren't supposed to see it.
LIttle Boy: I want to see it.

The conversation ended there but I have to say, I was trying not to crack up the entire time! He was SO persistent. :-)

Came upon this from
Thought it was pretty funny!

Dreaming of Gage...

It's Friday & I'm having a big day...
Now, when I say "big day"...I dont mean that I have any major plans or anything...I mean it more in the sense of, I'm feeling big.

But, I slept very well last night. Woke up refreshed...even curled my hair with hot rollers before coming to work. That like never happens! So far about 5 people have told me that I have that "pregnant glow" today. Really, I just got a good nights' sleep for a change.

I had a dream last night. For the first time, I dreamed that had my baby, and I saw him--I saw his little face. In all my other pregnant dreams, I had a boy--but I never saw his face. Well, last night I saw his face! But, it was a bizarre dream...
First of all, I was at work. Standing in the hall with this nurse, and then suddenly--it was like, "Oh sh*t, I just had my baby." No breaking of the water, no pushing, nothing. (And all of you moms out there are thinking...'yes, you were dreaming!') Then, I went into a treatment room because I suddenly had this urgent medical need. I get in there with my baby. He's not bloody, not covered in anything. He's clean, he's pink, he's bald with crystal blue eyes...And then it hits me...I just delivered this baby WAY early. So, here comes doctors that I work with...and mind you, I'm carrying around my son who's attached to me...not crying, he's just perfect. I'm not laying down--I am up and walking... then the NICU team arrives to weigh him. Well, they had to cut the cord & weigh him. He weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces in my dream. And, I asked what the date was so that I would know my son's birthday. At first in the dream it was 5/28 (which is tomorrow), and then it somehow changed to 5/31 (which is Tuesday). So, I realized that I was only 24 weeks pregnant. But, my baby looked & acted so healthy! So, after they weighed the baby, they could not believe that a 24 weeker was 5 lb 5 oz, and they couldnt believe that he was breathing on his own, etc. So, in the end, the conclusion was that I was further along than anyone thought.

Whatever--none of that mattered. I was just soooooo glad that Gage was here. And I was holding him...and he was so tiny & perfect!!!! He had no hair. He had blue eyes & a wrinkled up face. Oh, he was perfect & pink!!!!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

When I call, you answer!

So...yesterday afternoon....I come home from work to find my husband hanging out with a certain country music singer who I happen to love. I'm not naming names here, because what if he googles his name & this comes up...
Anyway--I think this singer is great, and he's so nice. In fact, when Damon & I first met & started of his songs was a hit @ the time, and like my favorite country song. I wanted it to be the song we danced to @ our wedding b/c it always makes me think back to the beginning....


So, I come home--they're hanging out...his wife is over & she's nice too...we're all just kind of hanging out. Well, his wife goes home to start dinner. So, Damon & Mr.Singer run up to the beer store b/c they want to drink some beer. Not a problem...I just get home from getting my hair cut (which is pretty cute by the way), and they return from the beer store. They are just sitting outside in the truck. So, I called Damon's cell phone to joke with him & say, "If you guys are looking for a place to park--I know a great one down by the lake for you two to go parking!" Haha, it's funny. Well...I'm sitting in the living room, with my new cute hair, ringing Damon's cell phone. I see him look at who is calling & then not answer. I got his voice mail.

Oh my gosh, I'm getting mad all over again just typing this. I think my skin may actually now be a few degrees higher to the touch--that's how hot I am over this issue.

So, they hang out for about 5-10 more minutes, and Damon comes into the house. He's in a good mood...laughing joking...then says, "We were just talking to __BLANK___" a famous female country artist who called Mr.Singer to talk about American Idol of all things. So, the three of them: Damon, Mr.Singer, and __BLANK__ are all laughing, joking, cutting up...& that's why he didnt accept my call when it rang.
WTF? I dont give a sh*t who you are talking to Little Mister Starstruck! When I call, you damn well better answer. If you dont hear my call--that's different. If you didnt have your cell w/ you or the battery was dead--that's different. You looked at the phone, saw that I was calling, and made a decision in that moment to continue to talk to __BLANK__ over me. And, I know you did this because you were sitting outside of the house. I was in the living room, and watched you do the whole thing!

