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Monday, February 28, 2005

Melissa thinks I'm having a girl!

Oh, I forgot to post this.
Melissa thinks that little Emma is growing inside me!
And, we were watching something about the Emmy awards...she says it is a sign.
And, I took this quiz on the internet one day last says 83% chance of having a girl.
(Okay..I'm not actually counting all these things as indicative of the truth--but it is nice to hope for a girl!)

Name for a girl: Emma Elise
Name for a boy: Gage
The only name we can agree on for a boy is Gage. Not sure about a full name for our little boy...we're working on it.

I cant believe I'm already in my 10th week...

Okay, here's what says is going on with my baby:
Her vital organs — the liver, kidney, intestines, brain, and lungs — are now in place and starting to function (although they'll continue to develop throughout your pregnancy). Her liver continues to make blood cells, and the yolk sac, which previously supplied these cells, is no longer needed and begins to disappear.

During the next three weeks, your baby's length will more than double to nearly 3 inches. Her head is proportionately smaller now than it was a few weeks ago, but it's still almost half the length of her entire body. Her forehead temporarily bulges with her developing brain and sits high on her head; it will later recede to give her a more human appearance. Each day, more minute details — including tiny fingernails, toenails, and peach-fuzz hair — start to appear on her body. Her fingers are now completely separated; her arms bend at the elbow and curve slightly; her hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over her heart; her legs are lengthening; and her feet may be long enough to meet in front of her body. She is busily swallowing amniotic fluid and kicking her legs.

If you could take a peek at your baby this week, you'd be able to clearly see the outline of her spine through her parchment-thin skin. Spinal nerves are beginning to stretch out from her spinal cord.

It also said that in the beginning of the pregnancy, my uterus was the size of a pear, and now it is the size of a grapefruit.

Okay--weekend review.
Friday after work... Damon said that he was going to steam clean the carpet in the living room. Well, he got the machine & the soap stuff. Started...and then just ripped the carpet out of the living room. Not to worry--we've got hardwoods underneath. He was just tired of the yucky carpet. So--the whole room looks bigger, and better now. I cant believe we didnt tear it out before.

Saturday--I had Jana's shower. Had a good time. Then went to the Allen outlet shops, because I was already in Plano for the shower, and we were meeting later in Addison for the bach'ette party. I didnt feel like driving all the way home--so I went shopping instead. Then, met everyone at a restaurant in Addison called "Soho". The mashed potatoes & chocolate mousse were the best parts...oh, and the softshell crab appetizer was good too. After that, the bach'ette party was heading over to some place called Carson's. I was toooooo tired to go. I went home, and was asleep by 10. Woke up around 2 when the boys (Damon & Mark) rolled in from the bachelor party. I stayed up chatting with them until after 3, and then it was back to sleep for me!

Sunday...I took a nap. I like never take naps anymore. It felt soooo good. Damon was hungover from the night before (he'll probably just die that I typed that on here...), so he didnt get out of bed until ater 1 o'clock. Well, I was out of bed by 9:30 that morning. Finished the movie, "Vanity Fair", and then watched another movie! "If These Walls Could Talk". After was about 1:00, Damon got up, he made me some hot dogs (he can be so sweet...when he wants to be), and then I was sacked out on the couch from 2 to 5. It was wonderful!

And--I even felt refreshed enough to make dinner last night! I sadly have not done that in a while.

Talked to Melissa yesterday. That was good. And we talked about Star Jones vs. Joan Rivers on the red carpet...we agree (of course) that Joan Rivers is much better. Melissa also brought up an excellent point: Joan Rivers named her daughter Melissa, she must be fabulous! I also think that Star Jones has got to be paying a small team of stylists--and not one of them is telling her the truth. If I were her stylist, I would start by saying, "No, you cant wear that because your back fat is hanging out." Hateful??? Only if I were a stranger & said it to her. If I were her stylist--she'd be paying me to tell the truth. And, I would also have to comment on that coral colored outfit she wore to the Grammy's...that frilly/ruffly part at the top of the outfit--well, it covered about half of her boobs. It made the whole top look like it didnt fit, and so you looked at her & thought she was too big for her outfit. It was bad looking....again, her stylist should be fired.

Movie Reviews:

"Vanity Fair"...finally finished it. Um...I'm glad I saw it, no I wont watch it again. Loved this one Indian-like dance was awesome. Twists toward the end...and ends differently than I ever imagined it would.

"If These Walls Could Talk"...about this house, and well, it's not really about the house. It's about abortion, and how the subject of abortion touches the lives of three women who live in the house during 3 different eras, 50s, 70s, and modern time. It was very emotional (probably because I'm watching a movie about abortion as I am pregnant...), but very good. It really makes you think...It's not really pro-life or pro-choice. It has characters who believe very strongly each way, and has characters who are very confused. But, it makes you think about the times when abortion was not legal, and what happened then...

