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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yippy! Today is my Friday!'s Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have Friday today is my Friday!!!

That's the good news.

The bad news: my "to-do" list is super long today!
To Do:
Buy Stamps (done)
Mail Loan Payment (done)
Insurance Info (done)
Clean out car
Balance Checkbook b/c you havent done it since 11/1/4 (done)
Write Check to Erin (done)

Change Voice Mail for Office
Sign for door
Mass Email
Fill Waiting Room Brochure Racks (done)
Chart Reviews (partially done...I copied 5 I have to review them.)

Okay...I know that everyone is interested in my to-do list!!!

What's new??? Well, Damon successfully textured the walls in the kitchen. We also got the kitchen wall paint: Behr Roasted Pepper. Damon said that he started painting the walls today & he says it looks awesome. Woo-hoo. One thing we forgot though: to get the primer tinted a gray color. From what I've heard, it's easier to paint your walls red if you first prime them with Gray. We forgot. Oh well.... Damon says it looks great so we'll see. I'm also excited to see it because I got flat paint instead of satin or semi-gloss. We havent painted anything with flat paint, so we'll have to see if I like it or not. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Made pecan pies last night. I've only made one pecan pie in my life & that was years ago. So, I made two last night, but the recipe I had called for toasted pecans. Well, I toasted them--and holy mackeral! Toasted pecans are delicious!!!
Never have I even tried pecan pie, but those toasted pecans tasted so good...I think I am going to try pecan pie this year!!!

We're leaving tonight to go to Ramona's house. Cant wait. And, we'll meet Jordan's boyfriend for the first time....Adam Schmaddam. (A.K.A. "punk")

What else is going on??? Saw Dad, Allen, Mom, David, & Mario over the weekend. That was good. Saw Pop & Gammy too. Pop seems to be doing better. Gammy swears that I am pregnant. She says that she can tell just by looking at me. Well...that was Sunday night/evening. I was either 1 week or a few hours pregnant. HeeHeeHee.
(I'm sitting here secretly hoping she's right!)

...speaking of babies... The news about that woman who cut her 11 month old's arms off... that is just horrible. Absolutely horrible. I cant even imagine. I dont care how out of her mind she was. If she's not put to death, I think that she should be forced to have her own arms removed & have to go through life armless. How's that for a gentle reminder???

That kind of stuff just makes me so sick. And the woman who locked her kids in a storage unit for 3 days?? And the other woman who locked her kid in the trunk of her car with a pillow & sleeping bag while she went in to a club/bar??? And the teenager who was forced to live in the family's garage & would beg neighbors for food when he was out walking the dog??? I just dont understand some people & what they are thinking. It totally backs up that saying that you have to have a license to hunt or fish or drive a car--but nothing is required to be a parent. Ugh. so frustrating.

Wow--this whole entry started on such a pleasant note, and has ended on a not-so-pleasant note.

Okay...happy thoughts...
We went to have dinner last Saturday night with Chuck, Becky, & Parker. Then we went to Parker's hockey game @ Grapevine Mills. We had a blast!!! I want my kids to play sports! I want to be in the stands cheering my kid on!!! I cant wait!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

*Someone is having twins!!!*

Okay...remember when I said that a friend of mine is pregnant...well, she's having twins!!! Woo hoo!

..and NO--it's not me. So everyone stop asking me that. Yes, I am happy about her twins, and that's why I'm so excited today.

Why I'm not excited today...
1. First day without a single cigarrette.'s only 12:36 right now...but I have not smoked since 5 PM on yesterday. So, kudos to me. I guess I am excited about that...but it sucks because I want to step outside & smoke. Ugh. Self restraint. I can do this. I can do this. And--they say that after 3 should be better.
2. Stupid crap at work. I work in an ER. I can not see every patient that is crying. I get a referral, "Patient is crying." Okay. Is she in pain? Did you give her a shot? Did you ask her WHY she is crying? Give me a freaking break.
(But...then I am saying that I dont have time to see every patient that is crying...but I have time to type this....I really need to stop complaining, right?)
3. Today I learned that after your egg is released, it must be fertilized in 24-48 hours, because after that, it starts to break down & deteriorate. How did I not know that? I'm sure I learned it at some point...but I must have forgotten. And....HOW ON EARTH ARE THERE WOMEN OUT THERE WITH 10 KIDS BY 10 DIFFERENT DADDIES???? Seriously--that is a very narrow window for optimal fertility. Surely those women are not just having sex 1x/month. They must just keep a steady stream of sperm flowing, and that's how they ensure that their eggs get fertilized. Gross.