So, naturally I had to point out how sh*tty this was, and how sh*tty it made me feel. He's sorry of course.

And you know--if I wanted to rub salt in the wound...I could have reminded him of how he felt when he heard that I "hooked up" with Mike Modano at my bachelorrette party. Did I even mention that??? No. But, to this day--he wont go to a Stars game. He will change the channel if they are interviewing Mike Modano on the news.

Ugh. Boys. They're so stupid. I mean, we love them, and they can be great sometimes...but it's like the most basic concepts that seem so hard for them.
Concept: Your wife wants to know that you think she's the most beautiful, most important, sexiest creature alive. Dismissing her call so you can talk to __BLANK__ & then coming into the house & announcing it...that's what we call 'missing the boat'.

And here's another thing...Damon has never given a care about American Idol. All of a sudden they are both into it & he comes in wanting to watch it. No freaking way. We are watching something else--anything else. Then, for the last 6 minutes of the show I put American Idol on so that we can see who won. He starts talking about Carrie Underwood's voice, range, etc. Hey jacka$$---I'm not stupid. That's all stuff you either heard on the radio, news, or from Mr.Singer & __BLANK__ b/c you havent seen an episode this whole season. In fact, when I have watched it in the past, you have gone into the other room to watch Poker or something else.

So, maybe I'm hormonal.
Maybe my husband really can be this dumb at times.
Maybe both of those are true... I dont know.
But I do know that I left a pretty large impression on Mr.Duke, and I dont think he will be declining my calls least not when he's in my line of vision!!!!

Okay, I have a patient to see...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What did I do to deserve this???.....

Last night, I went home to my favorite meal from one of my favorite restaurants...Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District. They make this pecan-encrusted catfish with garlic mashed potatoes...oh, it is out of this world (to me anyway!). Well, Damon got the recipe--wont tell me where, when, or how...but he got the recipe & that's what he made for dinner last night. He also stopped at Blockbuster & got a couple of movies that I mentioned "hey, that looks good" when I saw the commercials... I didnt remember that I wanted to see them--but he sure did. How sweet is that?
So, we ate & I loved dinner! Damon--well, he doesnt like that at the restaurant, and said that he thought maybe if he made it himself then he would like. No, he told me last night that he still doesnt like it. So...that makes it even sweeter. He made my favorite dinner even though he doesnt like it.
Then--after dinner...he baked brownies. We had milk & brownies & started watching a movie called "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage. Unfortunately, I fell asleep during the movie...not that it is not good--no, I was really enjoying the movie...I just get so tired!!!! So, I slept from 9 to 12:30, got up to go to the bathroom...slept again until up to go to the bathroom...and then got up out of bed at 6:30. it is morning time & I could honestly go right back to sleep!!!!

I thought in the 2nd trimester you were supposed to get this "second wind" & not be tired all the time...well, I could fall asleep right here at my desk! I could sleep at any time it seems...

The weekend:
On Friday night Damon took me to the Olive Garden to eat. Yummy Yummy to my tummy! I havent been there in years. Forgot how good it is!
Saturday...daytime...I started painting the fireplace red. I officially suck at painting, and Damon will back me up on this one. Damon finished the job Saturday night, and we think we will still give it 2 more coats...Saturday night I worked at Baylor. I was impressed with myself for staying up so late!!
Sunday--went to Rankin's church & then went out to lunch. Some of the family was there: Billie, Rankin, Kyle, Wanda, Don, Mom, David, Mario, Allen, Loraine, & Glynn. Oh, and me & Damon. We had a great time & had a wonderful lunch afterward. The food was so good at this restaurant in North Richland Hills called LaBistro.
(...just now noticing...a lot of this post is revolving around food...)
After lunch we came home...and I took a nap from 3 to 6. Had Sonic salads for dinner (& an Orange Cool Breeze of course) & watched Desperate Housewives. Didnt stay awake for Grey's Anatomy--so nobody tell me what happened...I still havent watched it yet; it's saved on PVR.