Okay--off the abortion topic.

Damon said the sweetest thing...well, I thought it was sweet anyway... Okay, so we are sitting in the living room...this was yesterday. And, a commercial came on talking about the re-release of the movie Bambi, and how it's the first time ever to be released on DVD...and of course it's just for a limited time... Well, Damon said, "Oh, I guess I better go get one of those." I said, "What?" & I am sure I had a puzzled look on my face...he said, "Well, it's for a limited time only, and we're going to need a copy." Okay...on one hand--totally sweet. Makes me realize that hey--he gets it--this baby is coming! On the other hand, I think: he's as bad as a kid--"for a limited time only"...oh, we better get it! I think around Christmas time I am going to have to ban the whole family from watching commercials. Damon will run right out & buy one of everything just to make sure we dont miss out on any of the limited time only offers! .........oh, and Bambi...I hate that movie. It's so sad when the mother gets shot. And isnt there a forest fire? Seriously--I think it's a movie that I could do without. In fact, I think I've only seen it once.

Morning sickness?? Threw up Saturday morning. Havent since then. I guess that's good news...

Allen & Dad are going on Spring Break without me this year.
(1) I am supposed to be going to Mark & Jana's wedding in Florida in March.
(2) I dont have the PTO to cover time away to go on both vacations.

Talked to Dad last night. He said that Allen elected to return to Legoland this year for Spring Break. I tell you, we really did have a good vacation last year. Legoland was so much fun. Tinytown or something like that...where everything is miniature & made out of legos...that was my favorite.
Ohhhhhh----and the churros at the San Diego zoo! I cant believe I'm not going. Those churros are soooooo freaking good. For those who dont know what a churro's like a long, straight, fried, donut kind of pastry---that is coated in cinnamon & sugar. It is fantastic. And, near Carlsbad we stopped & got these wonderful strawberries...I am going to miss out on those as well...
Oh....I wish I were going!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...that's about all for now. This has really been pretty long...
I need to get back to work!


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

9 weeks...2 days.

Here's what I read on about my baby:

"Your new resident is nearly an inch long — barely the size of a grape — and weighs just a fraction of an ounce, but he's poised for rapid weight gain now that his basic physical structure is in place. He's also starting to look more and more human. His embryonic "tail" is now completely gone and his body parts — including organs, muscles, and nerves — are kicking into gear.

His eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks. He has earlobes, and by week's end, the inner workings of his ears will be complete. His upper lip is fully formed, too, and his mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct. The tips of his fingers are slightly enlarged where his touch pads are developing. All major joints — his shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles — are working, enabling your baby to move his limbs. As for his heart, it has divided into four chambers now, and the valves have started to develop. External sex organs are there, but won't be distinguishable as male or female for another few weeks."


Movie Reviews...

"Surviving Christmas" with Ben Affleck. Loved it. Thought it was sooo funny.

"Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon. Very slow start...but picked up for sure. I still havent finished it though. I intend to finish it today after work!

"Troy"...didnt see it. We rented it, but I told Damon to watch it without me. I have no interest in seeing it at all.

What else??? Got some cute clothes that fit me last night @ Ross. I just cant see spending a fortune right now! And, Jessica (My mom's new neice) sent me some of her maternity clothes. Most of them are still too big for me...but it looks like I can wear a few right now. She sent these two Liz Lange dresses that are sooooo comfortable. I wore one to work yesterday!

This weekend is Mark's bachelor party & Jana's bach'ette party.

Erin had another miscarriage. I feel so bad for her. She had a sonogram after some spotting....her baby only measured to be around 6 weeks in development & was "grossly malformed". She was at 13 weeks this time. I swear it has something to do with the power towers that are right next to her house. When you pull up to her house, you open the car door & you can feel the electricity in the air. You can hear it in the air. I could be crazy--but I seriously think it has something to do with it! it's microwaving her baby or something.
(Scientists laugh all you want at my theory---I'm sure electricity & micro-waves are different...but there's something to this whole power tower thing...I'm telling you--there's something to it!) anyway--I just feel bad for her. So, in her world--it used to be that she was PG, I am PG, her sister in law is PG, and Monty's ex-wife (her husband's ex-wife) is PG. (Why does her husband's ex-wife have anything to do with it?? Well, Monty has a little girl from that marriage, and so Erin sees the ex routinely when they pick up & drop off Gentry, and it's an amicable relationship...etc.) The point is--she's surrounded by PG people, and now she's not PG anymore.... :(

What I had for breakfast: a biscuit with gravy & 4 pieces of bacon. YUUUM! ...but, I'm still hungry.