Okay. Someone is crying & I feel guilty for typing. I have to go & stop being selfish.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's Wednesday...but it feels like Thursday.

I havent blogged in a few days, and I felt guilty because I know that some of you check in regularly.

I have absolutely nothing noteworthy to share.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday = Go home to a clean house day.

Thursdays mean that I go home to a clean house. Woohoo.
Also, I really like to watch 3 shows a week. Two of them come on tonight, so that's fabulous!

Movie Review:
Blow Out with John Travolta. It's an old movie, but the story line sounded I got it. Well, Damon & I started to watch it last night. The beginning of it was rather riskay...& I had to take it out of the DVD player to make sure that Netflix didnt accidentally send us some adult flick. It was funny. Anyway...we got through that part & the movie never seemed to pick up. So, we turned it off.

Mom & David sold their house & are getting a new one. That'll be good. The new house is bigger & better. The yard is wonderful too. Also--they'll have parking spaces for 5 cars. That's huge.

Not much else. Still trying to get pregnant.

Oh---new word. Learned this one from my friend, Tawna. "preciatecha." Short for: I appreciate you. I love it. I love it. I love it.

I'm out for now!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Just another Manic Monday!

Okay...busy weekend. I was mad & had a bad day on Friday. Not really going to go into all that, because I am in a happy mood now. No time or room for downers!

Quitting smoking. This sucks. Why did I start in the first place. I have to quit so that I can have a baby. Had 4 all day yesterday. That was it. Woohoo for me.
So far, only 2 for today. Woohoo.

Yesterday: one year anniversary.
Went to lunch at Chuy's. I think I'm done with that place. Service sucked.
Went shopping for a porch swing. Didnt find one, but found a dining room table that we both like (FINALLY!) It was on sale for 1/2 off, but we still could not drop $1500+ on a table. That was 1/2 off, without any chairs!!! So, we'll just have to wait & see.
Also, found an antique cast iron baby bed. I've been pricing these (new) on the internet, and they range between $1200 & $2000. This one was $375. Damon says that when we get our first positive result, then we'll go & get it. If it's still there, then it's meant to be. I say--when we go back to get it, then we will only purchase it if a standard crib mattress fits it. I am not buying that thing if a regular crib mattress doesnt fit. That would just be a headache to get a custom mattress & then have to sew all custom bedding that is not standard size. I'm not big on that idea.
So, we'll see...

Anyway...after the shopping, we went & had dinner at Hattie's. That's the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding. Oh, the food was great. The service was great. Everything was great.

Over dinner was when Damon gave the verbal go ahead for trying to have a baby!!! Woohoo!!!
(and I'm thinking...who all did I tell about this blog...because I dont know who all wants to read this kind of stuff....)

Then we went home & lit our anniversary candle. It is a huge pillar candle with our wedding invitation in it. You light it every year on your anniversary, and burn it for one hour. It will burn for our first 40 anniversaries!!!

Okay...I've got some work to do before this day is over.
Signing off!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Guess who's going to be TTC????

...okay, TTC=Trying to Conceive!!!! in, trying to get pregnant!!!


Had my post-op Dr's appointment this morning. I didnt know that I am still not supposed to be lifting things, working out, or doing anything physical. I didnt know that. Apparently, I have two more weeks of that. So...cant go to 6 Flags this weekend.

Anyway...onto the baby stuff. I asked, "So when can we start trying?" and his response was, "What are y'all doing tonight?" hee hee hee hee! So anyway, he said that he wants to see me pregnant in the next 3 months.

Now that is a challenge that I am ready for! Woo hoo!!!