Something I havent done in a while...Movie Reviews!
"Wicker Park"......bizarre, frustrating, but interesting & ends well.
"The Incredibles"...cute, Damon & I both enjoyed it.
"National Treasure"..not done yet, but fully intend to finish the movie. I've enjoyed all that I've seen so far.

What else??? Gage is waking up for the morning. I can feel him turning. No big kicks yet today...just moving around.

I'm ready to get my hair cut. My spots are growing back in. I can now wear my hair down & the spots dont show. I couldnt go super-short or anything...but I'm definitely ready for some type of hair change.
I'll have to start looking....

I'm outta here for now!

Monday, May 23, 2005

What is the world coming to?

...that's the news article about a Chinese Man who gets sentenced to prison for digging up a woman's body on the same day she was buried--and eating parts of her.

...again, what is the world coming to???

Friday, May 20, 2005

Be a Pepper too...

I'm sitting here @ my desk enjoying a nice glass bottle of Dr.Pepper...the kind made with real Imperial Sugar. Oh, it's like liquid's so good.

I'm leaving here in 45 minutes.

My head is kind of hurting...thus I opened a bottle of Dr.Pepper.

Damon is at home working on the house.

We found a stroller, carrier, pack-n-play that we both like...but it's a fabric pattern that's not in the stores anymore. It's called Central Park Toile by Graco. Oh, it's just the cutest. Well, we found a couple of the pieces at a store in Mesquite called "Once Upon a Child". When patterns are discontinued at the larger chains, this store gets the leftovers that havent sold yet. They had a Graco Quattro Tour LX stroller in the print, a bassinet, high chair, pack-n-play, and infant carrier. Damon & I want them all!!! So...we'll have to go back & get them piece by piece. The pattern is just so cute--it's black & white toile. And, we both liked it--that's the biggest thing.

We found the rocker that I want. He wants one of those gliders, but I think they are so ugly. Yes, they are comfortable...but I just think they are ugly. Anyway...years ago, while shopping with Megan & Susan, I sat in this rocking chair that was sooooo comfortable. Apparently I said that I wanted a rocker like that...well, Megan reminded me of that rocker not too long ago. Guess what!? I found it on the internet. It is so cute. It comes in about a bajillion different cover colors--we would probably want the white jacquard....since the nursery is going to be green & white with frogs. Anyway--back to the rocker. It's a metal frame with big puffy, fluffy cushions on it. Love it.

Damon has been working on the house all day. I've been at work all day. I want to go out to the movies tonight--but I just got off the phone w/ him...he doesnt want to go. He says we can go tomorrow--but I'm working at Baylor tomorrow from 3:30 to midnight....which...I dont know how I am going to work until midnight. I am never awake that late we'll just have to see how it goes.

Signing off for the weekend!

Double Ds....

The title of this blog entry is in honor of these gigantic breasts that are home grown, and entirely a product of my hormones.

I have a love hate relationship with these. At times, I love the does my husband. And then I try to find shirts to accommodate the twins...anything with spandex will do...but really--when you're sporting DDs & a pregnant you really want spandex???

So...last night we went to Baby Depot inside of Burlington Coat Factory to get a crib mattress. While there--I browse the maternity clothes. Some of their stuff comes in sets...well, a size S pants works, but a S top doesnt allow room for these DDs. They wont let you mix & I bought a couple of maternity dresses instead. Fine. But, I have to get a size Medium which fits the top but is kind of big @ the bottom. I'm sure I'll grow into the bottom section...just hope I dont grow out of the top....