My skin is soooo freaking dry. I cant seem to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Gatorade has become my new best friend.

I dont know much else.
I'm feeling pregnant today.


Monday, February 21, 2005


I had a sonogram....did I post about this already???
Well, I had a sonogram. According to my last period, I should be due on 9/16/5. According to the size of my baby, they changed my due date to 9/25/5. We'll see... So, according to my new due date, I am 9weeks, 1 day pregnant.
Not feeling so morning sicky now.
In fact...I dreamed about upside down pineapple cake & blueberry donuts all night long! No time to stop this morning for donuts, so I ate when I got to work.

...what else??
Had a relapse of the respiratory junk last week & missed Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Dont have enough vacation time to cover I get to go 2 days without pay. Fantastic. Gotta love that.

Got two baby blankets from my mother in law. She made them. One is white, the other is yellow.

Had a sad, pitiful, mangey dog come up in our backyard, and I had to call Animal Control. It was so sad. So, the lady from animal control came, and she took him. Damon came in & I was crying & he told me not to cry because they were going to give the dog some medicine, and then he would get to go live on a farm. Well, I overheard the animal control lady say it was the worst case of mange that she had seen, and they'd definitely have to put him down. So--it was really sweet of Damon to try and make me not cry...but at the same time, I still feel sad for the dog. :(

Oh...I'm getting paged.
This stupid job is really getting in the way of my daily activities.

PS. When I was home for 3 days last week, I got addicted to Dr.Phil. Now I tape it everyday to watch it later.... I cant wait to see it later! (I'm so pathetic!!!)


Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank goodness the weekend is just about here.

This morning...I threw up everything but my toenails.
When I ran out of food--I threw up bile for a good little while.
Now, I've got a general nausea that makes me want this baby to be an only child.
Seriously--I dont know if I want anymore kids.

I'm convinced this baby doesnt like me at all. If he/she did, why would they be making me so sick??? LOL.

Okay, I'm at work & just watching the clock slowly creep by.

My cough has returned from my respiratory junk.

I am such a "Debbie Downer" today (SNL reference....) I cant help it. I'm just sicker than a dog!!!!

We have a party that we are supposed to go to tonight...we'll see. So far today I've only been able to hold down lunch, which wasnt really much food at all....and I only ate that about an hour ago, so that is still standing by for evacuation should my baby decide that's necessary.

Allen's birthday is tomorrow. Doc says I cannot roller skate. Ugh. what a let down. (I know, I'm such an idiot).

I could just climb in bed & go to sleep right now...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday sucked. Today sucks too.

Well, had my first round of morning sickness yesterday.
Following that, I spilled a pan of soup, burned my finger, burst into tears, and retired to the bedroom for the rest of the day & night, only to leave the bed for the occasional run to the restroom to relieve this ever-full bladder of mine, or to heave again. This all happened around 12:45 in the afternoon. I didnt leave the bedroom until 6:30 this morning.

Loving it. Pregnancy rocks.

Everything stinks.
I can smell stuff from like 50 miles away.
I am sooooo hungry, but everything smells nasty.

So far today, I've eaten
breakfast: two ice cream sandwiches (breakfast of champions)
lunch: two small packages of pretzels and 1/2 a can of 7-up
my current afternoon snack: a watermelon jolly-rancher.
What do all of these things have in common??? They dont stink!!!!!

I refuse to see stinky patients today. And, the next nurse who asks me to go see a patient who has shit on themselves is going to get puked on. Today--I'm just not dealing with shit. (literally--shit, feces, bowel movements, etc.)

Allen's birthday is this weekend, so we're going to his party. woohoo! I hope I feel okay.

Oh--and my pants today are too tight and dont fit. I cant zip them up & so I didnt. I am wearing a sweater, so I am sure that nobody knows. I know.
I bought my first maternity pants on Friday after work. They are soooo comfy. Anyway, I wore them saturday & got chocolate on them. I have to work on getting that out tonight & washing them. I am soooo wearing them tomorrow. Like an idiot, I bought one pair of maternity pants & one pair of maternity jeans. I should have bought two pairs of maternity pants that I can wear to work. Well, I didnt. I will have to go back & get more. They are stretchy & wonderful!

Okay, I need something to drink now, so I am logging off!


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Gotta free nugget!!!

Okay...ever since I was a little girl, I would get my chicken nuggets from McDonalds, and I always count them. Well, every now & then, you get a free nugget! That happened tonight. Fantastic!

Okay, I'm working at Baylor, and I just got paged. Gotta run.