...and...somebody else that I know is very newly pregnant. She and I can be pregnant together!!! BUT---I wont say who it is because those are not my beans to spill!

Here's another thing though: if I get PG (pregnant) right away, then I'll deliver in the Summer. I will be walking around hot & sweaty & huge in the Texas heat. No thank you. I think it would be perfect if we dont get PG until January. Then I would deliver at the beginning of Fall. ...which can still be hot in Texas. So really, it would be perfect if we got PG in Feb/Mar....but then that's out of the "next three months" that were ordered by the doctor! Ugh.

Whatever happens happens.
I'll just happily follow my doctors orders!

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Jamie's Birthday!!! Woohoo!!!

Okay, so it's Wednesday, November 3rd, Jamie's birthday.
for those who dont know, Jamie is the ER Registration Supervisor, and we share an office. :) Today is her b-day. And, we went to college together, but never met. Our sororities were across the street from one another, and we went to the same panhellenic meetings...but still, never met. Now we share an office. :)

So anyway..I've decorated the dry erase board above her desk & left her gift at her desk. It's a candle. It smells sooooo yummy. I liked it so much, that I got her one & myself one.

Let's talk about me now. I fell asleep last night between 10 & 11. Damon came home around 1. I woke up when he came through the door, and had the most horrible cramps ever. Damon ended up rubbing my neck, shoulders, & back. He ran me a hot bath & gave me a tylenol PM. This all took place between 1 & 3 in the morning. I could not go back to sleep & was hurting so bad. Then I had a dream that I was hospitalized for cramps, and I woke up with more cramps. I am very surprised that I made it to work this morning, and on time no less. I've taken 2 Pamprin tablets. Cant exceed 8 in 24 hours.

Am I just the biggest wuss? Are my cramps worse than anybody else's, or do I just have a very low tolerance for pain? I feel like a super-huge titty baby because last night I was crying over cramps. But seriously, they hurt.

Onto brighter news...
I finished the movie, Big Fish last night. Oh......sooooo good. I heard that it was, and everyone was right. It's a fabulous tale.

Election news....look at's the next day & we still dont know who's going to be President next term. And, I heard them say that they still have until the 12th to receive & count the votes from the Americans in Iraq. Still a few states who havent reported. And, between 3 am & 8 am, I must have missed something. When I was awake in the middle of the night, the TV said that Bush had 269 electoral votes. Then this morning on my way to work I heard that he only has 254. What happened? What did I miss?

Okay...I need to start my work day.
And--it's cold outside. I love the cold!!!!
And, I think we're getting our chimneys cleaned this week so we can have fires. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh!! I forgot: I'm pissed!!

I must not be tooooo pissed, b/c I was able to forget...

But here's why I'm pissed.
Was researching student loans & repayment/cancellation/forgiveness programs. I'm a freaking Social Worker. I just KNEW that I qualified for SOMETHING. No. Teachers can go to school & live on loans & get it all 100% paid back. So can nurses. They have programs for doctors & lawyers too. But me...a Social Worker...I would have to work ONLY with minority children. In the scope of my job I work with minorities, and I work with children, but because I do not focus on working with minority children, I am ineligible. WTF?

Burger King for Supper. Yummy!!!

Okay, it's Tuesday. Voting day today. :)

Damon is grabbing Burger King for us for dinner. What a sweetie. Not that a Whopper with cheese is healthy or good for my figure...but it sure is tasty!!!!

Movie Reviews:
White Chicks: Okay, at first I thought it was sooo stupid. By the end, it was pretty funny. It has a lot of girl humor. Guys probably wouldnt even get half of the jokes.

Big Fish: I'm only half-way through it. So far, it's fabulous!!

Pieces of April: I liked it. Damon thought is so boring that he fell asleep. I like independent films though. This is a story about a "problem child" who grows up, and hosts Thanksgiving for her estranged family because her mom is dying of cancer. It's really good.