After the maternity section--my husband mentions that I need a larger bra. (he didnt come up with this on his own--I've been talking about it at least twice a day for the past week or so...) So, we go over the bra/undies section. Mind you--we're not in Victoria's, pickings are slim. If I could just describe this was made for pure functionality. Was certainly not designed with any type of sexiness in mind. Damon thought when I bought a size D bra that he hadnt seen one with so many hooks....well, not only does this one have three rows of three hooks's also got the wider shoulder straps so that the weight of your breasts doesnt make the straps dig down into your skin... Oh, it's a sight for sure... Words that come to mind when I look at this thing...

Okay...I have to go upstairs now, so I'll try to post more later.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Warning: long post... Baby Scares...

Well, I had Thursday & Friday off from work. Thought it would be awesome.... turns out, not so much.

Thursday...I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 10am. I get there...and they've got my insurance info all screwed up again. Word to the wise: if you switch insurances...make big changes like United to Aetna....or Cigna to PHCS. Dont switch from one Blue Cross plan to another. The doctor's office will never get that mess straightened out. Back in January I got insurance through Damon's job rather than my own. So, I went from BC of Texas to BC of Alabama. The doctor's office has gotten a copy of my new card at least once a month since January. They are still filing claims under the BC of Texas info. I asked that every piece of paper with the old insurance either be removed from my chart or marked as old info. Finally--they did it.

Anyway...I'm sitting in the waiting room...people go in...people come back out...I'm still sitting there.'s my turn.
Nurse: "Did he call you in for another ultrasound?"
Me: "No, I had an appointment."
Nurse: "He didnt talk to you about doing another ultrasound?"
Me: "No."
Nurse: "Why dont you have a seat in his office & he'll be right in to talk to you."

So there's the longest 20 minutes ever....just me, sitting the office rather than an exam room, talking to God...promising to do EVERYTHING better & faster if he'll just make my baby be okay. I'm not really sure what all I promised him...but I know I'm supposed to be on time to work & brush my teeth longer, harder, faster, better....I wont ever speed again...& I'm sorry for every wrong thing I've ever done ever...You get the point.

The last time I was in his "office" (rather than an exam room), we talked about doing surgery back in the Fall. This is not the office of good news.

Anyway...the doctor then came in & he doesnt "want to worry" me, but there could be something wrong with the baby. He wont know until we do another ultrasound.....
Dr: "Have you felt the baby move?"
Me: "well, yes, I've felt the baby move"
Dr: "Well, then that's a good sign."
My brain: So, he thinks there may be something wrong that would either keep my baby from moving, or my baby may be, my baby's not dead...I can feel him....not right now, but I can feel him....

The doctor tells me that he doesnt want me to leave until I have another sonogram. Well, the office sonographer is busy. She just took an 11 o'clock appt. into her office, and they were scheduled for their big ultrasound (I know because I watched them go in with their little video cassette to see probably a perfect baby...I wasnt bitter...not at all...even though--here I was with a potentially HUGE problem & they get to go in just because they have an appointment!) So, the doctor said that if the office sonographer could not get me in, he would walk be down to the hospital to get a follow up sonogram. He said that if he had to guess, he would guess that the baby's umbilical cord might not be going into the baby at the proper place.

My brain: his belly button might not be where it's supposed to be. Okay...that's a problem I can deal with. We live in Dallas,TX...there are probably as many or more plastic surgeons in this town than there are Starbucks. Half of the women in this town have had some work done. I dont care if my baby's belly button is crooked or on his side. I'll pay a plastic surgeon to move it, or do whatever.

So...then I was starving, & scared. I was starving before I was scared. So, I thought I was still hungry. So, they tell me that the sonographer is going to try to get me in between 11:30 & 12, and that I have time to run get something to eat, but again, "the doctor doesnt want you to leave the hospital." So, I go downstairs to this little deli area. I paid $7.31 for a sandwich, no chips, & a drink. It was so not worth it. I thought I was hungry & going in for a sono @ any moment....I was juggling calls between my husband & my mom, and trying to find a place to sit & eat this sandwich. I get back up to the waiting room for the dr's office. Scarf down my sandwich. Get called back in for the sono...

Sono: "okay, there's his belly. Let me go get the doctor."
Me: "okay."
My brain: bitch--you need to tell me what's there. You know what you're looking at. You've pointed out all kinds of stuff in the past. Now I know that there's something wrong. Otherwise you would have said, "oh, everything looks great." You suck...oh, it's not your fault...when are they going to be in here? She's not coming back in without him because she doesnt want to look at me. She knows I'll ask her what's wrong, and she doesnt want to have to tell me. She's probably already told him that I'm waiting...and she's just hanging out in the hall so that she doesnt have to come in here & tell me something's wrong. Well, we saw him moving, so I at least know he's alive...when are they coming back???

So, they came back in the room...they both tell me that everything looks great, the umbilical cord is going in right where it should.... it was just hard to make that judgement with the last sonogram pictures because the cord was likely tangled or kinked in the way, making it look like it didnt go in at the front of his abdomen. Well, looking back...and our big ultrasound where they take all the measurements & stuff....Gage did not cooperate. At first he was bouncing all around & would not sit still...then, he finally got into one position, and he would not move for anything. I decided right then that this baby boy deserves a spanking when he gets here for scaring his mom like that!!!! The doctor then tells me about all the complications that can come from umbilical problems, including fetal demise, still birth, or death shortly after the baby is born....and thank God our baby's umbilical cord is just fine.

After that, I called my husband. Then my mom.
I was sooooo happy & smiling. And, yet, I just wanted to cry & rock myself! Mom said, "that's relief". Well, I guess I only thought I'd felt relief before...I'd certainly used the word before....but I guess I never really felt it until that moment.

My feelings on relief: sure, it feels good....but I dont like the feeling because before relief comes this extreme, intense, amazing worry that is just all-consuming.

So, when I got home, my hands finally stopped shaking, but I threw up my seven dollar sandwich that I never should have eaten on a nervous stomach.

So, that was baby scare #1...

Onto baby scare #2...

We're getting the house ready to sell. We spray painted some ceiling fan blades & a light fixture. On Friday, I was cleaning around the house, working on various projects...Damon was at work...Dad was in town @ Pop & Gammy's.... Dad was going to come over & see me & all the progress we've made on the house...So, I open the back door to go out on the back patio & start cleaning up the painting stuff out there. I tripped on a can of spray paint (that I left on the step) & fall on my knees & hands...and my hands slid along the stupid stone patio so that I fell chin to knees on the patio.

Well, of course I'm crying & get up & call the doctor's office. And of course, I cant feel the baby move...I just knew that I smushed him!!! So, they tell me to come right in. Dad's on his way to my house, so he takes me. Damon meets us there. By now, I'm not crying--but I still wont stop worrying until they tell me this baby is okay. So, they put me in a room. One of my dr's partners comes in....checks the heartbeat, it's good...examines me...I'm good...scraped knee & scraped palms of my hands...that's about it. So, I felt a ton better just knowing his little heartbeat was there. Then--this doctor starts telling me that he's only seen a couple of babies injured from trauma to the mother....he then tells me these two horrible stories, and I wish he never had! He told me about a woman who was 35 weeks pregnant, and t-boned another car at 60 miles an hour...and then a 15 year old who shot herself in the stomach to terminate her own pregnancy. .....two stories that I could have gone my whole life without hearing. Mind you--I just typed in brief scenarios for you--he told of all kinds of horrible details belonging to each case.

So, everyone says that in every ob/gyn practice, there is one doctor who you hope is not on call when you go into labor... for me, he's the one. He's just weird.

Now looking back....Thursday & Friday were just emotional roller coaster days. Saturday & Sunday now seem so uneventful. No, really we worked on house stuff & the place looks a ton better....

This has taken a long time to I gotta run. But, everything is going well with the baby!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

If you like Pina Coladas...& getting caught in the rain...

That song is going through my head b/c I'm sitting at my desk sipping on a virgin pina colada. Yummy to my tummy. But, I have to sip it b/c too much coconut would be yucky...

Okay...when did I last blog?? One day last week I think.

Since then--mom came to town & helped out with the house & curtains, etc.
Mother in law also came over that day. So did Megan. We all painted a lot.
House is looking better.