Thoughts for today: I'm mad at myself because I forgot to bring the flowers that Jessica gave me to keep on my desk. When Jessica & Blaine came over on Sunday they brought me fresh flowers. So sweet. Well, they are arranged & on my kitchen table right now, but I was going to bring them to work to keep on my desk. I forgot.
Other thoughts: I'm hungry right now. Didnt eat lunch because I was literally too lazy to walk to the cafeteria & get food. I was pretty busy @ work today, but I had time to go eat. I just didnt have the desire to walk down there.

Plans for tonight: Damon's going to play in a poker game. I'm going to vote, and then go home & eat Burger King & watch the rest of "Big Fish". Woohoo big plans.

Our 1-year anniversary is coming up on Sunday. First year = paper. What fun!
(note the sarcasm).

I'm ready for my roman shades for the living room to be finished. My mother in law is going to make them. She's fabulous!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Fun, Exciting Weekend!

Okay, I had a fun & exciting weekend.

Thursday after work: went to visit my dad & grandparents. Dad came in for Papa's birthday & he stayed at their house. We took Pop out to dinner at Rockfish. Had a wonderful time.

Friday... I barely remember Friday night....oh wait, I started watching that movie "White Chicks". Pretty dumb. I'm on a roll picking stupid movies lately.

Saturday... woke up...picked up a ton of pecans. Straightened the house a bit...and then Damon & I took some furniture to my grandparents house. Had lunch with Dad. Pop & Gammy sent us home with some food: Roast Beef Hash, Cabbage, & Corn Bread. Had that for supper & it was very good!!!
Sat on the front porch in our rocking chairs.
Went to Aunt Loraine's & took her & Uncle Glynn some pecans.
Went to Home Depot. Bought stuff to work on the kitchen. Bought a chiminea. Came home, Damon set up the chiminea. Then we sat on the back porch. I was shelling pecans & we tried to enjoy the fire. Smoked ourselves off our own porch!!! We dont know what we did wrong...but we've narrowed it down to the following: lit a fire in the chiminea while it was on a covered patio, lit the fire while it was incredibly humid outside, and the wood itself may have been damp. There you go. We smoke ourselves off our patio.

Sunday.... woke up at 6 in the morning. Spring Forward, Fall Back. Cleaned house. Then, Jessica & Blaine came over & brought Boaz. I cant wait to have a baby!!! Boaz is 13 months old & he walks & smiles & laughs, and loves animals! And...I just cant believe how light his hair is. Again, let me just say, I cant wait to have a baby!!!
Sunday after they left, we returned to our rocking chairs on the front porch. Sat there for a while & watched the rain. Then we watched a little TV & I shelled pecans.

...shelling pecans. First of all, I have a ton of pecans. I have a whole paper sack full. And finally, I have enough for a pie, maybe even 2. :)
My little thumbs are sore though.

Halloween Night: no big plans. We stayed @ home & watched "Desperate Housewives". I tell you, I cant get enough of that show!!!!

What's for dinner tonight: Meatloaf (dont knock it! Damon & I both like it!), Lady Cream Peas, not sure what other side I'll make yet. I think I'll stop at the grocery store & pick up a dessert. Damon & I had some blackberry cobbler that my grandmother sent us on Saturday. It was so good. We were both craving more!!!
I'm excited about making dinner tonight because I decided to do it. Damon has not yet said to me "What do you want to do for dinner?". See, the question has evolved from "What's for dinner." I got so tired of hearing that question that I threw the biggest fit of our married life thus far, and he's changed it. I am not stupid. I realize that it's the same question....and it's working my nerves too. I feel a fit coming on. Usually if he asks that, my response is, "I dont know, I'm not really that hungry" or "I'll just have whatever you're having." Teeheehee... only the fun & games of newlyweds! One of these days we'll figure out a dinner system. One of these days....

Oh, on Friday afternoon, I noticed my rose bushes blooming! I only have 2, and they are small...and, next year I am going to get more rose bushes. I need a variety, you know?? Anyway....I wasnt even sure what color these would be. They are pink. Which happens to match the begonias we have planted. So on Friday I pulled into the drive way & as I was walking to the house, I saw the 4 blooms on one bush & buds on the other. By Sunday, they both bloomed! I'm so excited.

Okay, I've got to get to work now. Seems like a busy morning in the ER. :(