I'm off work tomorrow & Friday & we're going to work on house projects.

I've kind of got a headache, and wish I could just take a nap at my desk....

I spilled milk on my shirt today. Of course, the shirt is silk--so now it shows...and it's on my boob, so I'm sure everyone is thinking that I'm leaking or something. Great...

Gage is awake & moving around.
Damon felt him kick for the first time last night. It wasnt strong or anything--but he finally felt it for the first time. His response: "That's it?"...he's just not patient enough. He is not patient enough to keep his hand in the same spot to wait for the big kicks.

I remember the first kick I felt....I thought my belly button was popping out. It was pretty funny to me, because I actually looked at my belly button to make sure it wasnt popped out.

What else???
Damon has a sore throat.

Cant wait for the Apprentice to come on tomorrow night. If I had to, I could limit myself to 2 hours of tv a week: Desperate Housewives & the Apprentice. Those are my 2 favorites! ....oh, and then I like Making the Band 3 too... So, maybe 2.5 hours of tv a week!

Dad is currently driving from California to Texas. He left at 8 this morning. Everyone pray that he has a safe drive in. :)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Barbie Butts on my face....

The baby's name is Gage...but Melissa has been calling him "XY"....and perhaps "XY" could be a middle name... we'll put that on the consideration list.

My eyes are so swollen... I would compare them to something...but, what looks like swollen eyelids?? Oh, I got it--little butts. My eyes are so swollen that it looks like I have 2 Barbie butts on my face.

I apparently grew overnight because my maternity black ones...(not that you know which ones I'm talking about...) Anyway! They have this elastic band that runs through the waist band, and it's adjustable with these buttons...well, the last time I wore them, the had three button holes to go on each side. So, six buttons total. Well, this morning I put them on & could not button them closed in the front. I had to let out both sides & therefore I gained 6 button holes. I'm waiting for my belly to stick out further than my boobs--but if I hadnt told you in a while, they've grown to this huge enormous size, so that even though I gained 6 button holes--my belly's got nothing on these knockers of mine!

We're selling the house. And, where are we gonna move? I dont know. Will I continue working when the baby comes? I dont know. There is so much right now that I dont know--it's ridiculous. You know I'm not one to step out on faith...but it just may be the time to do it. We're just focusing on getting the house on the market right now. My mom is coming this weekend to help. So is my mother-in-law. So is Megan. So, we've got a to-do list that's about a mile long. I cant do anything without help...shit, I couldnt get in & out of the tub by myself if it werent for the disability bars!!!!

Gotta run. I just freaking got here & they're on my ass to see a patient....WTF? I have butts for eyes--cut me some slack!!!...but I know that they wont because 2 people are off work today. Lucky them...two people getting a Friday off. See, that crap never works for me. If I request a day off when someone else is already out--I get screwed. Just my take on things though...

Is it quitting time yet???

Photographer for Maternity Session...

Okay, so Damon & I went to the American Baby Fair last Saturday....whether I "won" or was "strategically chosen" to win a free session & $200 credit toward pics with photographer Diana Hall...I dont really care. I am doing it. Damon & I are so excited.

Everyone go to her website & check out her pictures. I cannot wait!!!!!!

I emailed her today & I think we're going to take the pics in June.

I'm super busy @ work (so why I am I blogging, right?)
Well, I wanted to post about that.
Plus I just felt the baby kick.
Plus I'm hungry & need to go grab some lunch.
Then I need to sit my butt @ a computer & document....


Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's Thursday...

Well, it's Thursday...
What has happened since I last posted on Tuesday???
Tuesday night--after work--we went to Corsicana to get our baby furniture from Mema's. (because my aunts rock & got it for us!)
Getting down there was a hassle...Damon kept saying that he didnt want to go b/c of a chance of rain. So, I went to & pulled up the chance of rain...10% until 7PM. Then it went to 20% until midnight. At midnight it changed to 30%. So, I went home & argued my case...

You say there is a chance of rain...I say there is a 90% chance that it wont...and a 70% chance that it wont today!!!!

In the end, I won. We went to Mema's & got the furniture. And, it didnt rain.

So...we get it home. Damon wants to immediately assemble the the living room. I said that we should put it together in the baby's room because once it's assembled, it wont fit through the doorway. Would Mister Smarty Pants listen to me? No. Again, for the 2nd time that day--who was right??? Me. So, we had to put it together in the living room & then take it to the entry way, take it apart, take it through the doorway, down the hall, and into the baby's room. This head of mine is more than a hat rack my friend!!!!

So--that night we got the crib & changing table assembled. (With directions that are about as clear as mud!!!)

So...Wednesday morning rolled around. It was cold & rainy. (Yes, the rain started AFTER midnight). I went into the baby's room because I have a rubbermaid tote in there with sweaters in it. I wanted a sweater to wear to work. I go in there, and I guess during the night I forgot about the crib & changing table. So, I walk in there & turn on the light next to the crib & my eyes just teared up....We're having a baby! And here's where our baby will sleep! And, I will come in the middle of the night, or in the morning, and I will come right up to the crib just like this...except there will be a baby in there!!! Augh!!! I was so excited & happy in that moment....almost like when I found out I was pregnant...It was that big of a feeling...

So anyway...that was yesterday at work. All day yesterday I could not feel Gage moving around. i guess he was tired...

Last night when I was laying in bed, I could feel him for sure. So, I put my hand on the lower part of my belly. I'm constantly checking to see when you can feel the kicks on the outside. Well, last night my hand felt 2 of them. So, I told Damon to hurry & put his hand there. Mind you--Damon's hand is huge compared to mine--so his hand across my lower belly pretty much covers the span hip to hip. Well, I guess it was warm, dark, & quiet in my belly, because Gage went to sleep right after that. Damon still hasnt felt a kick yet. And, Damon says it is kind of different for him because he didnt get morning sickness, doesnt feel the baby...he watches me grow, & sees the sonogram picture...but he says that it is definitely different for him than it is for me...
So, I cant wait for him to be able to feel Gage too!!!

Today is Thursday...I'm at work.
I wish I were a stay at home wife. I'm not.
Oh--I wish I were a stay at home wife but still got a paycheck every two weeks. That would rock!

Need to work on laundry when I get home. I've got about 8 loads that are done but not folded. Washing & drying the clothes is not so's the ironing, folding, & hanging up that sucks.

Mom's coming this weekend to help with house stuff. I'm soooooo thankful!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Missed work yesterday...bachache....ugh.

Thought I was dying.
Turns out--I wasnt.
Anyway--I didnt get ANY sleep Sunday night. Finally around 6 in the morning on Monday morning I was crying in bed & Damon was rubbing my back. I could not shake this horrible backache in my spine. Ugh.

Ended up getting a few hours of sleep in the chair in the living room--sitting up.

Last night, I was fine until 5:30 this morning.
Took a shower, and my back felt a little better. But, it's been a long day here at work. I cant wait to go home.

Weekend...Mark & Jana came & stayed with us.
Saturday--they were gone doing family stuff & Damon & I went to the American Baby Fair. I met this photographer, Diana Hall, who I want to do maternity pictures with...
Here work is awesome!

Saturday night had their reception (Mark & Jana's). Sunday had lunch with them, the MOH (Maid of Honor), their parents @ LaHacienda Ranch...or Rancho La Hacienda...something like that. Ordered the catfish. It sucked. Ended up eating Damon's fajitas.

After that, we went home. We were going to go to Corsicana to pick up the baby furniture (thanks to my awesome aunts), but Mema wasnt home yet.... so, I ended up planting flowers instead (white Vinca to be exact)...well, that was probably where this whole backache issue started. It took me about 2 hours to plant a flat of flowers. I wont be doing that again for at least the next 6 months. If Damon doesnt want to plant them--they wont get planted...because this Preggo Princess is done with the flower planting.

I'm so so so ready to go home.